Modern Office Chair Mesh/PU Leather CMAX-CH021B

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10000 pc/month

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Material: Synthetic Leather,Genuine Leather,Cold Rolled Steel Style: Modern Usage: Commercial
Color: Black Structure: Unfolded Customized: Customized
Height Adjustable: Adjustable

Product Description:

Modern Office Chair Mesh/PU CMAX-CH021B

Product Code: CMAX-CH021B Manager Chair

CMAX-CH021B is a new generation of work chair made for the modern office.  With the features of multi functional mechanism, cushion support, & high-density molded sponge upholstered, it provides the sitter maximum comfort, and maintain the dispersion of stress after long time sitting.

Chair Display
Modern Office Chair Mesh/PU Leather CMAX-CH021B

Product Features & Specification

Item No.CMAX-CH021B
Product NameModern Office Chair Mesh/PU CMAX-CH021B
ColorOption available
FacingHigh-quality leather/mesh + fabric
MechanismTilt and height adjustable
GasliftChrome gas lift
BaseAluminium 5-star leg
CastorDurable PU caster, lossless to wood floor
Max Loading Qty20FT40GP40HQ

Modern Office Chair Mesh/PU Leather CMAX-CH021BModern Office Chair Mesh/PU Leather CMAX-CH021B


Q1: What's the delivery time?
Depending on your quantity & types of product, usually 15-30 days for 1*40HQ after deposit.
Q2: How is your MOQ and Sample policy?
Our MOQ is 30 pieces and sample fee might be charged yet will be refunded when customers place their formal orders.
Q3: What's the payment term?
It depends on different situations, T/T, LC, DP, DA, OA are all common used ones within CNBM.
Q4: Is OEM acceptable?
It is acceptable.  We have capability for custom-made.
Q5: How do you ensure the quality of products are good?
CNBM has achieved its great success worldwide; we would say the brand itself is a key of quality. In past decades, we've been focusing on systemizing our quality standard and improving the performance of our equipments.

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Q:Cheaper way to decorate this chair for reception (Picture provided)?
I think you should leave them as it they are classy without being decorated. But if you feel like you need to decorate them go and find some real thick ribbon at a fabric store and make a sash for them or find a big bow for the chairs and put it on every other one Good Luck
Q:Adirondack Chairs Videos?
Q:Time out in a chair vs the corner? What is really the difference?
chair she's sitting, so it's more comfortable, corner is done standing up, this makes it more uncomfortable.
Q:In Second Life, where do I find the chairs to get money?
life find chairs money
Q:Can I post in a chair?!?
Keep a hand on something to help keep you balanced. No sense in falling over and knocking yourself out ;) I do recommend against, though, doing too much jogging. Jogging as strictly your only exercise can stiffen your hips. So if you jog, do a lot of stretches that help keep your hips flexible.
Q:does anyone know of The Guthridge Chair pat'd July 30, 1901 in Chicago?
Mahogany Guthridge Chair Dated 1901 Description: This unusual find, an Original Guthridge Convertible Chair. We are not sure what it was used for, and have asked several museums. The chair is solid Mahogany, The back of the chair has a release that allows the chair back to be brought foward on 2 hinges, up about 8 inches from the back. Perhaps used to help and invilide, or as a step,(had to have small feet?, or as what???Maybe one of your Grandparents had one of these. The chair measures 38 inched high to the back, seat 16 inches across in back, 18 inches across in front. Has two sturdy arms. The Brass plaque on the back reads, The Guthridge Chair Pattented July 30,1901 F.M.Guthridge 1435 Wabash Avenue Chicago Country: USA Maker: Guthridge Co. Height: 38 in. (96.52 cm) Width: 16 in. (40.64 cm) Materials: mohagany wood
Q:What is a good gaming chair?
both are wireless, have vibration motors in the seat, speakers and a subwoofer built in, and since your husband is in his mid 30’s he probably wants (or you probably want) something with a simple black color scheme (like the x rocker pros) and not crazy colors and racing stripes. This suggestion is based on the assumption that your husband is a console gamer (xbox 360, playstation 3, etc.) and not gaming on his computer, because if he is a PC gamer neither of these will work, you’ll need something taller. Hope this helps.
Q:How To Reupholster This Chair? HELP!?
Take careful notes of how the old fabric and stuffing etc. comes off and then put the new fabric back the same way.
Q:Socrates, Ghandi, Julius Caeser, Jesus, and Siegmind Froid are locked in a room for a week with only 4 chairs?
None are concerned about the state of the food and water supply, 6 days worth is enough for seven in the estimation of each of them. Caesar calculates that Ghandi can live on hallf rations and figures Jesus will probably share so theres plenty. Socrates calculates that he can survive the seventh day on pure will. Ghandi figures he can manage all seven on not much more than a days ration so there is plenty, and Jesus knows that all of the five men can do that so he's not worried either. The chairs: Ghandi will see that there is five men and three seating chairs and since he actually likes the floor for a seat, he will use that instead. Jesus will join him, he doesn't care for chairs but he can tell he will enjoy the company and conversation of Ghandi. Socrates will at first choose the wooden chair, but soon after observing the great teachers that Jesus and Ghandi are he would find himself uncomfortable with looking down on them and join them on the floor. Julius Caesar would instantly claim the throne, and Freud in an overt demonstration of his well demarcated inhibitions, would choose the massaging chair. Paying no attention to the three men seated on the floor, Freud would then go about seeing how easy it would be to convince the affected Caesar to sit in the electric chair, he will probably succeed before the 6 days are over.
Q:What is a good quality, low budget Office Chair?
If you don't want it to have any adjustment features. Such as tilting the back etc. Then look for a chair that in description simply has a swivel mechanism on it. That will keep the cost of the chair down. I would also get a chair that has memory foam. It will increase the life of the chair as far as comfort in the padding goes. Also if you get a chair from a local dealer you are more likely to get warranty replacement if you have any problems. Stores like Staples, office depot, walmart. Are not good at warranty replacements if you have any problems such as the cylinder going out on the chair. We sell chairs I can get you a chair for the price you are looking for but you would have to pay shipping if you are outside of IN, MI, KY, IL, OH, or WV. If you are in those states I can set you up with retailer who can get you a great chair for the price you are looking for. By the way you can go real cheap closer to your $50 or under $50 but it will break or get flat with in a year and you will be buying a new chair. Or hating that one sooner than later. I see it way to often. I would suggest getting something closer to your $125. even just under $100. There are good chairs for that price that will last you a long time and have a good warranty so if anything does break it would be replaced.

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