Modern New Bedroom Set

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Tianjing China
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TT or L/C
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50Sets set
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2000Sets/Month set/month

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Product Description:


Modern New Bedroom Set


Specifications of Modern New Bedroom Set



- Type: double bed, 200*100*30cm


- Material: Solid wood. Imported Russian Pinus with waxing polishing


- Color: optional



 Usage/Applications of Modern New Bedroom Set


Used for Bedroom, hotel, hospital, schools, factories, enterprises, the construction site.




Packaging & Delivery of Modern New Bedroom Set


- Packing: Standard export packing 


- Leading time: 25 days after receiving deposit



Picture of the Modern New Bedroom Set


New Modern Bedroom Set


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Q:How to calculate the size of sliding door wardrobe
When installation should pay attention to the clothes hanging rod and the hanging rod must be taken in the actual internal standard wardrobe into the deep, and the distance above the board must have 4 - 6 cm distance of this dimension must be satisfied, because the distance is too short, then put the clothes rack will be more laborious; the distance is too long, and a waste of space.Hanging clothes bar also belongs to hardware series, it is recommended not cheap. The clothes hanging rod on both sides there should be at least two to three screws fixed end well, when the positioning hole must pay attention to "store", the installation of three hanging rod spent an afternoon and a naomenzi sweat.(10) the installation height of the clothes hanger shall be the height of the hostess, plus 20 centimeters.
Q:How much width can I use in wardrobe drawers? Will it deform when it's wide?
Long width can be done, mainly because you do not have to do too much, it is not good to put things
Q:The length of the wardrobe, the long dress area and the short clothing area, and also the size of the wardrobe
There are many kinds of drawers, one is plaid, mainly small items, such as ties, socks, accessories, scarves and other small pieces. The grid is drawn from each of the smaller squares, usually in size 10cm*10cm or 8cm*8cm. Another is our most common drawer, but because custom wardrobes are designed for other partitions, the drawer sizes are therefore improved, or large or small, and the common size is wide 40cm-800cm, high 19cm.Pants rack is used to hang pants, height of 80cm-100cm is appropriate, minimum can not be less than 60cm. The pants rack is usually located at the bottom of the wardrobe for easy access.
Q:How to move an overcoat cabinet?
You take all the things in the cabinet first, and then see if there is any place in the cabinet to be fixed (if you fix it, you loose it), and then find a few more people to help move it
Q:Family wardrobe sliding door, push and pull when there is a piercing squeak, I would like to ask you great God, how to repair?
It may be that the ball is slipping at the same time. Try rubbing the wax. It may be that there are too many things in it, the shaft is crooked, and the things in it are arranged. You try. I have been a carpenter for many years, and the answer might help you.
Q:What board do you use for the wardrobe
Wardrobe, of course, is to look at the needs of individuals or customers, modern rational consumers recommend using solid wood particle board; high-end user customization is recommended to use solid wood multilayer board;
Q:What plates are on the back of the cabinet?
Wo Xiang board is a new type of ecological and environmental protection in the man-made sheet, from the nature of rice and wheat straw as the main raw material, made of polyurethane rubber ecological completely free of formaldehyde as adhesive by national advanced patented technology development. Straw board! Both wood particleboard and MDF advantages, can be widely used in indoor decoration, furniture, flooring, cabinets, sound-absorbing board, writing board, board and packaging materials, is a substitute of wood-based board ideal. Wo Xiang board is a truly environmentally friendly plate, do the wardrobe, it is recommended to use this kind of plate, the family has great benefits.
Q:Wardrobe, clothing, deodorant, moisture, mildew, what kind of good ah?!
In addition, the use of lime desiccant is also a good choice, of course, this is not with lime to prevent moldy clothes, but to wrap up the lime or cloth sack, placed in the corner of the room, to keep the indoor air dry.
Q:Who would be better to customize the wardrobe and wardrobe?
Carpentry wardrobe: the use of space is very large, especially for the special shape (Xie Po) processing advantages are obvious.The whole wardrobe: a lot of people think the whole wardrobe space rate is very small, in fact this somewhat biased, in addition to the slope, the whole wardrobe on the beam column is quite perfect, usually designed according to the actual situation, is not affected.
Q:How to wet the wardrobe?
Moisture proof new product, Japan Forest Comprehensive Research Institute has developed an effective dehumidification environmental protection device: dehumidification floor film. The film, made of crab shells, is made of a film of only 30 microns (1 microns in diameter equal to 1 million meters), and is characterized by the fact that only water vapor passes through it. According to this characteristic, the vacuum on the other side of the membrane can be removed effectively to remove moisture contained in the floor. If you use two square meters of this film, you can make the thickness of 5 cm, an area of 50 square meters of floor humidity remained at 60% to 65% below. In general, if the humidity of wood can be maintained below 60% to 65%, the wood will need no preservative treatment. The composition of the film can be naturally decomposed by microorganisms, so even if it is mistakenly buried in the soil, no environmental pollution can be caused. In addition, the use of this kind of film substantially saves energy compared to traditional methods of using air conditioning to reduce temperature and condense moisture in the air. The dehumidification device is conducive to improving the durability of building materials, and Japanese building materials manufacturers and real estate developers plan to market them within 5 years.
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1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Beijing, China
Year Established 2003
Annual Output Value US$1 to US$ 2.5 Million
Main Markets North America; Oceania; East Asia; Western Europe;
South America; Domestic Market
Company Certifications

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Tianjin
Export Percentage 51-60%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 1-3 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 10,000-30,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 3
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered Design Service Offered Buyer Label Offered
Product Price Range Average