Mirror Polished Fuel Surge Tank for 1L/2L/2.5L/4L/5L

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a.Material: aluminum

b.With hose fittings and oil line

c.1L/2L/2.5L/4L/5L for your choice


Customized design available

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Packaging Details:negotiated exporting packings

Delivery Detail:30-35days

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Q:Why don't they use waste aluminum to generate hydrogen for fuel cells?
What in the heck is Waste Aluminum?? Most Aluminum is recylcable, and it requires ALOT of energy to produce it.
Q:Hydrogen fuel cells have been considered an alternative for a clean source of energy. In a fuel cell, hydrogen?
use perhaps the Riemann's dzeta function
Q:Confirm the statement that oxidation of 1.0 L of methanol to form CO2(g) and H20(l) in a fuel cell will?
There is a missing number: you need the heat of combustion of methanol, which is about 80,000 BTU per gallon. If you convert this to metric units, and assume (because of the reference to the fuel cell) that all the heat is transformed into electricity, you can determine the amount of electricity created. The gotcha is that fuel cells are pretty much limited to hydrogen at present; if they could burn methanol or ethanol (or better yet, alkanes such as gasoline), it would be better as any of these fuels are much more easily handled than is hydrogen.
Q:Just wondering And I had a Few Questions about Fuel Cell Technology??! PLEASE ANSWER! (:?
a fuel cell is basically a tank of water and electricity is generated by spliting the hydrogen and oxygen atoms in the water molecules it has potential but i dont think it will become a domintating energy source becasue water has to be refilled so its range is limited and its very heavy which also limits its use the weight of it is a big issue im sure its very expensive altho i cant find facts on how much it costs not right now its in very limited use becaue of the weight and the cost to make it it couldnt power the world on its own i think it will help with energy issues but i dont think it will dominate the energy field
Q:Hydrogen Fuel Cell - getting oxygen?
Well, generally speaking, a hydrogen fuel cell (HFC) is used to burn hydrogen, combining it with oxygen to produce electrical power (watts) and water (waste product). The process doesn't really need to be selective in the sense of filtering. Rather it depends on the chemical reactivity of the oxygen. As the oxygen comes in contact with the hydrogen via the PEM (proton exchange membrane), the reaction becomes more a matter of surface area. The more oxygen available, the faster the reation can occur, but other gases in the air are generally unable to react in any manner. Most of the air you breath is made up of Nitrogen, and this does not burn very well. Other rare gases, such as Argon, Xenon, Neon, etcetera, are either Nobel Gases (unreactive), or are simply not as easy to react with as Oxygen is! And because of the miscibility of the gases (they tend to be equally distributed, rather than forming pockets or clusters of isolated gases), the oxygen is readily available. :)
Q:Would a 16 gallon fuel cell be alright in a hot rod? How do they work?
16 Gallon Fuel Cell
Q:which of the following is true about fuel cells?
a they are expensive to make, can produce a continual supply of energy as long as they have a supply of fuel and oxidant and they are used in some vehicles.
Q:How do a mechanical engineer involve in fuel cell development?
I would assume that would be the mech eng. part since mech eng. do take a course on material properties and fluid dynamics.
Q:Question about fuel cells?
answer: d. need continuous supplies of reactants Fuel cells are different than batteries. Fuel cells aren't recharged. They convert gases into electricity and do so at a membrane interface. They can be used to power cars since they can run off of air as an oxidizer and hydrogen gas as a fuel to be converted to electricity. It does not create electrons , it simply gathers the electrons from the chemical reaction of the fuel and the oxidizer and makes them do work. So D is the only correct answer. If you shut off the air or the hydrogen, the fuel cell stops producing electricity immediately.
Q:Hydrogen/Oxygen Fuel Cells, why are they not used to power automobiles?
Because there are no hydrogen stations to fuel them. As well there are no natural sources of hydrogen on earth. Therefore we have to make hydrogen. There are two ways to make hydrogen. Electrolytic cracking. This uses a lot of electricity and is less efficient than burning oil. Cracking of Natural gas - This method wastes all the carbon in the gas and is way less efficient than burning the natural gas directly.
To impact our industry, our society and our planet with our greatest effort to develop green technology, PEARL commits efforts to being a low-cost solution expert in the hydrogen energy industry. PEARL hopes to cooperate with men of insight to promote the development of hydrogen energy economy and to bring you a zero-emission environment and a bright future.

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Location Shanghai,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2006
Annual Output Value US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million
Main Markets North America; Southeast Asia; Western Europe
Company Certifications CE Certificate; ISO9001:2008

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Export Percentage 61% - 70%
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