Mobile Power Bank for Smartphone with New Design

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Product Description:

Product Description

5200mAh mobile power bank for smartphone, tablet & digital device

Product Description:

1.Fits for: Mobile Phone, PDA, iPhone, PSP, MP3/MP4, digital camera etc.  
2.Internal battery type: Li-ion polymer  
3.Stocking temperature: -20C~ 48C  
4.Precise LED light power indication, slow flashing shows discharging status  
5.4 LED indicating the current capacity: 25% -50% -75% - 100%;  
6.LED Light, last for 420 hours  
7.5V/1A USB output with optional tips;  
8.In line with hardware testing standards  
9.Colorful shell, beautiful and stylish

10.Battery style: Lithium polymer batteries  
11.Capacity: 5200mAh  
12.Input: 5V, 1A(MAX)  
13.Output: 5V, 1A(MAX)  
14.Full charged Time: 3hours  
15.Battery Life>600 cycles  
16.Fittings: USB charging cable  
17.Size: 45x23x95mm  
18.Net weight: 119g
19.Color: Blue, Pink, Green, Orange, White
Certification: CE RoHS, FCC.


1. Li-ion polymer cell abandon the possibility of exploding  
2. Short-circuit protection  
3. Over-current protection  
4. Over-charging protection  
5. Closed to "0" self-discharging when step into deep dormancy  
6. Intelligent protection circuit, safe and reliable  
7. Intelligent switch design, effectively extending the battery life, energy saving and environmental protection

Accessories option:

A. Mini AC-DC adapter---can charge SD-5600A through power socket;  
B. USB cable (for both charging and discharging)--can charge SD-5600A through computer USB port;  
C. Output tips:   Micro USB tip

To product the mobile power bank as what is your requirement

1. Lithium polymer battery safety, over 500 times rechargeable, discharge capacity above 80%  
2. More Professional skills, original technology.  
3. Mobile Power Bank with your logo

Products show
5200mAh Mobile Power Bank for Smartphone (Guoguo-031)5200mAh Mobile Power Bank for Smartphone (Guoguo-031)5200mAh Mobile Power Bank for Smartphone (Guoguo-031)

What we can do

1.All of our products have proceeded aging test before shippment and we guarantee to use our products safety.

2.Support imprint your logo on products and let your shine anywhere.

3.OEM/ODM orders are warmly welcome.

Warranty and Return

1.All products have one year warranty.If there is no man-made problem,we will replace or repair for your freely.

2.We own the best after-sale service.If any problems happen,our team will do our best to solve for customers


1.Q: Are you a factory or trading company?

  A: We are manufacturer.

2.Q: Where is your factory located? How can I wisit there?

  A: Our factory located in Pinghu District of Shenzhen. Please let us know your location when you arrived in Shenzhen, then we will arrange car to pick you up accordingly. Warmly welcome to visit our factory!

3.Q: How can I get some samples?

  A: We are honored to offer you samples.

4.Q: How does your factory do regarding quality control?

  A: Quality is the priority. We always attach great importance to quality controlling from the start to the end. Our factory has gained CE, FCC, ROHS certification.

Battery style: Lithium batteries
Capacity: 3600mAh / 4000mAh / 4400mAh / 5200mAh
Input: 5V, 1A(MAX)  
Output:  5V, 1A(MAX)                                                          
charged Time:5-6 hours    
Battery Life>600 cycles  
Fittings:USB charging cable
Item Size: 42 x 20 x 92mm  
Item N.W:119g
Certification: CE.RoHS.FCC.
color:Orange / White / Blue / Green  

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