Mining Machine Cable for 0.66/1.14KV and below

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  Applications: The product is one of the rubber flexible cable series for mining.apply for power connection wire of mining machine and other analogous equipment whose AC rated voltage is no more than 0.66/1.14KV.    Working Conditions : Temperature of the core for long time use is no more than 65℃,the minimum radius of bend is as 6 times as diameter of the cable.Yellow jacket cable must not be exposed working in the sunshine for a long time.Type and DescriptionTypeDescriptionApplicationsUC-0.38/0.66mining machine rubber sheathed, flexible cableRated voltage 0.38/0.66KV  mining machine and equipment of power supply connectionUCP-0.38/0.66mining machine rubber sheathed ,shielded,flexible cableRated voltage 0.38/0.66KV mining machine and  equipment of power supply connectionUCP-0.66/1.14mining machine rubber sheathed ,shielded,flexible cableRated voltage 0.66/1.14KV mining machine and equipment to power supply connection

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Q:What is the difference between data cables and power cables?
Power cable supply power to the device, so its charging speed is greater than while charging it with data cable
Q:What is the installation specification for the cable tray bracket?
In accordance with the requirements of the general requirements of the installation of the switch installation height is 1300mm, the socket is 300mm, air conditioning socket is 1800 ~ 2200mm; wall in accordance with the norms is not allowed to take the horizontal pipeline, so the conventional approach is vertical inside the floor of the pipe is near run.
Q:Where can I find a power cable for the eMachines monitor .. model 900W?
Check at Office Depot and Best Buy.
Q:what size fuse should i put in my in line power cable?
HM. that alot of wattage i would try 2 100w fuses
USB can deliver a small amount of current to a connected device but the battery for you camera needs much more than what would be available to recharge it.
Q:sata power input?
No, there is a separate power cable for SATA devices - the same as PATA devices. Interestingly enough, the SATA cable is 7 pins, and the power cable is 15 pins!
Q:Power cables for a CCTV system?
Extend them yourself
Q:Splitting a power cable?
What sort of power cable? If it is mains or an automotive power outlet, you can get splitters for those.
Q:PC works after unplugging and plugging motherboard power cables. Why?
nicely it relies upon, feels like a heating concern... Your power furnish ought to have a fan on it, seem and hear be sure that is going, using fact it sounds like it is no longer, if thats the case you will the two ought to do some extremely tedius artwork removing the ability furnish and replaceing the fan, or purchase a sparkling one... yet once you particular the psu you examined it with works and the pc nevertheless didnt boot, nicely then it must be greater, be sure all followers and what no longer come on and attempt it
Q:ps3 problem , could it be the main power cable ?
Could be your household voltage is blowing the Motherboard try getting a low voltage transformer it plugs into the socket and lowers the voltage because most household voltages are set to a specific Watt so it can run big things like T.V's Microwaves etc. I see you are in the US so it rules out the possibility of a broken fuse. When it cuts out do any of the trip switches trip on the main electric panel? If so then your only option is to buy a transformer. I would ask the shop where you take it first though. Hope I helped

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