Modular concrete mixing plant,Accurate dosage system, ensuring concrete quality

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The modular concrete mixing plant is developed by NFLG on the base of absorbing latest technology achievement and applying rich experience of NFLG in the field of concrete mixing plant. It’s suitable to be used in bridge, road, dam, airport and other big scale construction project.

1. Brief introduction
The modular concrete mixing plant is developed by NFLG on the base of absorbing latest technology achievement and applying rich experience of NFLG in the field of concrete mixing plant. It’s suitable to be used in bridge, road, dam, airport and other big scale construction project.

2. Characteristics
1) Modular design, convenient to relocate and transfer, it takes just5-7 days to complete installation;
2) Compact structure, requires little land;
3) Completely mobile steel structure foundation;
4) Accurate dosage system, ensuring concrete quality;
5) Intelligent management system, easy to operate;
6) Green and environment friendly, fully enclosed structure, effectively controls dust and noise pollution.

Modular concrete    mixing plant
Aggregate Size(mm)≤80≤100≤120≤150≤150
Distribution binNumber33344
Belt conveyor capacity(m3/h)400500400600600
Weighing range and toleranceAggregate scale2500±2%3500±2%4500±2%6500±2%4×4800±2%
Cement scale600±1%900±1%1200±1%1800±1%2400±1%
Fly ash scale200±1%300±1%400±1%600±1%800±1%
Water scale300±1%400±1%500±1%700±1%900±1%
Additive scale30±1%30±1%30±1%80±1%80±1%
Total power155195250255330
Discharge height44.

1. Total power doesn’t include that of screw.
2. Number of bin may be changed in accordance with design requirements
3. Mentioned above parameters may be alerted, please refer to actual product.


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