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popular model sofa 9006



3.high quality&best price

popular model Sofa 9006



3.high quality&best price

sofa size:1200(W)*980(D)*420(H)mm/1500(W)*980(D)*420mm(H)

sofa bed size:1200(W)*1900(L)/1500(W)*1900(L)


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Q:How to clean and maintain the countertop
There are man-made stone, fireproof board, stainless steel, natural stone, log and other materials, different cabinet materials, different cabinet cleaning methods:1, artificial stone and stainless steel cabinets do not use hard 100 clean cloth, steel ball, chemical cleaning or steel brush to wash, with a soft towel, soft scouring cloth wiping with brightener cabinet or cupboard, otherwise it will cause scratches or erosion of cabinet cabinet.2, fireproof board material cabinet can use household cleaning agent, with nylon brush or nylon ball cleaning cabinet, and then use hot and humid cloth towel cleaning, and finally use dry cloth to wipe cabinet.3, natural stone cabinets table should use soft hundred clean cloth, can not use toluene cleaning agent, otherwise it is difficult to clear the flower white spot. When cleaning cabinets scale, can not use acid strong toilet powder, dilute hydrochloric acid, etc., otherwise it will damage the glazed cabinet, so that the cabinet lost luster.4, if the cabinet is log material, should first use billiards to clear the cabinet dust, and then dry cloth or stained log maintenance special lotion to wipe cabinets, don't use wet cloth and oil cleaner cleaning cabinet.5, washing basin or gas stove and so on mesa, should avoid knock or knock ambry, two ambry table board is connected place, should avoid the long immersion of water.
Q:What are the partitions of the western food kitchen?
If there is no room for laundry, it is better to set the area in a corner of the kitchen. Drying clothes with sunlight is good, but the houses in the city often lack space for airing clothes, and the clothes that are cluttered and dry are not beautiful. Wet and wet clothes are difficult to dry in the south, so it's necessary to use a clothes dryer, whether you live in the north or the south.
Q:Does the lampblack machine charge electricity?
No electricity. Just one motor, less than 100W
Q:What's the size of the cupboard? What is the height?
Cabinet table size minimum 200mm width, maximum not more than 600mm, floor door height 500mm to 700mm between, this depends on the height of the cabinet, skirting board height, and the height of the table top droop. The cabinet table size can be from 300mm to 1000mm wide, if it is 300mm to 700mm between the small drawer, you can use ordinary three day slide can, if it is 700mm to 1000mm such a large drawer, you need to use stealth slide or horse pulling.
Q:Mahogany furniture, kitchen cabinets for what color?
The mental function of color is formed by physiological reaction, thinking, reaction, mainly through association or imagination. The psychological reaction of color is often restricted by many factors, such as age, experience, personality, emotion, nationality, customs, region, environment, culture and so on. Different personality of the cabinet color, color psychological reaction is also different. Emotional people generally respond more strongly to color and love, and usually react explicitly to different colors. And rational people are different, more subtle response, and some even indifferent to color. Generally speaking, cheerful people like bright and bright colors or warm colors, while quiet people prefer neutral colors or cool colors. Therefore, choose kitchen cabinets color matching, but also to consider their own personality traits. Effect of kitchen color to the visual comfort is relatively large while some decoration is very luxurious, and even spent a lot of money, can give a person visual sense always feel uncomfortable, it is one of the important reasons is the spatial decorative color is not uniform, destroyed the color bring visual beauty, there is a patchwork the effect of. The design of color unified in the decoration to change, and even create some kind of style of role, will bring some kind of visual comfort and artistic enjoyment, let a person shine at the moment.
Q:What boards are used in the kitchen cabinet?
The utility model has the advantages that the ordinary base material and the moisture proof base material are soaked in water at the same time, and the expansion rate of the two hours is higher than that of the moisture-proof board. Moistureproof board has good moistureproof property, suit to do kitchen furniture and toilet furniture.The disadvantage is: moisture-proof board can not be used directly on furniture, decorative paper on the surface should be attached. The normal way is to dip the decorative paper in the melamine solution and then press it. So, we do moistureproof board furniture generally called melamine board, melamine is a non formaldehyde solution, is environmentally friendly, so go up not only will not cause 2 pollution, but will reduce the release of material inside, this method was widely recognized, mostly done. However, the surface treatment is also good or bad, because the melamine solution price is almost 10 times other gum, and many people in the solution into the gum, not very environmentally friendly.
Q:How do you choose the sideboard?
But according to the sea ocean beauty tea cabinet accessories production ten years of experience, the general sideboards are these so you can choose to put dishes, plastic drawer cabinets, drawers because the plastic waterproof and easy to clean.
Q:What's the difference between an integrated kitchen and a traditional kitchen, and how about a Fairui?
Integrated kitchen refers to the kitchen cabinet, electrical appliances, gas appliances, kitchen appliances, kitchen cabinets composed of four components. The kitchen and the operating table and kitchen appliances and various functional parts are organically combined together, and in accordance with the consumer's home kitchen structure, size, and the personalized needs of family members, the overall configuration, the overall design, the overall construction, and finally the formation of complete sets of products; the kitchen every operation procedure of overall coordination and scientific, and to create a good family atmosphere, deep breath of life.
Q:What is the size of the kitchen range?
Kitchen stove generally at about 80 cm height is more appropriate, whether it is from the beautiful above, or from the operational aspects are very appropriate. Such as the commercial electromagnetic oven, kitchen dedicated, are based on 80 cm to do the height of the table top.
Q:Could you tell me the width of the door panel?
Cabinet door, minimum 200mm width, maximum not exceeding 600mm, floor door height from 500mm to 700mm, this depends on the height of the cabinet, the height of the baseboard, and the height of the table top droop.
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