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Product Description:

1.H.S code:2530102000


2.Size:0.3-8mm 20-325mesh


3.Technique:raw and expanded


4.Golden or silver color





*Chemical formula M g × (H2O) [Mg3 × (AlSiO3O10) (H2O)]


*Technique :raw vermiculite ,expanded vermiculite


*H.S code of raw vermiculite:2530102000


*H.S code of expanded vermiculite :6806200000 


*Color :silver vermiculite ,golden vermiculite


*Our vermiculite product:raw vermiculite ,exfoliated vermiculite ,vermiculite powder,vermiculite board


*Vermiculite features :Non-asbestos  ,water preservation,corrosion-resistant, well-ventilation, poisonless, odorless, low


*Size :20-40mesh 0.3-1mm 1-2 mm 2-4 mm 3-6 mm 4-8 mm ,sepecial size we can do as customer's demands






































1>.Construction :lightwight material ,light aggregate concrete ,heat-resisting material,wall material,bora firproofing ,fire mortar,fireproofing tile

2>.Heat preservation and insulation:sound-absorbing material,surken pipe ,greenhouse pipe ,heat preservation material ,in-built material indoor and tunnel ,wall of public and ceiling

3>.Metallurgy :clad material in steel,ironmaking ,foundry,bulk material of vermiculite

4>.Horticulture :lawn of golf,seed preservation agent,soil conditioner ,wetting agent,plant growth substance,feed additive

5>.Fishing industry of ocean :bait

6>.Others :adsorbent ,filter aid,active carrier of chemicals and fertilizer,sewage disposal,oil adsorption of oceanmcigarette filters,regulate density od explosive

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Q:Concrete floor, cement mortar wall off the sand, what material can be handled?
Concrete-like sand from the concrete floor of the workshop, plant or outdoor concrete floor in the use of a period of time will appear the following questions: 1: ground sand for a variety of reasons: Cement label is not enough, the sand is too small with too much soil, ingredients when the water-cement ratio is too large, sprinkler maintenance is not timely and so are likely to cause the ground from the sand
Q:Registered business companies want to operate coal stone and other mineral resources, such as steel building materials can not? Filled the scope of business is not the bigger the better?
000 square meters, coal retail business enterprises have not less than 1500 square meters of coal storage sites and steel can not just write In fact, you can be classified as steel materials, building materials, this does not require approval Sales of food, medical equipment, non-ferrous metals, tobacco and alcohol, cosmetics and so on need the relevant departments to approve the business sector was allowed to apply for the following do not need to sell clothing shoes and hats, arts and crafts, sporting goods, sales of building materials, Wujinjiaodian, health Sanitary ware, insulation materials, daily sundries
Q:Sand, stone, cement inspection group on behalf of a number of raw materials, respectively How many groups are they sent?
Bagged cement 200T batch, bulk cement 500T batch, send the number of laboratory testing can be used, no specific requirements, you carry a half bag to OK. Gravel with the same burden set to cut the amount of irrigation shop junk batch regardless of the number of only once
Q:1m³ M10 slurry block stone retaining wall how many mortar, sand and cement how much the proportion of each?
339 square M10 mortar (based on: construction budget fixed, fixed amount of the same, adjust the mortar strength level) 1m³M10 mortar, sand and cement how much the proportion (based on: "masonry mortar with the design rules" JGJ / T98-2010) We use the cement strength grade of 325 (M10 cement consumption 260 ~ 290 kg / m³); sand moisture content <05%, sand Of the bulk density value: 1450 kg / m³; according to the problem of water consumption into the proportion of type 1: cement: mortar: water consumption 260:1450:300 per cubic meter of cement mortar with the ratio is: 1: 558: 115 cement: mortar: the amount of cement mortar with the ratio: Water consumption 290:1450:300 per cubic meter of cement mortar mix ratio is: 1: 5: 103 so each cubic meter of cement mortar mix ratio, cement and sand ratio between 1: 5 ~ 1: 558 But asked: sand and cement how much the proportion of each? Meaning to sand as the base: 1 Then between 0179: 1 and 02: 1 If required, 0339 cubic meters, sand with the proportion of the number of cement? N, 1450 × 0339 = 49155; 260 × 0339 = 8814; 290 × 0339 = 318814 ÷ 49155 = 0 also 0179: 1; 31 ÷ 49155 = 0 also 02: 1
Q:Iron ore waste rock can do building materials? You said SiO2 content of more than 65%, that is less than 65% sulfur can be used? Thank you!
5%, SO3 <4%; 2) Mica impurities ≤ 2%
Q:What is the difference between the aerated concrete block and the fly ash concrete block?
Autoclaved aerated concrete blocks are collectively referred to as some, called aerated blocks, aerated bricks, foam bricks, lightweight bricks. Divided into autoclaved (sand) aerated concrete block and autoclaved (gray) aerated concrete block two. Autoclaved (sand) aerated concrete block, referred to as sand plus gas block or sand plus gas. Autoclaved (ash) aerated mix of auxiliary escape escape to drink moth barrels of concrete blocks, referred to as gray aerated block or gray plus gas. Yongbang New Building Materials Co., Ltd. to provide advice.
Q:There are several kinds of raw materials in mortar. Which friend can tell me and recipe
Breathing components can be selected rosin heat polymer, alkyl sulfonate, fatty alcohol sodium sulfate; thickening components can choose cellulose, propylene and so on
Q:A concrete test sample after adjustment, the amount of various materials were cement 3.1kg, water 1.86kg, sand 6.24kg, gravel 12.4kg.
. Calculate the compounding ratio: 3.1 + 1.86 + 6.24 + 12.4 = 23.6 cement = (3.1 / 23.6) x 2450 = 322 water = (1.86 / 23.6) x 2450 = 193 sand = (6.24 / 23.6) x 2450 = 648 stone = (12.4 / 23.6) × 2450 =, construction with the attackers to play the trickle than the amount of cement than the amount of cement = 322 sand = 322 × (1 + 2.5%) = 330 stone = 1287 × (1 + 0.5%) = 1293 Water = 193- (330-322) - (1293-1287) = 179 Unit: kg / m³
Q:Will the master magnetic ring and coral sand filter material can be used to replace how long
Asked: Some people say that boiled with boiling water can use ah, is it? Answer: No, is to be cleaned and disinfected, generally only repeated use of 3 to 5 times, especially coral sand
Q:Absolutely not upstairs to say that the quality of these two kinds of sand is completely different
High temperature resistant materials include refractory and heat resistant materials, inorganic compounds, and polymer materials
Our company has quite a wide range of business scope, mainly including mica, vermiculite, quartz, carborundum, colored sand, kaolin, medical stone, tourmaline, cobble stone, and marble etc. In addition to selling products well in domestic big cities, our products such as vermiculite and mica also sell well in Japan, Korea, America, India, Russia and other international markets. We are honored by users at home and abroad for the high quality products and rich supply of goods in time.

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