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Product Description:

  • Specifications:

    • Capacity: 4,500mAh

    • Features: fashionable design for the young style, small and exquisite with power indicator, LED flashlight and dual output

    • Products for smart phone and USB devices

    • Materials: ABS + PC + Li-ion battery

    • Colors: gray, pink, yellow, green, blue

    • Input: 5V DC/1.5A

    • Output: 5V DC/2A

    • Charging time: 4-5 hours

    • Lifespan: ≥ 500 times

    • Product size: 120*62.2*22.5mm

    • Net weight: 177g

  • Advantages:

    • Safety: it has multiple circuit protection systems, can avoid over charging, over-discharging, over-current, short-circuit

    • Popular: fashionable design, durable, colorful, portable, useful

    • High-capacity: can perform more charging cycles for most mobile devices

    • Good quality: all our products would be strictly tested before delivery

    • Environment-friendly: power efficiency >90%, more energy-efficient and environment-friendly

    • Convenient: charges your mobile phone anywhere, anytime

    • High-compatible: can charge for iPhone, iPad, smartphones, tablet PCs, digital cameras, MP3, MP4 players, PDA and more 4, 500mAh Mobile Power Charger, 5V DC/1.5A Input4, 500mAh Mobile Power Charger, 5V DC/1.5A Input4, 500mAh Mobile Power Charger, 5V DC/1.5A Input

FeatureFashionable design for the young style , small and exquisite with power indicator, LED flashlight and dual output
Products forsmart phone &USB devices
Material ABS+ PC +Li-ion Battery
ColorGray,pink ,yellow ,green ,blue
InputDC 5V/1.5A
OutputDC 5V/2A  DC 5V/2A
Charging Time4-5hours
LifeSpan>  500times
Product Size120*62.2*22.5mm
Net weight 177g

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