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Product Description:

Microfiber rug

Pile height: 15mm or 25mm
Total Weight:1400g -1500g/m2
Color:red , white, brown, blue , green , yell

Description of the Microfiber Carpets & Rugs & Mats

1 Material:100% microfiber
2 The color we can do : red , white, brown, blue , green , yellow, pink , coffee, purple or OEM.
3 Shape : round or rectangle
4 Round Diameter:60cm,70cm,80cm,90cm,100cm,120cm,140cm
5 MOQ: 100 sqm

Usage of Microfiber Carpets & Rugs & Mats

The Microfiber Carpets & Rugs & Mats has an advantage of soft feeling and low price.  These mats are one of a good choice of bathroom ,children room ,sitting room and bedroom.

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Q:Is Rug doctor so loud?
Yeah, it is kinda loud, but not terribly louder than your vacuum cleaner, so you should be OK. Just dont run it in the middle of the night and you will be fine, and it works fairly well too.
Q:Carpet Squares?
The ones I have found (online) have a rubber backing so they stay on the floor and don't move around much, so you don't have to connect them. But if you want to, they make really strong tape called carpet tape that you put on the underside of the squares. The good thing about not connecting them is that way you can pick one up and actually just rinse it in the sink if you spill on it. I stopped looking when I found out they would be too expensive for what I wanted (a large area), but you can get them from major places like Home Depot or Lowe's.
Q:What color carpet can match with wood floor
If it is the bedroom, smoky-grey or silver-grey are all-matched, blue, but according to the usual situation, if it's sofa, grey is recommended, suggest matching according to the overall atmosphere of the bedroom, purple
Q:how can i clean my shaggy pile rug?
placed on a dirt mask or handkerchief over your nostril and cling it over a clothesline and whack it with a bat or a stick -- or if that's sufficiently small, whack it against the trunk of a tree. (that's what I do for my vehicle mats until now I supply up and wash them. staring on the dimensions: Take it to a laundromat with a super washer or to the dry cleansing company which will do rugs. Your's is probable very small yet my Grandpa had a room-sized white shaggy rug in his lounge which grew to become gray, it grew to become into so grimy. He had it taken to a rug cleansing company and that they quoted the cost. Later Grandpa advised us that the rug grew to become into so grimy, they had to place it with the aid of assorted wash cycles until now the rug grew to become into sparkling. So he quite ended up paying much less for the activity than it value the cleaners to do the activity. possibly you may purchase yet another rug with shorter pile or one which is rather cleanable?
Q:Why does my rug keep moving?
If you do not have a pad under the rug then the rug will move depending on the direction of the nap. Jo ann
Q:I have an old persian rug?
What are commonly known as persian rugs are actually made in wide ranging locales in eastern Europe, Asia, and the Indian subcontinent. You might do a Yahoo search for persian rugs and get lucky enough to identify the pattern of your rug, but it will take the eye of an expert to give you definitive information. Best bet is to take your rug to a reputable rug dealer in your area. They will be able to identify the rug, determine age and origin, assess condition, recommend cleaning and preservation, and assess its' value. Good luck with your search for information.
Q:How do you get urine out of an area rug?
Q:Should I rug up my horse?
Horses LOVE that temperature. In fact that is right in the middle of their favorite temperature range. As long as the horse is used to being outside and wet, then leave her.
Q:Bleach my carpet ???????????????????
It would make it a lighter color for sure, but the shade probably won't be very consistent. Think blue jeans that have had bleach splashed on them. You also wouldn't be able to use your house until it aired out with the windows open for a few days.
Q:How to fix carpet (coal burn)?
sure, it truly is purely conceivable. First, locate a gap over a radiator, or under a refrigerator or someplace you could snip about a 2 inch sq. of carpeting. Then raise up the tremendous piece, poking a nail via the position the burn is. Take a decrease an exact 2 x 2 inch sq. intently marked from the piece reported above as a patch. verify its useless sq. employing a 90degree of a triangle. continually use a razor knife to diminish carpeting, reducing the back, by no skill use as scissor. Then the position that nail got here via, and the burnt spot is, precisely mark that decrease patch employing a felt pin. Take a razor and decrease out that undesirable spot on the strains to compare the patch. next insert the patch and take somewhat of burlap and some structure adhesive and cover the patch and a three inch section round it with the burlap. Wait until eventually it quite a lot gadgets up the adhesive. Then in basic terms lay the carpet back off and also you received't even deal with to locate the spot. it truly is the way it truly is finished. you could purchase somewhat of burlap interior the decrease and stitch dept of Walmart for approximately 50Cents.

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