Mining Explosion Proof LED Roadway Lights

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Item specifice:

Raw Material: High quality Die-casting Aluminum, Tempered glass, Stainless steel bolts Weight: 3kgs Light Size: 237x210x159mm
Light source: Puri

Product Description:

Explosion proof, water proof, dust proof. 

LED cold solid light source, power saving, high brightness, maintenance-free, green and environmental protection


Be applicable to the explosive luminous environment like roadway, chamber in the coal mine, and the flammable and explosive places like oil exploration, oil refining, chemical and military industry, where is full of methane, coal dust or mixed explosive air, or harmful gas.


1. Low energy consumption, high luminous efficiency and long service life.

2. Adopt aluminum die-casting housing with the high degree protection flameproof, optimized structure design and sealing technology, the degree of waterproof & dustproof reach IP65 level. The light can safely work in flammable and explosive place.   

3. Wide-voltage design, effectively protect the light, increase the service life.

4. Possess the explosion-proof certificate, etc.

Raw Material: High quality Die-casting Aluminum

Tempered glass, Stainless steel bolts

Light source: Puri

Drive: Domestic super Wide voltage range Constant-current constant-voltage power supply.

Light Size: 237x210x159mm

Weight: N.W: 3kgs    G.W.: 3.5kgs

Package: Foam + Carton, 3pcs/carton

Carton Size: 800x280x180mm




Color temperature 




Operating Voltage   (V)

Luminous Efficiency   of Light Source(Lm/W)


Protection class

 Anti-corrosion class



Size        (L*W*Hmm)Cable entry






Exd I Mb




237*210*159M26x1.5 or   G3/4,



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Q:Transformer room lighting should adopt explosion-proof lamps and lanterns
There is general relationship between the choice of lamps with lamp installation environment, such as explosive environment should be used (note that the explosion-proof explosion-proof lighting environment is not the same, the level of protection is not the same), moist environment can be used to waterproof and Dustproof lamp, outdoor lamp should be determined according to the requirements of the protection shell protection, emergency lighting shall be made of refractory glass etc..
Q:What's the picture of the explosion lamp? Just look at the lamp.
These lights are Ji'nan odd Chen lighting Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd. lights, a wide range of.
Q:Portable explosion-proof searchlight 10
You go to the factory after the purchase of the original charger.From Nanyang Zhongtian explosion protection
Q:It belongs to the household LED lamp explosion-proof lamp
Does not belong to, explosion-proof appliances must have a certain explosion resistance, can be called explosion-proof appliances.
Q:Huarong pocket explosion proof lamp is full of electricity, what's the matter?
It's broken. Send it back to the manufacturer for maintenance
Q:What are the light sources of explosion proof lamps?
The current source market supporting the use of the explosion-proof lamp: incandescent lamp, energy saving lamp, high-pressure metal halide lamp, high pressure sodium lamp, Wu Ji lamp, halogen lamps and LED the incandescent lamp with several light sources, because the efficiency is not high, the state of the 100W incandescent lamp has been discontinued, there are few explosion-proof lamps used incandescent lamp light source, now the market is the largest metal halide lamp, energy-saving lamps, electrodeless lamp and the LED light source as explosion-proof lamp! Hope to help you.
Q:What LED explosion proof lamp is used in the factory, the 6 meter high workshop uses LED explosion-proof lamp
Factory explosion-proof lamp, considering the quality and energy saving, and some manufacturers in the configuration of the above with the times, so the price is different, Zhong men explosion-proof currently available three years, there is a problem replacement new,
Q:Ordinary lighting rectifier and explosion-proof lamp rectifier can be used instead of the difference?
It's a ballast, not a rectifier.General lighting ballasts and explosion-proof lamp ballasts can not be used in general.Because the installation size and parameters are not the same.The explosion proof lamp is usually isolated and explosion-proof. If the ballast is installed inside the isolation cover, there is no particular requirement for the ballast in theory.However, the internal temperature of the isolation cover is poor, so the environmental temperature index of the ballast is required. It is better to work at 50 or above.The so-called isolated explosion refers to the presence of flammable gas inside and outside the isolation hood, the internal deflagration, short circuit, arc and other accidents, the energy generated in the discharge process will not ignite the external combustible gas.
Q:Price of explosion proof lamp in workshop?
Workshop explosion-proof lamp several kinds, according to the required light effect and power to make data selection, suitable for workshop special lamp, my company bought lamps and lanterns is in the odd Calvin lighting there to buy, the effect is very good.
Q:How much is the installation of an explosion proof lamp?
It depends on the differences in the region, the environment, the season, and the types of lights that are installed,In Shanghai, for example, wages differ from those in Shanxi, so the price of the installation is different,

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