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Product Description:

container house


- ready to live just after the installation on a parcel - made from high quality materials and technologies

- can be used for the whole year thanks to warmth and heating

- more esthetic and solid than classic wooden house or nederland plastic house

- profitable -it guarranties fast repayment. If we use it for rent, after 4 years we can earn money (if we rent for only 4 months during the year)

be prefabricated in factory, transport as a ready object piece by piece, placed exactly on destinated area on a prefabricated fundament blocks

- You don’t have to have a permission for building

- without any hided costs.

Standard version includes:

1. Complete outdoor elevation , as the design showed,(May some color changed for interior funiture)

2. Aluminium window with double glass constructed as a “warm profile”. Gray color

3. Metal entrance door.

4. Warmth by mineral wool with 15cm thickness (floor and walls)and 20cm (roof).

5. Complete electric instalation with terminal, safety box, contacts, LED ceiling lights and TV aerial exit.

6. Complete sanitary instalation with 55 liters electric boiler with ready installation for toiler, shower, sink, kitchen sink and washer . Everything prepared for white montage (The cost of boiler is not included.).

7. Two electric wall heaters and electric toilet heater (optional).

8. Inside walls made of gypsum-carton, painted one layer of white paint

9. Fundament – Every house is put on prefabricated blocks.

The house was designed with care on every detail, because space where we living have a very big influence for our happiness


Every module can have:

1. Recreation terrace: - Basic terrace - standard terrace made of WPC (Wood Plastic composite) material. - Smart-close terrace - terrace, which closes elevation windows, makes additional anti-theft security.

2. Complete equiped interior: - Basic - Basic kitchen furniture, floor panels and painted walls - Deluxe - Interior for VIP’s, with bigger standard of finishing

3. Integrated sunblind over the terrace

4. House alarm with notifications to mobilephone (optional)


Module house

Apartament was designes as a self-sufficient, spacious and comfortable summer house for 2-6 person family. It has saloon with kitchen, bedroom, and toilet. Placed on attractive parcel near by the lake, sea or in mountains can be used as a rent house, can be a quest house apartement behind the bigger house.


Module house

Bedroom is designed especially for holiday resorts, camping or for people who are thinking about renting. Designed as a two independent “hotel rooms” with toilet, shower and big terrace which provides perfect contact with nature and relax possibility on fresh air with some privacy at the same time.


Module house Office is perfect as a adjacent office in the garden, near by the production hall, or also as a representative office near by the construction place for example house estates. Office space was designed as a two different room (for example one for work and meeting room) to provide comfortable work for 2-4 people. Module is self-sufficient beceause it has toilet and small kitchen, perfect for office needs.

Transport and installation

ReadyVilla house is transported to parcel as a ready product but piece by piece in the shipping container. Then it’s installed on special prefabricated fundament blocks by our detailed drawing or installation view on site, you only need to level the house and connect water, electricity and gutter exit.

Production time

- Building house in factory - approx. 1 months

-Installation time - approx. 2 days

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Q:What is the advantage of a container room?
the main reason is the high price of land, you buy a house box, then you have to consider you put the container to rent the land, the price you have considered no
Q:What is the characteristics of the container type?
7 , Long service life, can be used for more than 20 years. 8, fast set up, can be quickly completed, immediately business, cost recovery fast
Q:What is the advantage of the container module room?
Activity: Movable, reusable. Quickly set up: the construction period is short, free ground.
Q:What is the difference between a container house and an activity board?
the vertical direction can be stacked up to three layers. Box body structure is the use of special steel welded from the standard components, boxes and boxes connected by bolts, simple structure, easy installation
Q:What is the price of container housing?
Luxury point, it may be two containers up and down together, so there is a balcony, a large living room
Q:What are the size specifications of the container house?
and its size is the standard container; the other is their own processing, but the shape is the shape of the container
Q:What are the requirements for container house structure design?
Containers for the architectural design of modular tools, itself has a low carbon, low cost, short construction time, removable transport and other characteristics
Q:Is there a containerized housekeeping room?
Construction, generally refers to the people living, working, learning, production, management, entertainment, storage of goods and other social activities of the construction.
Q:What are the classification of container moving houses and containers?
Ordinary containers, also known as dry cargo containers (dry container) to carry the main groceries, usually used to transport stationery, daily necessities, medicine, textiles, handicrafts, chemical products
Q:What are the concerns of container houses?
please do not near the wall at the welding construction search,winter heating stove should be installed fire protection device.

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