mini travel blenderVT-12 mini travel blenderVT-12

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1000 unit
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10000 unit/month

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Shake N take                   power:300W  frequency:50Hz               Voltage:220-230V                     bottle capacity:600ml  working time:20 seconds


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Q:Why does the oven smoke?
The process of production in the oven (such as stainless steel plate in stamping) some residual oil or other things, and these residues heating evaporation will carbonization, so buy a new oven first electricity appeared fumy phenomenon. This is a normal phenomenon. It is recommended that the oven be set to about 230 degrees for about 40 minutes before the first use, and then open the oven door for ventilation. The next time you use it, there won't be any more. Be careful with the ironing.
Q:What is the inner material of the rice cooker?
Another kind of more common is the use of stainless steel rice cooker, the price is more expensive than aluminum alloy inner container. The electric cooker stainless steel without fear of falling of non stick coating, but the cleaning of the stainless steel liner is really troublesome, often left after cooking the rice crust is difficult to remove.In view of the above two kinds of liner have respective defects, some big brands began to research, such as the United States launched a rice cooker liner using black crystal, thickness up to 2 mm aluminum alloy, and the use of space science and technology not only makes the oxidation process, higher strength, wear resistance of non stick are greatly improved; SUPOR will launch the electric cooker Tao Jing liner, ceramic mature technology in the electric rice cooker liner, the traditional chemical surface treatment processes to natural surface treatment, the pure natural inorganic material completely avoid pollution two paint and metal liner in the cooking process in a long time. Many consumers tend to prefer the rice cooker with a new process when they buy new rice cookers.
Q:How to discharge the water in the electric water heater?
Some electric water heaters have special drain holes. Just unscrew them. If not, can also be the water department (usually on the right) one-way valve (valve) removed, and then open the hot water outlet (hot water faucet, unscrew the) that can be in water heaters out.Of course, the water heater must be cut off before the water is released. Also note that the electric water heater is full of water before it can be powered on.
Q:How to make bread without bread machine
practice1.1. heat the milk and mix in the yeast for 10 minutes.2 will be in addition to the cream of the material into the basin and into a dough (I do not rub it like that, I really do not have patience).3.15 minutes later, add cream, and then rub, and have been rubbing, endless rubbing, rubbing up to the expansion stage (I did not rub it, I do not know what the so-called expansion stage is, huh, huh), fermented to 2 times the sizeThe 4 Division round, after 20 minutes of relaxation, roll roll and rest for 10 minutes, then to roll and relaxation.5. into the toast mold, two times fermentation. Send to Qi Ping with mold (I didn't send it like that, only about 8 points, and my split is not even, huh, huh).6 preheat the oven to 180 degrees, the bottom 180 degrees bake for 15 minutes, to cover with foil, 150 degrees 20 minutes.
Q:What's the oven like?
The electric oven on the market can be said to be a variety of different brands, different functions and different price of the oven is not to let you have dazzled, before buying household electric oven, we must first clear buy this thing is what to do, for different purposes, different types will be selected. If you're not sure what you want to do with the oven, then Xiao Bian suggests that you'd better buy a large capacity oven, so you can do anything and not waste it. As for the brand of ACA America oven / oven / Changdi electric oven, electric oven, beauty Midea, Galanz oven / electric oven that can be selected, in the market are relatively high reputation, but also on the ten big ten brand-name china-10 of the ten major brands of electric oven, buy you can rest assured oh.
Q:Household air conditioning air supply isn't send outdoor wind indoor?
It isn't. Household air conditioning "air supply" mode is only play the role of fan. For household air conditioner, the vast majority of air distribution mode is only air conditioning fan motor working of the indoor machine, return air into the indoor air from air conditioning, blown out by the outlet fan motor, fan motor, air conditioner outdoor compressor doesn't work, such as play a role similar to ordinary fan, but the effect is far worse than a fan
Q:Yogurt with yogurt is the longer the fermentation time, the more water, or less
Yogurt machine is a machine for making yogurt. A device that provides a constant temperature for milk fermentation. The temperature is between 35-45 degrees. In this environment, probiotics multiply, lactose in milk turns into lactic acid, milk ferments into yogurt.
Q:Galanz electric oven barbecue time how to handle
Barbecue meat, meat thickness is not good, because the different thickness to match the different temperature, but also with the type of oven related, according to their own experience, of course, thin or better.
Q:The ice machine will stop in a few minutes
The daily use and maintenance of ice machine will have a few minutes when the machine has just started, or it has just started:One reason: the tap water is not opened, the heat is not good.Solution: check whether the water switch is switched on or not. The cooling port of the machine is blocked, and the air cooler has not cleaned the radiator for a long time. If so, clean the radiator (Note: cleaning the radiator can not be washed with hard objects, brush and polyester cleaning)
Q:Why did Soviets use that aquamarine blue color everywhere?
It's just a cultural illusion ie. the color 'blue' is popular in Russia<and many countries including the USA but you are just seeing its use in another cultural context. Russian airborne troops were called 'Blue Berets'. Early NKVD/Cheka forces in the early Stalin era wore blue berets... There's a blue/camo used by troops in Russia...BUT it's only noticable really because one is comparing one culture to another ie. why do US police wear dark blue? Why are there so many green uniforms and green berets? Look more closely into Russian things ie. there's a great variety of colors...but blue is a popular color! I hear RED has been popular too. LOL

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