Mining Submersible Pump

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Mining Submersible Pump

QKD series Mining submersible pump

This kind of pump has the same parameters with that of QJ deep well submersible pump. after the technical modification of the company, to meet the actualneeds of industrial and mining environment, the specific structure to disclose; downdraft submersible pump, the biggest advantage is that it can lower the surface water discharge, stable performance, convenient installation.

Low suction mine submersible pump can be vertical, horizontal, use, better adapt to the mineunder complex environment; the traditional QJ series horizontal submersible pumps for, to mine under the water can not be discharged clean, not easy to work underground, new minesubmersible pump, mine water discharge can be higher than that of 0.01M well; Tianjin Aote pump is a manufacturing, R & D, innovation, sales in one of the modern enterprise, our company can be customized to adapt to different environment of mine submersible pump, there are special requirements please inform!

QKD series new mining submersible pump, applicable to the extraction of groundwater from deep well, mine, and can be used for gold, silver, iron ore, coal,construction site drainage emergency use. (flow per hour can reach 650 tons, lift of 1500 meters)

Low suction type submersible pump characteristics:

1, motor, pump body, into the water to run, no Mars, explosion-proof, safe and reliable.

2, the well pipe has no special requirements to the water pipe, as long as can bear the pressure can.

3, the installation is simple and convenient to use and maintenance, small occupation area,without the construction of pumping stations.

4, has the advantages of simple structure, raw material saving.

5, high efficiency, energy saving, single stage high lift, large flow, high lift, high efficiency and energy saving motor imported from Germany, such as: AT200QJ series submersible motor can be achieved 110KW (diameter is 184mm), the 2 levels of speed (2900/ minutes) can be done 410KW, minimum diameter can be done 134mm pump.

The use of the environment and requirement;

1, the power frequency 50Hz, rated voltage of 380V or 440V, 550V, 660V, 3KV, 6KV, 1140V or high pressure (tolerance + -5%) of the three-phase AC power supply.

2, the general non corrosive water.

3, solid content (by mass) of not more than 0.01%.

4, pumping liquid acid called pH value is 6.5-8.5.

5, the chlorine content of not more than 400mg/L.

6, the hydrogen sulfide content is not more than 1.5mg/L

7, the transmission medium temperature does not exceed 20 degrees.

8, the water inlet of the water pump must be in dynamic water level below LM, but the divingdepth of no more than the static water level to 70m, the electric pump at the lower end of off bottom water depth of at least lm.

Special lift, flow rate, voltage submersible pump: - flow range: 150m3/h ~ 2200 m3/h; - lift range: 100 ~ 1700m; - Power: 55kW~4000kW; - voltage: 380V, 660V, 1140V, 3kV, 6kV, 10kV.

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Q:On demand water pump?
RV section is probably under cars and transportation, others. On demand pumps are quite common and used in many RV's.
Q:how do you change the water pump on a 96 3.5l dodge intrepid?
in time is correct....but if you are really good you don't need to pull of the balancer....although not recomened you can fold the belt behind it if you need to but the proper way is to take it off.....hay desperate times call for despirate measures!!!! the way you might want to replace the timing belt idler pulley as well....cause at about 190,000 the bearing will seize
Q:Are submersible water pumps silent?
This type of pump is designed to run under water and when submerged will make little noise.
Q:Where is the water pump located on a 2002 Mercury Cougar?
Leave the water pump alone! It sounds to me like your gauge is malfunctioning. Every so often an electrical gauge will fail and give strange readings. It could either be the sensor that reads your coolant temp or the gauge body itself. Your car cannot go from overheating to fine while stationary at a red light. Take it to a shop (that specializes in electrical, they're out there) and tell them the temp gauge is acting wacky. If you INSIST to know the location of your water pump...should be on the passenger side of the car mounted to the engine. It's either driven by an accessory belt or the timing belt, I can't remember at the moment. Here's a trick also. Water pumps are designed to leak when they fail. See if you can find coolant spilling out of anywhere a few ounces at a time. Good luck!
Q:What does water flow mean?
The amount of water delivered by the pump during the unit time, that is, the flow of the pump. Generally, there are three kinds of time units, namely, seconds, minutes and hours. In our country, the unit of flow adopts the international metric units, liters, milliliters, cubic, thousand cubic meters, etc., and different units are used according to different usage environments.
Q:Replace water pump in a 1999 mitsubishi eclipse gs?
1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX New Estimate » Near zip 92010 Estimated price range for your repair $535 - $841 Estimate Includes: Labor: $442 - $564 Parts: $93 - $277 Coolant 2 Hose Clamps Water Pump Water Pump Gasket Estimates exclude applicable taxes, diagnostic charges, disposal fees, and miscellaneous expenses. About this Repair: Water Pump Replacement for your 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX Best Practices When replacing the water pump, the drive belts may need to be removed. The belts should be replaced if they show signs of wear. The entire cooling system—including all the coolant hoses and fittings, radiator, coolant fan(s), and fan clutch (if equipped)—should be inspected when replacing the water pump. To help prevent future issues, we recommend replacing the thermostat when the cooling system has been opened for repairs (e.g. water pump or radiator replacement) or during a system flush. Common Symptoms Water pumps require replacement if they begin to leak coolant or become noisy. Leaking water pumps can result in damage to the drive and timing belts. A failed water pump can be caused be problems in the cooling system, such as a failing thermostat, radiator, or head gaskets. » Learn more about Water Pump Replacement
Q:what is a submersible well pump?
A submersible slides down into a 4 inch or larger well. It is dropped down below the water level so it pushes the water up the pipe. The other way is to have a pump on top of the well pipe. Submersibles are far more dependable and pump a larger volume of water.
Q:Is it illegal to produce aluminium submersible pumps?
When buying, if you ask for a copper wire or a wire, and don't answer you, it's against the principle of good faith. On the contrary, if you did not ask to buy the water pump with aluminum core, then there is no violation. Because the country does not have any laws and regulations prohibiting the production of aluminum core wire motor, naturally there is no aluminum wire motor as a fake and shoddy products, there is no pre notice obligations.In fact, the aluminum core motor is good, and the price is low, especially in the dry environment of small and medium-sized motors, with good performance. Only used in submersible pumps, because aluminum is easier to damp than copper wire, due to bacteria and other corrosion, and its life is sometimes less than copper wire. But the water pump, aluminum often needs to rewind coil, because of a small submersible pump motor is not good around general scrap.
Q:Does this sound like water pump noise?
Its possible go find yourself a four foot piece of hose and put it right on top of the water pump with the car running and stick your ear to the other end. you will hear the bearing if its going bad, it could also be the alternator, but, if you have a Serpentine belt odds are its the belt tension er and this thing goes bad often. If it has a belt tension er, may as well replace the belt too. good luck
Q:what r the signs water pump is going out on 2000 ford focus zx3 2.0l zetec dohc? thanx in advance.?
ummm please make sure you have proper coolant and not just water in your rad

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