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PU seat

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Q:How do the cleaning cloth chair cushion
When the surface is stained with dirt, you can use clean cloth dipped in water or sofa cleaning agent, wipe from the outside until you remove the stain. It should be noted that cleaning agent must be completely removed, otherwise it is easier to catch dirt.
Q:I give the baby chair, but do not sit, how to do
First of all, let the baby sit on the high chair is a process you must recognize and understand that this is not just training children alone to eat
Q:Belivi bought a children's chairs, very good, is good to know?
Jiabao is buying Belivi, you should be Slex Evo, the Italy production of the nice and easy to use, the baby was born to use, from the child to sleep, eat, eat to nap, used adult no problem
Q:Which use more good baby chair
With the Leinuosi Werwilson ah, multi gear adjustment, active pedal, and free installation.
Q:How to choose the children's dining chair and what kind of good for children's chairs
Note: the first purchase of children's dining stability, the baby is full of desire to explore, fall a strong enough chairs will cause all kinds of baby, let parents love dearly. Second is natural environmental protection, no one wants to let the baby stay in a formaldehyde filled smell of the environment, so, if you unpack, found some of the big smell, please don't sign for direct returns.
Q:Highchairs what brand is good? Have been useful highchairs recommend!
Germany imported Concord spin portable folding baby chair, not one of the best
Q:How many tables and chairs left between the distance you please.
If a seat is fixed with a chair center distance table chair 30cm 20cm if you deviate from the wall is not fixed seat without a back edge distance table wall 100cm if a seat is not a fixed distance from the edge of the wall 110cm table
Q:Does the family dining is skin art?
All solid wood, there is a combination of solid wood and leather art! If you want all solid wood, you can consider other brands! Thank you
Q:What about the desk chairs that touch off the paint?
Paint repair method for table and chair to touch off paint:If the solid wood table or other solid wood furniture in the house has fallen off the paint, it can be repaired and repaired by mending the paint.First of all, to find with the original solid wood table of the same color paint, if there is no exactly the same color, you can use similar colors instead. After finding the wood paint, clean the furniture with the soft cloth first, and keep it clean.
Q:Stokke children and Leander children's dining chair which is better for
In fact, you can look at the solid wood chair, durable wood there are also looking at relatively tall on it

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