Mining Submersible Pump

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Mining Submersible Pump

QKD series Mining submersible pump

This kind of pump has the same parameters with that of QJ deep well submersible pump. after the technical modification of the company, to meet the actualneeds of industrial and mining environment, the specific structure to disclose; downdraft submersible pump, the biggest advantage is that it can lower the surface water discharge, stable performance, convenient installation.

Low suction mine submersible pump can be vertical, horizontal, use, better adapt to the mineunder complex environment; the traditional QJ series horizontal submersible pumps for, to mine under the water can not be discharged clean, not easy to work underground, new minesubmersible pump, mine water discharge can be higher than that of 0.01M well; Tianjin Aote pump is a manufacturing, R & D, innovation, sales in one of the modern enterprise, our company can be customized to adapt to different environment of mine submersible pump, there are special requirements please inform!

QKD series new mining submersible pump, applicable to the extraction of groundwater from deep well, mine, and can be used for gold, silver, iron ore, coal,construction site drainage emergency use. (flow per hour can reach 650 tons, lift of 1500 meters)

Low suction type submersible pump characteristics:

1, motor, pump body, into the water to run, no Mars, explosion-proof, safe and reliable.

2, the well pipe has no special requirements to the water pipe, as long as can bear the pressure can.

3, the installation is simple and convenient to use and maintenance, small occupation area,without the construction of pumping stations.

4, has the advantages of simple structure, raw material saving.

5, high efficiency, energy saving, single stage high lift, large flow, high lift, high efficiency and energy saving motor imported from Germany, such as: AT200QJ series submersible motor can be achieved 110KW (diameter is 184mm), the 2 levels of speed (2900/ minutes) can be done 410KW, minimum diameter can be done 134mm pump.

The use of the environment and requirement;

1, the power frequency 50Hz, rated voltage of 380V or 440V, 550V, 660V, 3KV, 6KV, 1140V or high pressure (tolerance + -5%) of the three-phase AC power supply.

2, the general non corrosive water.

3, solid content (by mass) of not more than 0.01%.

4, pumping liquid acid called pH value is 6.5-8.5.

5, the chlorine content of not more than 400mg/L.

6, the hydrogen sulfide content is not more than 1.5mg/L

7, the transmission medium temperature does not exceed 20 degrees.

8, the water inlet of the water pump must be in dynamic water level below LM, but the divingdepth of no more than the static water level to 70m, the electric pump at the lower end of off bottom water depth of at least lm.

Special lift, flow rate, voltage submersible pump: - flow range: 150m3/h ~ 2200 m3/h; - lift range: 100 ~ 1700m; - Power: 55kW~4000kW; - voltage: 380V, 660V, 1140V, 3kV, 6kV, 10kV.

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Q:What is the reason for the overload of the water pump indicator?
Hello friend, pump overload shows that the water pump current increases, the power supply phase and water pump load becomes larger.
Q:Why does the water pump leak?
The sealing ring is invalid
Q:Pump performance parameters have three sets of data, how to understand the flow, lift, flow speed
Mainly expressed the ability of the pump, mainly as a basis for selecting the pump users.Lift represents the performance of the pump to boost water pressure. Such as the pump head H=38 meters, that the pump outlet pressure normal to 0.38MPa.The flow rate represents the water supply capacity of the pump. Such as 100 m3/h. The general flow pump design, and the corresponding flow, little significance.
Q:Why should the water inlet of water pump be fitted with reducer?
Increasing the pipe diameter can reduce the resistance loss along the path and reduce the suction vacuum of the pump! Before the inlet of the pump is a big diameter, when you reach the suction port, and the pump inlet diameter to be consistent, so the use of reducer joints!
Q:How to introduce water pump?
First, to explain the basic parameters, such as pump flow, head, motor power, efficiency, outlet diameter, single-stage pump or multi-stage pump, fixed pump or submersible pump, water pump or sewage pump, deep well pump, self suction pump etc..
Q:Why does the water pump in the tank pull out the power supply and then plug it in?
Unplug the power, pump into the water, exhaust air, and then connected to the power supply
Q:What is the difference between a low pressure pump and a high pressure pump?
High pressure pump head, large power! High pressure pump, low pressure pump has no strict limit
Q:22KW pump motor direct start circuit breaker and contactor size? Concrete calculation method
22KW the water pump motor is 380V. 22KW rated current is about 44A, 10 square copper wire is enough, the motor will often start off ah, if it is not available for DZ108-63 50A, CJX2-50 50A contactor is 380V.Pump motor (pump motor) according to the structure classification, should be divided into horizontal motor and vertical motor. Because of the work characteristics of pump starting torque is relatively small, the starting frequency is relatively small, relatively long time continuous operation and other characteristics, so the majority of pump motor asynchronous motor cage rotor or synchronous motor.The pump motor should be selected according to the selection of shaft power; motor shaft power power is greater than one level; for example: axle power is 15KW, select the motor should be: 18.5KW for motor with very few, according to the actual working conditions. 2 pole motor is generally used in the head of micro height, flow is not large (calculation is more complicated). Large flow, small lift occasions can choose 4 pole motor. Super large flow, lower head select 4 or 6 pole motor, when choose six pole motor, power can be reduced according to the shaft power of a grade.
Q:The water burst how to repair?
The general water burst positions for the pump body, pump cover, if not very serious welding can be used to trap, at which point the attention electrode material, most of the water pump are cast iron, so the welding difficulty is not small.If it has become deformed or has split into parts, replace it.
Q:How do you do the yellow water from the suction pump?.
The pump is iron, must be able to avoid the internal rust, and if replaced by stainless steel, no problem.There is also a way to add a filter or water purifier at the front of the pump to make it a little better.

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