Modern wooden PVC doors interior entrance door

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Product Description:

solid wood entrance door
1.Complete solid wood door
2 hand carving
3 good design, good quality, good price,smooth, tight so

 solid oak wood entrance door with painting

Product Description


solid wood door(PWD-3014)

1)  Material:  solid wood,such as oak,teak,walnut ,etc.

2)  Door frame: solid wood ,suitable for different wall thickness

3)  Surface: environment friendly painting

4)  Standard leaf size: 2050*850*42mm or customized

5)  Opening direction: swing-in/swing-out

6)  Lock handle position:left/right

7)  Opening degree:90-180 degrees

8)  Customized and OEM available

9)  Luxury carving

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Q:Aluminum alloy door seal lush dripping drip how to do?
Playing sealant, playing the general will not leak. Also see if the windowsill paste the porcelain plate or stone, if it is posted empty drum, the water will penetrate. Aluminum alloy window assembly is also very important, the corner of the patchwork will not seepage, but you can use sealant seal, these parts you can check it.
Q:Why is the price difference between aluminum and aluminum doors and windows?
Aluminum alloy doors and windows prices or depends on its quality and work it
Q:Painting An Interior Metal Door?
If there is no rust, just use a good interior latex paint. If there is rust, sand lightly and paint with a metal primer. If there isn't any rust, and you are changing the color of the door, you may want to prime it first with a primer like Kilz or Zissler. If the door is all you are going to paint, a quart of primer and a quart of paint will be plenty. You will probably have some left for future touch-up. Clean the area of the door that you are going to paint. Use something like Windex, and follow up with plain water on a cloth. For best results, take the door off of it's hinges, and lay it down on something like sawhorses, or four 5 gallon plastic buckets under the corners. The hinge pins will pop out from underneath if you tap a small nail in the little hole in the bottom of the hinge. If you want a smooth finish, use roller naps with 1/4 thick nap on a full sized roller frame. If the door has a raised area, you will need a brush for the areas that the roller will miss. If you want it to be washable, use a semi-gloss or eggshell finish paint. You may go with full gloss, but it may be harder to roll out smooth. Lay down a drop-cloth, or lots of newspaper under the door. If you buy your paint at a home center store like Lowe's or Homer De Poe, the person in the paint dept may be able to give you some pointers on rolling techniques. Have fun!
Q:What should the inspection of the glass door?
If so, according to "Building Decoration Engineering Quality Acceptance" GB50210-2001 special door installation works Article 5.5.1: This section applies to the quality inspection of special doors such as fire doors, security doors, automatic doors, whole glass doors, revolving doors, metal shutter doors and other special doors. In other words, the whole door with a special door installation engineering inspection batch form.
Q:How to clean aluminum doors and windows? Make it a new look.
1, in the clean aluminum doors and windows, do not step on the aluminum frame, do not pull the box for support. So easy to wear the doors and windows or their own accident. 2, aluminum doors and windows can be used soft cloth stained with water or neutral detergent, do not use ordinary soap and detergent, but can not use decontamination powder, toilet and other strong acid and alkali cleaning agent, this will corrode the profile surface. 3, sealed tops and glass glue is to ensure that the aluminum doors and windows sealed insulation of the key structure, if the fall to timely repair, replacement. 4, after the rain, should be wiped in time wet glass and window frames. 5, should always check the doors and windows frame connection parts, tighten the bolt in time to replace the damaged parts. Positioning pin, wind support, to spring and other aluminum doors and windows of the vulnerable parts, to always check, regularly add lubricants to keep clean and flexible. 6, aluminum doors and windows in use, the action should be light, push and pull its natural; found difficult not hard pull hard push, should first rule out the fault. Fouling, deformation is the main reason for the difficulty of push and pull of aluminum alloy doors and windows, to keep the door frame clean, especially the sliding slot cleaning. Vacuum cleaner can be used to suck the tank and the door closed the fouling. 7, often check the aluminum window frame wall joints, the long time aluminum doors and windows if loose so easy to make the overall deformation of the frame, so that doors and windows can not be closed, sealed. So the connection of the screw loosening should be immediately tightened, such as screw feet loose, the application of epoxy strong glue to adjust a small amount of cement seal.
Q:Balcony of the aluminum alloy door how to install it?
There are many types of balcony doors, the mainstream of hanging doors, sliding doors, folding doors, Pingkai Men, etc., choose what type of door need to take into account the home environment and decoration style, the general use of large sliding doors, small space can be Choose a folding door or open the door.
Q:is metal frame doors are bettor tha wooden frame doors?
metal frames come in 2 flavours - aluminium and steel. both have their advantages and drawbacks, but are better than timber doors in a number of ways. you should select a polyester powder coat finish (dual colour is now available ie 2 different colours for inside and outside) for a virtually maintainence free finish whereas timber will need regular maintainence. the lifespan of metal over timber is quite considerable, many steel windows fitted into 1930's properties are still in very good condition and have many serviceable years left in them (aluminium hasnt been around as long as steel so lifespan cannot be compared to steel). the sections used for metal are much slimmer than timber allowing more light into the property. metal is available for domestic situations and is not only used for fire rating purposes. steel is inherently stronger than aluminium and in most applications stronger than timber also, making unauthorised entry more difficult (ie cannot be drilled or cut easily). downside is cost - steel is most expensive in short term, but when lifespan and maintenance are factored in, works out cheapest (aluminium will not last as long as steel due to construction methods ie steel is welded, aluminium is screwed at joints). steel is also hot dipped galvanised prior to polyester powder coating, guaranteeing a corrosion free lifetime (1930's windows were not galvanised and are still around, so galavanised will last a lot longer). metal windows and doors can also be double glazed to comply with current building regs.
Q:what is the merits and demerits of metal frame door and wooden frame door?
Metal frames/doors are primarily for commercial applications. A higher fire rating can be easily obtained with a metal door and frame. Also they are more secure if installed properly. Metal frames that are installed in block or concrete walls are usually grouted full of a cement based grout and are very strong.This grout (milk shake thickness) is pumped in the top of the frame through a hole made for this. The metal frame also holds door closers and panic bars much better than a wood frame would. The metal frame will hold up to repeated bumps,bangs and scrapes ( like in a hotel) much longer than a wooden frame would. That is a nutshell of the difference
Q:Do you have this standard?
Application Analysis of Aluminum Frame and Aluminum Frame One, steel box form Doors and windows steel box, that is, before the installation of aluminum alloy frame, the first installation specifications for the 40 * 20 * 2 (according to different specifications of the different specifications) rectangular square steel frame (diameter than the window frame size slightly larger), and other civil facades After the completion of the construction of the aluminum alloy doors and windows frame installed in the sub-frame, in order to facilitate the construction of external walls of construction, to avoid the installation of doors and windows and civil construction cross.
Q:Titanium magnesium alloy door and solid wood composite door which expensive
Solid wood composite expensive, a Tang 1 thousand 12, titanium magnesium alloy generally also 7,8 hundred

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