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Technical Specification

1.Surface:100% Polyester


3.Pile Height: 3mm

4.Pile Weight:270g/m2

5.Total Weight:1000g/m2

6.Popular Size:40x60,50x80,60x90,100x150,160*230cm


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Q:What kinds of rugs are the longest wearing?
First off - Rugs/Carpet usually do not Wear out. Matting or crushing is what the consumer perceives to be wear, but it is usually a result of soil build up without proper maintenance. Your rug/carpet must be professionally steam cleaned once a year and the vacuum you use must be checked to see that the bead-er bar is functioning properly to beat at the fibers. Second - price will play a huge part in the size and type. Since this is for an elementary school and they probably do not have rug/carpet in budget, my guess is that you will be paying for it? Suggestion - go to a local carpet store and pick out the least expensive to your taste, have the store order to your size and then have it bound around the edges. You can pickup double side tape and use this to hold carpet flat. This may be your least expensive way. Good Luck.
Q:Are there any coupon codes for Hopscotch Rug?
Tinkerbell Sales Rank: #31,809 in Toys Games
Q:What size rug should I put under my dining room table?
That should work just fine.
Q:What is the best quality area rugs?
Good Quality Area Rugs
Q:How do you remove fabric dye from carpet?
Your only option is to clip those fiber. Dye is permanent
Q:I want to decorate my house with contemporary rugs?
If you’re looking for a contemporary accent piece for your home, shop our selection of modern area rugs and hall runners. We offer something for every style including stripes, solids, round rugs, multicolored rugs and oversized runners. If you have any questions regarding our contemporary rugs, please call our Customer Service Consultants!
Q:Why does rug burn hurt so much?
The reason rug burns hurt so much is becaue you are only scraping the top layer of skin off. That exposes all the nerves under the top layer of skin. These nerves are usually covered so they are sensitive.
Q:My new horses this winter? Rugs?
I never reccomend rugging at all. Why? Because at the base of each hair, there is a muscle that can move each hair. This makes them able to insulate themselves, or cool themselves off. When the horse is wearing a rug, the muscles can't work, because the rug is keeping the hair down. Like any muscle, it atrophies and soon, the horse can't move the muscles at the base of the hair, and it has no way of controlling body temperature without a rug or fan in the summer. In your case, the 2 racehorses should probably be lightly rugged at night and when its really cold (like in the negatives, if it gets that cold where you live). And I also don't reccomend clipping your horses (idk if you do or not). Your palomino should be fine without a rug though. If you feel you must, just do it for short periods. As for food, make sure you provide as much hay as the horses will eat, 24/7. For the tb's, adding 1/4 cup of corn oil to the grain every day could do some good. And make sure you are giving them grain.
Q:Should I replace house with wall to wall carpet, carpet tiles or area rugs?
Places like Home Depot and Lowes usually have a fixed rate to install wall to wall carpet in your home, so the same price for 1-10 rooms. I'd go with the wall to wall option especially if the linoleum is old and dirty. Plus, they should be able to carpet right over it. And you should be able to switch it up color wise room to room.
Q:How do I get a spot of blonde haircoloring out of my carpet?
Blonde has a kit with a 'cookie cutter' and seam tape). I would consult a carpet repair specialist, though. Because silk, wool and synthetic fibers have different absorbance properties, they will react to dyes differently. There may also be stain-shields, like Scotch Guard, that need to be removed in order to properly treat the area.

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