Modern colorful fabric sofa

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a) Quality Linen Cover; Removable and washable
b) Customized; Swatches for option but we have quantity limited
Inner structure
a) Wood frame:kiln-dryed solid wood +Plywood
b) Serpentine spring+imported Elastic Bandage+Plastic mesh +Non-woven fabric
c) Ucalyptus wood, solid wood legs or electroplate legs
high density foam.
a) As our model
b) swatches for option but have quantity limited
4 layer: durable plastic bag + each piece has 3 wall hard paper to protect
the corner + air bubble+ woven bag
5~10 pcs,it depends on which model you want.
Payment term
a) T/T
b) L/C
a) one year against manufacturing defect
b) Lifetime consultation on problems occurred
Load quantity
Sample order
8 sets
20 sets
Delivery time
2 Weeks
3 Weeks
Around 10days

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Cyder apple vinegar for the itching be warned it does sting at first but soon soothes,follow up with bite cream about 30 mins later thats what I did xx
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Summer is most suitable for development and reproduction, and bug damage often occurs during the summer. Hot weather bugs multiply fastest!
Q:How do you resolve the head toward the west?
1, the house is north-south direction, of course, the bed should be East-West direction;2 feet, head west, East, night head and face the sun, morning glow, mood is not good?3, Chinese earth, is the East West High low, the macro perspective this is backed by mountains, facing the sea, is the best to;4, the earth rotates from west to East, east to sleep with the rotation of the earth and to the same day, the body upright, blood need to transport more nutrients to the head, head to the west before the real scientific truth; (a Feng Shui rotation of the earth is from the east to the West, ignorant!)5, after the death of the north head is placed in the south direction, there are a few things placed?6, the bed head toward the West sleeps, the foot does not face west, the noodles don't face west, the shoes that take off also don't face west, how to have the meaning of going to the west? If your bedroom has windows that are south, East, or North, consider the front of the bed facing the West
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I like the methods they use on the Super Nanny tv show. She emphasizes staying calm and unemotional during the process. Keeping putting him back in telling him flatly that it is nap time, over and over, as long as it takes. Don't show you're flustered. Eventually he will give in.
Q:I hate my loft bed!!?
I built my first loft bed when I was in high school. It had a closet/wardrobe under it. I built another in college that had a desk under it. I really liked both of them, as they gave me a lot more space in cramped quarters. They are no different than sleeping on the top bunk, which I always enjoyed. I liked the fact that the desk space was partially enclosed, so I could hang stuff over/around my computer without damaging the walls and ceiling.
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Has the following advantages:1., more in line with the principles of human mechanics2. air permeability is better than the wooden board.3., the range of force is much wider, and the intensity is dispersed4. the normal use of the bearing capacity of 350-400 kg. Larger than the wooden plate bearing
Q:The bed in the house is one meter, five by 2 meters. What's the size of the quilt?
The quilt is chosen 1.8 meters by 2 meters.Choose the time of quilt size should be bigger than the size of the bed, this house will not say when the cover, especially by double.

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