Modern bedside table with drawers,night table

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1. Name of commodity: Bedside table.

2. Material:rubber wood frame,MDF.

3. All our products are garanteed against fault or defects for one year.

4. If your design is more beautiful, we could make it as per your requirements.

5.All products can be provided according to the customer of the size,the combination of special customization.

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bedside table

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bedroom furniture

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home furniture






rubber wood frame,MDF

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Q:Children's wardrobe what material security, which brand good point?
Attach importance to quality. For furniture materials and workmanship should be strictly required, materials must be green, to ensure that children live in a healthy environment; work should be fine, in order to ensure that furniture durable. Ensure safety.
Q:Do you use the eco board or the big core board for the wardrobe?
Blockboard, commonly known as large core board, wood core board, carpentry board, is composed of two pieces of veneer in the middle of glue pressure splicing boards. The total thickness of the double side adhesive plate allonge Blockboard not less than 3mm. All kinds of blockboard corner defects, within the nominal width of not more than 5mm, the length shall not be greater than 20mm. The middle wood board is made of high quality natural wood board and processed by heat treatment (that is drying room drying). It is processed into a certain specification wood bar, which is spliced by a splicing machine. Two pieces of high-quality veneers are covered on both sides of the spliced wooden board, and then pressed by the cold and hot press..
Q:Decoration cabinets and wardrobe, solid wood, multi - board or Blockboard good? What's the difference between the two prices? How about the plates in the picture? Price?
Do the materials as follows: moisture-proof plate (also called particleboard and wood particle board, MDF) (usually MDF, MDF / MDF, HDF is only used as a floor, who said his cabinet is made of high density board, it is fooled you) and blockboard (also called Daixinban), multilayer wood (or multi-layer solid wood board? Also known as plywood), solid wood finger board, solid wood board.Moistureproof board and MDF is best not to use, the cheapest, most durable, strength is the worst (MDF, and the strength is) not environmental protection (after all, want to use a lot of glue wood particles or wood fiber glued together).
Q:What is Optima's overall wardrobe?
Optima overall wardrobe quality advantage:, a brand -- first of all, Optima is a trusted brand. The more the whole wardrobe workshops on the market, uneven quality, environmental standards, rough work, and well-known brands must have advantages in technology, fine workmanship, perfect customer service service, and with the popularity of products in the price more reasonable.Two, pay attention to substrate - good cabinet selection of plates must comply with national standards for green environmental protection. Formaldehyde emissions to meet the European E1 standard, domestic Jilin forest industry, Lushuihe particleboard quality is good, environmental protection reliable. Pure plate veneer, its lines clear, wear-resistant, resistant to deformation.Three, pay attention to banding - General cabinet edge only 1mm thick, high-quality cabinets, 2mm sealing edge. Thick, small gap, sealed well, and plate requirements are six sides of the edge, so that people use beautiful, environmental protection more assured.Four, pay attention to hardware - optional disassembly and assembly is the biggest feature of the whole wardrobe, so the quality of the connection is the focus of the whole cabinet quality. At present, the market good overall wardrobe brand is equipped with pull the basket, pants rack, tie rack and rotating hanger, convenient fashion, beautiful and durable, is an indispensable part of the cabinet body; the key while the slide is smooth, push-pull freely is selected.
Q:Wardrobe depth
The whole wardrobe depth is generally 55 - 60CM; space is abundant, it is recommended to choose 60CM depth is good, does not appear to hang clothes and clothes cabinet or cabinet to the phenomenon.
Q:What about a bug in the closet?
Wash and dry. The wooden cabinet sub worms, can be on a sunny day, the wardrobe moved out to dry, brush or cotton dipped in oil painted again after two or three hours in the sunny drying besmear again, continue to dry, later see insects are dead in the hole, and then later washing powder or liquid detergent can be washed and dried.
Q:The height of the bedroom closet?
A floor of the house about 2.8 meters in height, top wardrobe is usually in 2m to about 2.2m (or according to height and top), wardrobe is 2.8m.
Q:What is the width of a house and the width of a house?
The coat hanging height of 140 cm is sufficient; through our practice, the long gown hanging height less than 140 cm, 130 cm long down jacket, suit storage is 120 centimeters long after bagging. Previously, the design version said that the height should be between 140 - 160 cm, I think it is best to do just the right thing, with the storage space is different, hanging space is too much to waste.
Q:What size is suitable for simplified wardrobe?
Bedroom, wardrobe, open style design is popular in recent years. The size of this wardrobe in general size is 2200*600*2200mm., these wardrobe sizes are generally more common, just to give you a choice of wardrobe when there is a size comparison. Specific depends on their own family space, as well as other circumstances, so as to choose their own wardrobe.
Q:What is the difference between wood board, fir board and melamine board? Which wardrobe is better?
This sheet has properties of wood board, but wood finger, not on the level, adhesive quantity is less, more environmentally friendly, wood plate itself very decorative, replacing two decoration costs, but need to brush varnish or magnetic paint. Higher cost.

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