Modern Manager Office Chair Mesh Cover CMAX-CH158B

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Material: Fabric,Plastic Style: Modern Usage: Commercial
Color: Black Structure: Unfolded Customized: Customized
Height Adjustable: Adjustable

Product Description:

Modern Computer Office Chair Mesh/PU CMAX-CH-158B

Product Code: CMAX-CH158B Manager Chair

CMAX-CH158B is a new generation of work chair made for the modern office.  With the features of normal mechanism, cushion support, & high-density molded sponge upholstered, it provides the sitter maximum comfort, and maintain the dispersion of stress after long time sitting.

Chair Display
Modern  Manager Office Chair Mesh Cover CMAX-CH158B

Product Features & Specification

Item No.CMAX-CH158B
Product NameModern Computer Mesh Office Chair CMAX-CH158B
ColorOption available
FacingMesh/fabric cover
Upholstery55 density molded foam
FrameworkNylon with Fiber.  White or Black optional
MechanismNormal mechanism
ArmrestPP armrest
BaseNylon base
CastorPU nylon caster
Package90*65*64/2pcs KD:65*59*63/2pcs
Max Loading Qty20FT40GP40HQ

Modern  Manager Office Chair Mesh Cover CMAX-CH158BModern  Manager Office Chair Mesh Cover CMAX-CH158BModern  Manager Office Chair Mesh Cover CMAX-CH158B


Q1: What's the delivery time?
Depending on your quantity & types of product, usually 15-30 days for 1*40HQ after deposit.
Q2: How is your MOQ and Sample policy?
Our MOQ is 30 pieces and sample fee might be charged yet will be refunded when customers place their formal orders.
Q3: What's the payment term?
It depends on different situations, T/T, LC, DP, DA, OA are all common used ones within CNBM.
Q4: Is OEM acceptable?
It is acceptable.  We have capability for custom-made.
Q5: How do you ensure the quality of products are good?
CNBM has achieved its great success worldwide; we would say the brand itself is a key of quality. In past decades, we've been focusing on systemizing our quality standard and improving the performance of our equipments.

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Q:Cat repellant- off my chair?
Cats are very territorial, and doesn't like to share with other cats; it's a threat to them. Best way to overcome the jealousy thing is to take both cats at the same time and give equal attention to them both. The jealous one will come to realize that it is not loved any less. This may sound cruel, but it works; keep a spray bottle of plain tap water close to the chair, and anytime he gets on the chair, give him a quick spray shot. Cats are not very fond of water. Doing this routinely will eventually teach the cat to stay off!
Q:Which chair is prettier and trendy...?
The first chair is called a mushroom chair. They're usually fabric covered rather than plastic. The second chair is more attractive (in my opinion) but neither looks comfortable. The first one would make your legs get all sweaty gross, however, fabric covered mushroom chairs are usually very comfy.
Q:it makes sense for nation B to produce chairs?
False. A country should produce whichever good it has a comparative advantage, i.e. lower opportunity cost, in producing. Country A has to give up making only 1 table to make 5 chairs, so its opportunity cost of making chairs is 0.2 tables. Country B has to give up making 1 table to make 1 chair, so its opportunity cost of making chairs is 1 chair. Country A should produce chairs because it has a comparative advantage.
Q:what's so great about the v rocker euro sound gaming chair?
Well, I haven't actually used one yet, but it is a chair that can be connected to game systems, music players, etc. I bought one for a friend for Christmas because it seemed like a perfect gift (why I haven't used it - its in a box still). The convenience can be the personal speaker system, while sitting in a chair. Better stereo sound than just a TV. I mostly got it for my friend because they have an mp3 player and always are doing homework while listening to music - this way they can sit on this chair and have their own sound system. So I don't know if it would work for you, but that is why I got it.
Q:PS3 Gaming Chairs... best ones?
There really is no such thing as a gaming chair. What you could do is buy a high quality computer chair. That is more than good for most gamers as they expect to be sitting on the floor or the couch.
Q:need info on mysterious bowl chair?
Q:Need help on chair repair?
Get a piece of 1/4 or 3/8 plywood at a building center (places like Home Depot usually have small cuts, like 24 x 24 which is all you need.) Use a piece of large paper or cardboard to trace the outline of the seat on the chair , all the way to the outside edge. Using the pattern, then cut the wood in that shape. At the fabric store buy a piece of 1 or 1 1/2 thick foam rubber (back in the drapery department) and cut that to fit on top of the wood. Then add about a 1 thick layer on top of polyester quilt batting (from the fabric store) on top of that. Cut a piece of the seat fabric you want to use about 4 bigger on all sides (so 8 each direction) than the wood seat. Lay the fabric out on a table, flip your wood with the padding over so the padding is on the bottom, against the fabric. Fold and stretch the excess fabric over the wood and use a staple gun to attach it snugly along all 4 sides. Make small folds at the corners to keep it smooth (like tucking in the sheets on a bed). if you're satisfied with how the seat now looks, pick up the chair, turn it upside down and center the it over the wooden back of the padded seat you just made. Use four wood screws just 1/4 longer than the thickness of the chair seat frame and drill through the chair (the frame that would have supported to caning) into the seat wood backing. If the wood is soft enough and the screws are thin you can just use a screw gun but it would be better to pre-drill a small pilot hole first - just make sure you don't go through the padding and fabric. I've done it many times -- in fact just last week did that with two antique chairs from my parents' estate that had blown out caning.
Q:how do I renew fabric patio chairs?
Try and rip them off. Or turning the chairs upside down and undoing the bolts. Then you can use the old fabric as a pattern to reupholster the chairs, and you can even spray paint it with krylon or rustoleum spray paint! Hope that helps!
Q:How to clean old wooden chairs.?
Try Murphys Oil Soap. That is what I use on my Kitchen Cabinets. Also Lowes sells a special chemical just for wooden Kitchen Cabinets.
Q:chair stain.?
What was the big butt contacting? Leather? Vinyl? Canvas? This all makes a difference. More info please!

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