Modern desgin Hand Tufted wool carpet, Latexed back

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300 m³
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10000 m³/month

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Packaging Detail:Package:every sheet rolled up in one , bundling with tapes,wraped with plastic bag,POP,care lable,bar code are available as your request.
Delivery Detail:Within 30 days after the LC or the deposite.


Tufted carpet 
1)The design is precisely Tufted. 
2)Any pattern is OK,within 6 colours are available. 
3)Big production capacity

                                     Polyester Tufted carpet


1.Brief introduction.


The main sizes of our hand woven carpet are 1200*1800,1400*2000,1600*2300,1800*2900 for bedroom,living room,hotel,etc.Any design with less than 4 colours are all available.The pile height should be less than 2 cm.


Item No.CMAX-006
Material100% Polyester fiber
TextureCut pile,shaggy pile.
Pile height1.2cm
Pile weight1800g/sqm
Performance density2000g/sqm
Back clothcanvas latex back,grey colour
 Size 160*230,any size(the width less than 2000)is OK.
 Colours Less than 6 colours
 Design Any design is available.

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Q:how do you get lamp oil from a carpet?
You did not mention if the result was ONLY (which is bad) a soiled spot or did it result in delamination... (the carpet coming up into a ripple type look)... Normally.. I say normally.. Spilled lamp oil, baby oil, or too much solvent applied to any carpet, will cause delamination. This can only be repaired from the back or by injecting new adhesive into the carpet's backing. If it does not show effects of delamination, you might try two things.. rubbing with HOT soapy water.. if not workilng, try usisng denture cleaner on the spot(s)
Q:Area rug on carpet. Yes or no?
I think that an area rug on top of carpet looks nice. In my living room, I have an area rug on top of my carpet and it looks good. If you have sheer green drapes, I think you should get a muted brown rug.
Q:how to clean the wax on the carpet?
Know that ordinary household wax can be removed with warm water directly . although water can quikly ermove the wax, it can make the carpet decolorized.
Q:what to do when carpet smells like cat pee?
their are many stain and oder removers at stored like petsmart and petco or at your local pet store, they are made specifically for pet oders like cat urine, if your cat is peeing on the rug she may not like the litter, the literbox location(they don't like it if its to close to were they eat)try using cat attract litter brand and place a water dish where she pees, cats don't like to pee or poo where they eat and drink.
Q:What is the name of a carpet that is pasted on the wall with latex
Sound insulation fire retardant fabric
Q:How to remove the oil and dirt on hotel's carpet?
Q:Coke spill on carpet help?
Next time, don't scrub, just blot repeatedly. Now just press a damp (not wet) wash cloth into the area and leave it overnight. The sugar will tend to migrate up into the cloth as the outside of the cloth dries. Tomorrow when the cloth feels quite dry, check the stain. It may be all gone. Let the carpet dry completely and fluff up the nap with an old hairbrush or coarse comb. If there's still signs of the stain (likely around the outside of the perimeter where you were scrubbing, try brushing a mixture of baking soda and salt into the carpet. The salt has a slight bleaching action; the baking soda is a good absorbent. Leave on the stain for 24 hours and vacuum.
Q:Oxyclean in floor scrubber for carpets?
Use a very small amount. You don't want it to be to sudsy.
Q:How can I lay a carpet on an iron sheet in winter?
Carpet paving generally has two kinds of methods, one is the simple paving method, is the carpet with a stick adhesive on the ground, also known as B pavement; another way is to put a layer of rubber or foam cushion on the ground, and then pave the carpet at the top, and around the edges with dowel bars will fix the carpet the carpet, splicing place, need to use hot zone will be two pieces of carpet bonded together, this approach is called a pavement.
Q:What size horse rug?
I have a 15.2 hh Fat horse, as round as a pumpkin! He is generally a 60 rug but can fit into a 59! He is also a cob! If you are going to have a couple of rugs, id have the bottom one or 2 as a 59 and the top ones as 60. Also i rekon he would be a cob. But i dont think there is much difference in a 5'9and a 6'0, so if you thought he may fill out or get rounder once you get him than you may be better just going with 6'0!

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