Mining Explosion Proof and Intrinsically Safe LED Roadway Lights(B)

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Product Description:

Explosion proof, water proof, dust proof. 

LED cold solid light source, power saving, high brightness, maintenance-free, green and environmental protection


Be applicable to the explosive luminous environment like roadway, chamber in the coal mine, and the flammable and explosive places like oil exploration, oil refining, chemical and military industry, where is full of methane, coal dust or mixed explosive air, or harmful gas.


  • Adopt in-line die casting aluminum heat sink, high degree protection flameproof housing. Optimized structure design and sealing technology, the degree of waterproof & dustproof reach IP65 level. Be applicable to the explosive luminous environment like roadway, chamber in the coal mine, and the flammable and explosive places like oil exploration, oil refining, chemical and military industry.   

  • Low energy consumption, high luminous efficiency, power consumption is only 20% of the fluorescent lamp’s with the same luminance.

  • High light efficiency lens design, radiation angle of light up to more than 240 degree, effectively reduces the blind area of underground.

  • Wide irradiation range, high Intensity of illumination.

  • Long service life, maintenance free, completely eliminate the hidden dangers caused by change light frequently, reduce the underground worker intensity.  

  • Power saving. Save about 90% compared with the same brightness of the incandescent lamp.

  • Adopt wide voltage design (AC85-265V), effectively protect the lights, reduce the lighting flicker caused by the voltage change because of underground equipment's open & stop.

Raw Material: High quality Die-casting Aluminum

Tempered glass, Stainless steel bolts

Light source: Epistar

Drive: Domestic super Wide voltage range Constant-current constant-voltage power supply.

Light Size: 596x234x224mm

Weight: N.W: 7.5kgs    G.W.: 8kgs

Package: Foam + Carton, 2pcs/carton

Carton Size: 715x515x245mm




Color temperature 




Operating Voltage   (V)

Luminous Efficiency   of Light Source(Lm/W)


Protection class

 Anti-corrosion  class



Size        (L*W*Hmm)Cable entry






Exd[ib]I Mb/ Exd[ib] II B T4 Gb







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Q:What does the letter of explosion proof lamp "bad85-s" mean?
Here's the model number. It's different for every company
Q:Can the 1.2 metre explosion proof lamp be hoisted in chains?
This length is possible but the best to use installation screwsTurn left and turn right |
Q:Marine King miniature explosion proof headlights iw5130/
It doesn't matter what color the charger shows. As long as it's full of color, it's afraid that the battery and charger are bad, and one of them won't change color. Ocean King charger each batch is not the same
Q:Explosion proof lamp must be equipped with explosion-proof switch?
If the switch is in the safe area, the ordinary switch will do.
Q:Does the LED need anti riot lights?
LED is not explosion-proof, explosion-proof explosion-proof lamps mainly refers to the structure of the lamp needs to be designed explosion-proof requirements, explosion-proof lamp is mainly suitable for the inflammable and explosive places, such as coal mine, mine, gas station and other places. Civil use generally does not need to achieve explosion-proof requirements.
Q:The explosion-proof grade of mobile explosion-proof lamps is Exd,
2.ia and de are not two forms at all, in comparison D flameproof, e increased security, if you want to compare, the highest ia. See GB3836.4-2000 for details
Q:How long will it take for the explosion-proof lamps and explosion-proof electrical products to obtain the CU TR Certificate in Russia?
2, if the manufacturer produces explosion-proof products already have ATEX or IECEx certificate, need to follow the following process:Certification experts to the production plant for product testing and quality system audit;Provide explosion proof manufacturer ISO9001 certificateProvide copy of ATEX or certificate of IECEx for explosion proof products and affix official seal;Provide general drawings / technical drawings, operation manuals or instructions for use and descriptions of product usage in the Russian version of explosion-proof products;Product customs codeAfter the application, submit the above information on time, the certification time is about 1-2 months.
Q:When testing the LED power supply, what's the cause of the explosion proof filament of the test bench?
General explosion-proof lights on three cases: 1., the test drive power supply has a short-circuit situation. 2. the measured driving current is too large. 3. the drive circuit design is unreasonable.
Q:What is explosion-proof lamps and lanterns engineering style?
The explosion-proof lamp is used for dangerous places exist combustible gas and dust, to prevent the lamp may produce arc, spark ignition and high temperature surroundings of combustible gas and dust, so as to achieve the explosion-proof requirements, widely used in oilfield power plant chemical plant oil unit.
Q:Safety distance of explosion proof lamp and fire sprinkler in safe place
Two. Explanation on the Handbook of rapid design for water supply and drainage engineering,The P317 twenty-third diagram indicates the minimum distance from the bottom of the edge of the beam or roof. In case of a high power bulb or an air outlet, the nozzle shall not be smaller than 0.80m.

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