Mini Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Different Colors and Easy Portable

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Product Description:

Product Description

Professional bluetooth speakers factory produce the Loudspeaker
Customsized Logo print, different colors available
Support SD card and USB Mini multimedia speaker


1. Easy to link with Bluetooth Player, Mobile Phone, PDA, Tablet, PC & Laptop
2. Support TF card, support MP3 file format
3. Support Mobile phone hand-free function
4. LED indicator for status indicating, bring you a vogue and technological feel
5. Use as an external speaker with a line-in audio/AUX cable
6. Digital audio amplifier, full frequence speaker, pleases your ear with transparent sound effect
7. High capacity rechargeable Li-ion polymer battery, for longer music play
8. Mini 5P USB connector, for both power supply and data transfer
9. Volume control
10. On/Off switch.

Mini Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Different Colors and Easy Portable

Key Features
Multi-colors cover
Excellent super bass
Bluetooth receive distance 10 meters
Connect by Bluetooth or USB cable
Support Micro-SD card play
Support Mobile phone hand-free function
Voice Broadcast
Use as an external speaker with a line-in audio/AUX cable
Volume control, On/Off switch

Frequency:60Hz-- 18KHz
Rated Power:3.0W
S/N :≥96db , Distortion:≤0.6%
500 mAh battery with 5 hours music play, recharged by USB cable
Size: 60*60*82mm
Weight: 160 g
Carton: 340*340*150mm, weight: 13.5KG,  50 pcs/ CTN

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Q:car speaker and stereo speaker?
Car speakers are not DC or direct current, if you run a direct current on any speaker you will destroy it because it has inductive properties. Car speakers tend to have a nominal 2 to 4 ohms rating while home speakers are 4 to 8 ohms. You can use any speaker wires , either for home or car, the only just make sure the + and - is lined up to the corresponding + or- connector for correct Phasing. Speakers, being made to work with alternating current waveforms, don't have a positive or negative polarity per se. A single speaker will work just fine connected to an amplifier without regard to polarity. Multiple speakers, on the other hand, must be phased correctly to work in unison properly. This is true for multiple speakers within a single enclosure, or a set of speaker connected to multiple amplifier channels. By correct phasing, what's required is that all the speaker cones move in the same direction when the source amplifier(s) apply a voltage of a given polarity. This synchronization ensures that when the amplifier produces a positive voltage, all the speakers compress the air in front of them. If care is not taken in this regard, some speaker cones are compressing the air while others are expanding the air -- effectively, the speakers are working against each other.
Q:where can i buy club speakers?
Rob - I don't know where you live but in the USA most stores that carry musical instruments and sound equipment will have professional speakers for DJ'ing. Stores like Sam Ash, Guitar Center etc have great speakers. You can also buy them online of course - just google DJ equipment. If you let me know where you live (what town or city) I can help more.
Q:What are the best in-ceiling speakers?
need more info ie 1).has the sound got to be confined to that room (there are speakers used in hotels very loud under them but step away 2 yards or 2 meters and very low email me if you want a list of web sites ) 2)how loud in S.P.L. dbs 3) you can get speakers that you put in ceilings or walls that are stereo than you plaster over them and do not see them
Q:I have big speakers and I need help?
Pioneer and Onkyo are the top brand for receivers. You will also need an ipod dock. Stand alone power amplifier are mainly left to the higher end of the audio are are very expensive. Most consumers go with receivers as the main source. You can look for a stereo receiver or one that can support 5.1 to 7.1 audio for the home theater. Hope this will help you out.
Q:Logitech R20 Speakers?
I like to sometimes play my music a little loud and these speakers handle it just fine, even with a song that has major bass to it. The design is nice too. I really appreciate the headphone jack located on the front of the speaker it makes it easier than trying to fool around in the back of the computer to plug headphones in. Also the sub woofer is not so big that you have no place to go with it. I was worried about the quality because the low price but Logitech has come through again!
Q:Speakers Size?
Good question Very few companies make a 6 3/4 spk that will fit your vehicle perfect. Check the links below.
Q:my in built speaker of monitor HP vs 15 is not working?
It probably isn't the built in speakers. It's more likely the wire to the computer or the input jack. Try a new wire. If that doesn't help see if you can unscrew the jack itself and check the wires that should be attached. If all else fails try external speakers. Good luck!
Q:what is a good truck speaker?
it ought to all excellent be your amp. I had a Kingwood 600 watt amp and theory it became the undesirable connections that made the exact same sound you're describing notwithstanding it became truly in my head unit. apparently Pioneer is between the worst to make the floor noise. yet Pioneer is the only which I had so i did not verify into the different manufacturers yet you would elect to.
Q:How do you attach component speakers to your computer?
That type of speaker cannot connect directly to the computer. Those speakers need an amplifier. Your best bet is to go out and buy some cheap computer speakers - computer speakers have an amplifier built in.
Q:Laptop speakers sound fuzzy and distorted ?
One thing about speakers is they have magnets in them. I had a laptop that all of a sudden started sounding terrible. I bought replacement speakers and when I took it apart to replace them there was a used staple sitting on the cone attracted by the magnet. It did trash the speaker on mine but yours might still be good by just removing the debris.

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