Modern colorful fabric sofa

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Product Description:

a) Quality Linen Cover; Removable and washable
b) Customized; Swatches for option but we have quantity limited
Inner structure
a) Wood frame:kiln-dryed solid wood +Plywood
b) Serpentine spring+imported Elastic Bandage+Plastic mesh +Non-woven fabric
c) Ucalyptus wood, solid wood legs or electroplate legs
high density foam.
a) As our model
b) swatches for option but have quantity limited
4 layer: durable plastic bag + each piece has 3 wall hard paper to protect
the corner + air bubble+ woven bag
5~10 pcs,it depends on which model you want.
Payment term
a) T/T
b) L/C
a) one year against manufacturing defect
b) Lifetime consultation on problems occurred
Load quantity
Sample order
8 sets
20 sets
Delivery time
2 Weeks
3 Weeks
Around 10days

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Q:guinea pig bedding question.?
You're right..pine and cedar are bad for them. They both can cause upper respritory infections. Aspen bedding is the best by far. Aspen bedding isn't the cheapest, but safest. Plus it smells good and holds down on the odor. So I'd say yes use aspen. You can also get Carefresh or Critter Care. They are both safe as well.
Q:Can foster kids use air beds?
In general, a bed must be considered functional which means that it has to be a mattress, box springs and rails. Two of my sons like to sleep with the mattress directly on the floor but every time we have an inspection, we have to put it up on rails because they are not considered functional if they are not. However, I would ask. If nothing else, you can rent the beds for a few weeks from a Rent-A-Center or ask around. People have tons of toddler beds or little kids' beds just sitting in the basement or garage.
Q:what age do babies go into bed?
It's up to you, whenever you feel it's necessary. My son went into his bed at around 15 months old. He's a big boy, and his cot was only a continental size, not a cotbed, so he looked crammed in. He was waking himself up by banging around the cot at night. He now sleeps soundly, has never fallen out. I have found him in funny sleeping positions (the toy box was a good one!) but that's only been once or twice and no big deal.
Q:Do you have a bed of five or a half feet? I see. By the way, what's the size, and is there a six foot bed for five and a half feet?
Five feet and a half bed is custom made. Six feet of bed can be used in five and a half feet of bed. The six feet are 1 meters, 8 feet, five feet is 1 meters, 5
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of the bed frame and the box bed?
Generally, the bed frame is made of four metal legs, a bent frame and a circle baffle board. The mattress is a mattress of 20 centimeters,The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, low cost and no storage function. Easy to hide under the bed ash.
Q:where to buy roxy bedding collections?
Q:Who has a corner bed?
Mine's in a corner but it's pretty much a conventional bed. I don't have headboards on two sides. The big plus is you don't give up walking around space around the entire bed. If you never get out of bed on one side, why waste that acreage? Who has it to spare? I share with my wife and even so, sleeping against the wall isn't a problem for me. I just get up off the end of the bed, always have. It's never been an issue, and being able to tuck the bed into a corner in an 9x11 bedroom really helps keep the rest of the space functional.
Q:how do bed bugs accumulate?
Q:Why do they call it a three quater bed ?
We WERE lying upon a three-quarter bed. A three-quarter bed is wider than a single bed, and narrower than a double bed. In the UK, it's known as a 'small double' bed. There's much variation in bed sizes (American standard sizes are wider than British), but during the time that I owned a three-quarter or small double bed, the comparison would have been as follows: single bed: 30 to 36 wide three quarter bed: 42 wide double bed: 48 to 54 wide
Q:How do you deal with large pieces of garbage (such as bed and bedstead) in Zhuhai?
In addition, you can also put worthless things directly thrown upstairs, specialized in garbage place, such lost words can not be scolded, in our district are so lost.

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