Moderate temperature filling equipment

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Automatic have carton open form, bottom leaves sealed.

Folded grasping movement, automatic correct right angle, open the carton without any mistakes

Compact design, simple installment

Carton Supply device: suitable for different sizes, place the cartons in line and order

bottom sealed with Tape, clean, correct, light touch.

Supply chains are of SUS304, Oil-less, qualified GMP

Safety shield is made of carbon steel, aluminum alloy and engineering plastic, and meets the state standard.

Cap folding mechanism is made o f stainless steel with cylinder.

Carton pressing mechanism is made of macromolecule engineering plastic and chrome plated spring and          carbon steel with coated surface.

Cardboard is unfolded with the plate sucking device under the control cylinder.

Bottom folding of the carton is finished with folding mechanism under the control cylinder.

Bottle Dispenser System

Double four- bar linkage is equipped to make the bottles lifting, moving and falling, and also combine with pneumatic and electrical control to reach automatizaton.

Technical Parameter

intelligentize,PLC controller

one mechanical arm with four-bar linkage

machine dimension4000L*500W*1500H

main materialMain stands SUS




  The machine is widely used in beverage, beer, chemical, foods, and medicine industry for its the product with intelligence brain and technical integration.

  It Main adopts high speed dispenser device to packing varies contains, such as all in regular sharp bottles and irregular sharps, all glass bottles, cans, tins, bags, etc.

  By mechanical, pneumatic and electrical control operating the machine have bottles taken out from the bottle-conveying table and put into plastic crates exactly and reliably.

  Controlling system, frequency  controlled and speed adjustment, PLC controller, easy operation,

  Alert system runs while running out of bottles or cases,


Accord to the packing requirement, replace your products in lines and rows,
new appearance and compact composition
applicable for varies products

especially suit in packing line, easy to move.
computer control,easily operate, stably in use

applicable for bottle, box, bag, bucket packed products



a. Up flap been folded automatically, smooth and in order, sealing the carton in one time, with beautiful a appearance and save labor, widely used in automatic pack line system.

b. New design potent adhesiver, knife blade imported from Germany

c. Up-down belts driven, suitable for heavy duty operation, main transmission structure, High precision, Low noise, make the belts use in long time

d. Alert system while running out of tape

e. Around with examine and repairing doors, and E applicable switch, machine would be standby while safety door open.

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Q:What is the filling machine
so the oil filling machine in the filling machine status highligh
Q:Application purpose and value
For protection: heat exchangers, air compressors, nozzles, instruments, pump seals and so on.
Q:What is the price of the filling machine?
Tube, filling the fuselage inside and outside are made of stainless steel, corrosion-resistant and easy cleaning and disinfection, in line with national food machinery, food hygiene and requirements;
Q:The filter material is preconcentrated
Increase, in a very short period of time was forced to stop the filter, the media rinse regeneration.
Q:Water treatment household equipment
The following is a detailed analysis of the selection of soft water and pure water equipment:
Q:What is the purified water preparation system?
US Pharmacopoeia from the 19 version began to carry this method, for the preparation of water for injection one of the legal methods.
Q:Fresh water products on the market more complicated, should the water machine and water purifier distinction.
Pure water machine is the most important two components RO reverse osmosis and high pressure pump, RO reverse osmosis are imported, high pressure pump has two kinds of imported and domestic.
Q:What is the filter equipment used
For the liquid-solid phase separation technology in the classification of filtration equipment, the classification of more methods, and some according to the characteristics of the process points; some by the structural conditions to points; and some of the driving force in the operation to sub-points.
Q:Inner filter drum vacuum filter
It does not need the stirring device. The machine cost is low and can adapt to the change of feed concentration. If it is necessary to operate at high temperature
Q:Filling machine industry outlook
Filling machine in the food industry, beverage industry, the industry and other widely used.

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