Mini Yogurt Maker / Automatic Kitchen Yogurt Maker

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Product Description:

1. Description of mini yogurt maker/automatic kitchen yogurt maker

Yogurt is good for health. It’s good to intestines and stomach, helping digestion, regulating endocrine, protein and calcium, and functions for women.

Yogurt maker is a machine to make yogurt. It is developed with a device providing stationary temperature among 35 to 45 degree centigrade. Under this temperature, the proiotics multiply and the lactose turn into lactic acid, eventually the milk is ferment into yogurt. Our Yogurt maker is automatic, electric heating directly. It’s easy to process.

2. Features of mini yogurt maker/automatic kitchen yogurt maker

1)  Exquisite design, fashion appearance.

2)  Clear lid and Automatic making yogurt.

3)  Use automatic constant temperature of the PTC heating element heating, security and saving energy, only 20W Power.    

4)  U.S. FDA certified food grade safety material.

5) OEM is availabe.

6)  Certificates SGS ,CE,CIQ ,FDA etc.

3. Specifications of mini yogurt maker/automatic kitchen yogurt maker

Product Name

Yogurt Maker
Capacity1 L
Product Size200X200X145mm
Carton Size64.5X43.3X47cm

4. Images of mini yogurt maker/automatic kitchen yogurt maker

Mini Yogurt Maker / Automatic Kitchen Yogurt Maker

Mini Yogurt Maker / Automatic Kitchen Yogurt Maker

Mini Yogurt Maker / Automatic Kitchen Yogurt Maker

5)  FAQ

1)   Are free samples available?

Yes. But express delivery cost is to be collected and we will pay it back after confirming the order.

2)  What about the lead time for mass production? 


Honestly, it depends on the order quantity and the season you place the order. Generally speaking, we suggest that you start inquiry two months before the date you would like to 

get the products at your country.


3)  What is your terms of delivery? 


We accept EXW, FOB, CIF, etc. You can choose the one which is the most convenient or cost effective for you.  

4)  Do you inspect the product? How?

Yes, each step of production and finished products will be carried out inspection by QC before shipping.

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Q:How do you make yogurt with a yogurt machine?
Ingredients recipes calories: 160.5 (kcal)Main ingredients: Pure Milk 250ml, four bags of fungus powder, 1 pouchesMethods / steps
Q:Yogurt machine inside the liner is missing, how to do?
If it is not available, the emergency use can be covered with plastic wrap, in order to keep good insulation, it is best to use multi-layer plastic film coverage.
Q:How do you make yogurt without a yogurt machine?
I. raw materialsPure milk 500ml original yogurt 125ml (used as bacteria, the experiment proved that the original flavor yogurt is best)Two, toolsElectric cooker with cover, cups, spoons, microwave oven (can also use other methods of heating milk, but in the microwave oven and the heating temperature is not only fast, good master)
Q:Ask your family about how to make yogurt (not yogurt machines), thank you
The nutritional value of yogurt is far more than that of fresh cow (goat) milk. It contains a variety of lactic acid, lactose, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, enzymes and so on. Have a stomach who drank it, can promote the secretion of gastric acid, not only do not eat after flatulence, diarrhea, but ventilation digestion. Our women often drink sour milk, and their skin is tender and white. When I arrived in Beijing, I used to make yogurt, just the way it was
Q:What brand of yogurt machine is good, please? What's the price of the model?
2, the yogurt made by oneself fortunately where? Better than the supermarket?It must be better than the supermarket:A general supermarket yogurt has thickening agents and other additives, in my opinion is unhealthy, at least not green food;B for some time, because to work in the field, I can only buy yogurt every day in the supermarket, only buy 1.25 liters of bottled Mengniu pure yogurt, once in the yogurt found a group of particles, which is not open the milk powder;C supermarket yogurt, some rare thick, but not real yogurt unique thick, I drink homemade yogurt for 20 years, you can taste it;
Q:There is a yogurt machine at home, and every time you make yogurt, you buy the bulk milk in the milk farm
This is due to a series of processing and additive reasons for bagged milkNo harm
Q:How can I use milk powder to make yogurt in the yogurt machine?
If you want to make a good yogurt, the raw materials must be fresh, pollution-free, select good strains, and then master the fermentation time.
Q:Yogurt machine is not hot how to do?
Yogurt machine:Fully automatic, direct heating, no control circuit, the use of suitable heating components to control the temperatureElectronically controlled, in the machine to add a variety of control circuits, such as temperature and time control, to control the heating circuit on-off.Can be refrigerated yogurt machine, the use of semiconductor refrigeration, automatic low temperature storage.
Q:Method for making yoghurt by yoghurt machine
I also use the bear yogurt machine, from the excellent buy, is more than 50 dollars, the cheapest that SNJ-10A, 1000 ml, 4 sub cup liner. The yogurt is very thick, like tofu. If you don't add anything, the last thing you do is a very mild taste, a hint of sweetness and sourness. I sometimes like to add sugar, honey or haw sauce at the end. It tastes good. It's good to refrigerate and eat.The instructions say that 1:10 is the proportion of pure milk and yogurt, but every time I use yogurt more, the proportion of large 1:3 or 1:4.
Q:Xiao Bao saw a yogurt machine in his neighbor's house and found it very fresh
Practice:1, the milk into the milk pot, add a proper amount of rock candy (taste with personal preference), small fire boil.2, the boiled milk cool, the entrance temperature, partial cooler can.3, use boiling water hot yogurt machine container, Bifidobacterium into the container, add a little milk, mix thoroughly, and then the rest of the milk filled up, and gently stir with spoon.

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