Modern recliner sofa 3 seater with bed

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Product Description:

Model No.1003
Product namequality contemporary leather recliner sofa
Applicationliving room sofa

Top grain leather, full leather, PU are available
high density foam
various color are available: black,white,red,coffee,beige etc.
durable mechanism
Versatilitymanual recline actions
remote control power
360 degree swivel
Recline Mechanismmanual recline actions

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Q:Now the market imports of electric bed, bedstead, there are 2 motors, lying on the top for 7-8 hours a day, the harm to people?
Each line current is =2200/1.732X380X0.85X0,85=4.6ABecause 2.2KW is the "shaft power", so the electric power P= root 3 x (380V) x voltage current (unknown) X power factor (0.85) X (0.85).
Q:What wood frame is used in the bedstead?
Normal is made of birch wood treated by high temperature, a little arched to strengthen it. Normal skeleton, several adults stand up no problem, can withstand the weight of 500KG.
Q:What are the main strains of cultured letinous edodes?
The mushroom shed a mushroom bed three layer 12. The mushroom bed is 1.05 meters high, and the ground floor is 0.35 meters apart from the ground and between the layers. The vertical bed is provided with a pair of upright posts at intervals of 2 meters. The column is fixed with a cross bar, and a bamboo sheet is arranged on the cross bar, and the gap between the bamboo pieces is 2.8 centimeters. Mushroom bed 8 meters long, 1.4 meters wide, a floor area of 11.2 square meters, a bedstead, three layers of mushroom beds, with a total area of 33.6 square meters.If Japanese mushroom bags are used, the bags are 32 cm x 20 cm and 1 kg wet material. The mushroom bag removal to each other at a certain distance, an average of 1 square meters of mushroom bed 36 bags. The number of bacteria of 300 square meters are as follows: 36 Gupeng square metres x 12 x 33.6 bags =14500 bags; if the area is under construction, per square metre mushroom shed: 14500 bags, 300 square meters =48 square meters / bag. If the Fujian Gutian style slender rod bacteria, bag size is 55 cm x 15 cm, with 2 kilograms of wet material, the mushroom shed ground on oblique rod vertical, 667 square meters (1 acres) mushroom shed can be placed 8000 rods, the average per square metre 12 bar. Such as the use of high shed to take 5-6 layers of mushroom beds, bacteria stick flat, remove the channel covers an area of 1 acres of mushroom shed can be placed 20000 bars, an average of 30 meters per square meter.
Q:How to prolong the service life of the rib bedstead?
Furniture only after a good maintenance, will have a longer service life, ribs, bedstead is no exception, but most people ignore the maintenance of the ribs bed frame. In order to prolong the service life of the rib bedstead,
Q:medical bed bath....?
I feel you're speaking approximately Bath and Body Works, however yeah it does support with scent, and you need to use cleaning soap down there, she simply demands to take a proper tub or perhaps she simply has a foul frame scent. Tell her to look a healthcare professional! If you scent it she smells it to.
Q:Really Cute Bedding?
If Have fun at college! But not too much fun. (Yes, I am a mom. LOL)
Q:why does my pregnant dog lick the bed?
She probably likes the smell of it. If you spilled any food or drink or even perfume on the bed that could be what's causing it, but just try to keep her away from the bed or spray it with a no chew spray. (The spray makes it taste bad so she won't want to lick it.)
Q:Sun Bathing VS Tanning Bed?
Sunbathing is free. Whre I live rent consumes enough of my pay that every cent counts. I can control my exposure. If you're a booth for a minute to long you're fried. You stay out in the sun for and extra ten minutes it's no big deal. Part of my process is I can turn off the cell and spend an afternoon reading a book. I also like the adventure, I'm a bit of an exhibirtionist at heart, I like sunbathing topless on beaches. I avoid the tanlines which is the big plus, but the little one is to see if I can get away with it, which I have for three summers now.
Q:best king size bed and most comfortable?
Most people worry that it will be too big for the room, whereas others understand that more bed space equals better sleep. Weighing up the pros and cons of a king sized bed are integral to calculating whether the investment in a larger bed will benefit you. Try considering some of these questions. According to the Better Sleep Council, choosing a bed that is too small is one of the most common mistakes people make when buying a bed. When considering king size beds versus queen size beds, the only real difference is the size. Sleeping comfort and the size of the bedroom are two factors that influence the decision on what size mattress to buy.
Q:What does twin sized bed mean?
Make sure you have a twin,and not a full.Beds generally run... twin(quite narrow) full ( about the size of 1 +1/2 twin),queen(2 full) and king( about two queen size)Sorry if that confuses you.You can always just measure your bed,end to end,and side to side,and the bedding will give you the measurements it fits. Sure hope this helped.

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