Miniature Circuit Breaker 1-63 Series

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Construction and Feature
◆Protection against both overload and short circuit
◆High short-circuit capacity
◆Contact position indication
◆Applicable to terminal and pin/fork type busbar connection

◆Easy mounting onto 35mm DIN rail

Technical Data
◆Pole No:1,1P+N,2,3,3P+N,4
◆Rated voltage:AC 230/400V
◆Rated current(A):1,2,3,4,6,10,13,16,20,25,32,40,50,63
◆Tripping curve:B,C,D
◆Rated short-circuit capacity(lcn):6kA
◆Rated frequency:50/60Hz
◆Energy limiting calss:3
◆Rated impulse withstand voltage:6.2kV
◆Electro-mechanical endurance:6000
◆Contact position indication
◆Connection terminal:
◇Screw terminal
◇Pillar terminal with calmp
◆Connection capacity:Rigid conductor up to 25mm2
◆Fastening torque:2.0Nm
◇On symmetrical DIN rail 35mm
◇Panel mounting
◆Terminal Connection Height:21mm

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Q:Switch switch, disconnector, circuit breaker difference? What are the possible functions of each?
You said the knife can be understood as a kind of isolation switch, it is only as a circuit break point, no lines, load protection function
Q:Leakage circuit breaker old jump how to do
So the line is not reasonable and neutral convergence will lead to incorrect leakage protection action
Q:How to distinguish between disconnectors, circuit breakers?
mainly used to disconnect the no-load current circuit, isolated power supply, in the sub-gate when there is a clear disconnect point to ensure the safety of other electrical equipment maintenance.
Q:How to switch from the circuit breaker switch button, the difference is short circuit protection or overload protection?
It acts as a knife switch. Fuse thermal relay and other electrical appliances
Q:How to choose the home of the circuit breaker air switch?
Modern home electricity should be in accordance with the bright circuit, power outlet circuit
Q:Discussion on the Selection of Circuit Breaker in Low Voltage Circuit
and the frame circuit breaker rated current is much larger, generally 630A-6300A (such as our company's DW15, DW16 and DW17 series
Q:What is the solution of the leakage circuit breaker always jumping?
may be caused by the wire. Leakage switch installed in the use of equipment before the better
Q:How to choose a circuit breaker for home and small office circuits
When overload or short circuit, the small circuit breaker handle, the leakage attachment handle does not move. When the leakage occurs, both handles are activated.
Q:Circuit problem! Hurry Miniature Circuit Breaker!
it may be the circuit breaker itself is faulty, need to be replaced. (Of course, there may be lines due to insulation damage and there is a short circuit, but may be smaller)
Q:Is the zero line going through the circuit breaker?
Three-phase three-wire, the use of protection to zero system, the zero line is absolutely not allowed to go through the circuit breaker, because the zero line is broken,

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