Modern Office Chair Mesh/PU Leather CMAX-CH021C

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10000 pc/month

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Material: Fabric,Genuine Leather,Synthetic Leather,Cold Rolled Steel Style: Modern Usage: Commercial
Color: Black Structure: Unfolded Customized: Customized
Height Adjustable: Adjustable

Product Description:

Modern Office Chair Mesh/PU CMAX-CH021C

Product Code: CMAX-CH021C Manager Chair

CMAX-CH021C is a new generation of work chair made for the modern office.  With the features of multi functional mechanism, cushion support, & high-density molded sponge upholstered, it provides the sitter maximum comfort, and maintain the dispersion of stress after long time sitting.

Chair Display
Modern Office Chair Mesh/PU Leather CMAX-CH021C

Product Features & Specification

Item No.CMAX-CH021C
Product NameModern Office Chair Mesh/PU CMAX-CH021C
ColorOption available
FacingHigh-quality leather/mesh + fabric
BaseChrome bow leg
Max Loading Qty20FT40GP40HQ

Modern Office Chair Mesh/PU Leather CMAX-CH021CModern Office Chair Mesh/PU Leather CMAX-CH021C


Q1: What's the delivery time?
Depending on your quantity & types of product, usually 15-30 days for 1*40HQ after deposit.
Q2: How is your MOQ and Sample policy?
Our MOQ is 30 pieces and sample fee might be charged yet will be refunded when customers place their formal orders.
Q3: What's the payment term?
It depends on different situations, T/T, LC, DP, DA, OA are all common used ones within CNBM.
Q4: Is OEM acceptable?
It is acceptable.  We have capability for custom-made.
Q5: How do you ensure the quality of products are good?
CNBM has achieved its great success worldwide; we would say the brand itself is a key of quality. In past decades, we've been focusing on systemizing our quality standard and improving the performance of our equipments.

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