Minix NEO X5 Android Tv Box Dual Core 1G RAM Bluetooth RJ45 HDMI

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Product Description:Minix NEO X5 Android Tv Box Custom Configured With XBMC And Over 200 ADD-ONS Lifetime Support Dual Core 1G RAM Bluetooth RJ45 HDMI Specification - OS: Android 4.2.2 - Processor: Dual-Core RK3066 Cortex A9; GPU: Quad-Core Mali-400MP4 - ROM: 8GB NAND Flash; RAM: 1GB DDR3 (Please notice that Android system, other files and preinstalled apps will take some space.) - Wireless Connectivity: 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi - Video Output: HDMITM 1.4a, Full HD 1080p - Audio Output: HDMITM 1.4a, Optical S/PDIF - Video Format Supported: AVI/RM/RMVB/MKV/WMV/MOV/MP4/WEBM/DAT(VCD format)/VOB(DVD format)/MPEG/MPG/FLV/ASF/TS/TP/3GP... - Audio Format Supported: WMA/WMV/APE/OGG/FLAC/AAC/etc - Certifications: CE, FCC, CCC - P/I port: RJ-45 Ethernet jack (10/00Mbps) Supports hotspot sharing via Wi-Fi; SD/MMC card reader (SD 3.0, MMC V4.41); USB 2.0 port x 2; SPDIF jack x 1 Package Includes - 1 X MiniX NEO X5 mini - 1 X hdmi cable; 1 X charger; 1 X micro usb cable; 1 X ir remote contral - 1 X user manual

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Q:How do laptops connect to the 5:1 home theater?
What is the interface of your computer's audio and video output, what interfaces are the audio and video inputs of the power amplifier, and what lines are used according to the interface of the two, and whether the converter is needed?.Your sound card if you do not support 5.1, buy an innovative external, about 500.
Q:Which is more useful, home, home, music system and home theater?
Family background music:It can wiring in many rooms, each room control panel, the operating system can be independent and flexible, let the music of radiation to the entire Home Furnishing space, the maximum break the space constraints.The background music such as the undercurrent, gently flowing in each room, to provide a relaxed, pleasant and beautiful music environment, meet the love of music, the pursuit of high-quality life needs of people.But its main function is to enjoy leisure, music will be integrated into Home Furnishing life, providing a quiet and warm atmosphere of life.The intelligent degree is better, the control room independent sound source and sound, do not interfere with each other, more personalized, to meet the different needs of the family of music.If the source is rich, can output DVD, satellite TV, radio, computer, MP3, and other sources, to meet the needs of a variety of music family.The rapid rise of the new concept of product, is a part of the modern decoration, reflect fashionable life, highlight the noble identity.The high usage rate, almost every day use.The family background music system, the biggest limit, breaks the space limitations that can radiate throughout the home. IBA intelligent background music system.
Q:Is millet home theater 5.1 channel?
A system that can connect 6 speakers. The 5.1 channel has been widely used in all kinds of traditional cinema and home theater, some of the more well-known voice recording format, such as Dolby AC-3 (Dolby Digital) and DTS are the 5.1 sound system as a technical blueprint, including "0.1" channel, is a specially designed super bass sound channel, this channel can produce a frequency range of 20 ~ 120Hz super bass.
Q:What are the factors that affect young couples buying a home theater?
Four. Encourage young couples to buy a home theater because music is too important for the growth of children, the HD Audio theater system more than 30000 yuan, the voice can also be very good; because if you can sneak down to see the film, you will find it is a rare the Peach Garden, it will make you drunk; because... Thanks to the great popularity of the big screen projection home theater, you will appreciate it very much when you listen to me. Happy young couples!
Q:How about the Bose home theater stereo? How about the BOSE stereo?
The Bose Lifestyle 535, 3w5, licensed just enough, Hong Kong can save 10 thousand. As long as you don't think that a few Bose to treasure "not enough air" to start it, never regret ~ can you feel to spend the same money can buy function and other aspects better, this I have to admit, however, the speaker and amplifier is a problem, my advice is to do the show.
Q:About the establishment of 5.1 home theater system, please come in, thank you!
3: notebook does not have 5.1 sound to connect the output interface to do??: notebook does not have 5. 1 output, you can consider buying an external sound card. HDMI's English full name is "High Definition Multimedia", which means high definition multimedia interface in chinese. HDMI interface can provide data transmission bandwidth of up to 5Gbps, which can transmit uncompressed audio signals and high resolution video signals. At the same time, there is no need to perform digital / analog or analog to digital conversion before signal transmission, which ensures the highest quality video and audio transmission. The application of the benefits of HDMI is that it only takes one HDMI line, it can transmit video signals at the same time, unlike now needs a plurality of wires to connect; at the same time, due to the wireless analog / digital or analog / digital conversion, audio and video transmission can achieve higher quality. For consumers, HDMI technology not only provides a clear picture quality, but also because of audio / video using the same cable, greatly simplifies the installation of the home theater system.
Q:Pentium home theater 5.1 channel Cara OK effect is good?
5.1 and 7.1 in the effect of the gap is not large, but also to build around the 7.1 system, the impact on indoor furniture placement is relatively large, so the average family users do not recommend the implementation of 7.1 systems.
Q:Dolby and Blu ray in the home theater, why do you want to buy a home theater on these two conditions?
The Dolby surround system is essential, and the Dolby surround supports the 5.1 home theater systemPHILPS HTS5540 has these two technologies
Q:BNTN Pentium / Fashion 1, 5.1, audio home theater / stereo speaker set / landing box, where some sell
3. speakers should have sufficient unit size, volume and power carrying capacity.As far as the traditional loudspeaker box is concerned, the effect is very important to the size of the loudspeaker unit and the volume of the case.As the main speaker of a home theater system, take most of the background music and sound field in front of the "minimum reduction, not in the bass unit" double size below 5 inches, or 6 inches, the material should be of wood, power is not lower than 80W, the small column metal material like ordinary appliance stores the common small satellites, if there is no background subwoofer speaker independent, it is not pleasant to the ear.The speakers mainly undertake voice dialogue and the front part of the sound signal, "bass unit size not less than double 5 inches, power is not lower than 80W, otherwise it will not be able to enjoy throughout the film full of true voice dialogue.Surround speakers is mainly responsible for the field behind the signal reduction, the bass unit size can not be lower than the single 5 inches, the same power of not less than 80W, otherwise it will cause the sound field and out of touch, not coherent, and behind the large dynamic signal distortion reduction.4. generation audio power amplifierThe next generation of audio power amplifier, that is, with HDMI1.3A interface, support DTSHD, MasterAudio, Dolby, THueHD and other lossless coding format signal power amplifier. The next generation of audio encoding format is now multi-channel audio standard format, with 100% characteristics of lossless, bit rate up to 18Mbps, if you do not support the next generation of audio amplifier if you are unable to play the multi-channel audio format.According to the sound system collocation above four points up to achieve the basic effect of home theater, with the cheapest configuration of the basic requirement of about 7 thousand yuan, this should be a standard home theater sound system the lowest budget line.
Q:Want to buy a home theater equipment, you can design a program
Android intelligent mobile phone and tablet computer, as long as a key to achieve theater, music, games and other various scenarios and quick access control mode switch, to save the single manual control of every video equipment and environmental control equipment switch and adjust the time, let the viewer directly to entertainment content and want to in the most intelligent and quick entertainment wayWant to buy Home Furnishing intelligent home theater system can contact intelligent Home Furnishing company, put forward their own needs, they will give you a variety of detailed plan, and in their acceptable price range configuration of the highest price of the program.
we are a high-tech enterprise with main products of TV BOXs. We focus on R&D to build our core value and production system and supply chain, to bring advantages of cost control. We have a professional and responsible team to offer instant service.Our service covers from wholesale to ODM and OEM for Smart TV BOX and provides multi-aspect customization devices for Entertaiment.

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