mini travel blenderVT-12 mini travel blenderVT-12

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1000 unit
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10000 unit/month

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Shake N take                   power:300W  frequency:50Hz               Voltage:220-230V                     bottle capacity:600ml  working time:20 seconds


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Q:What is the material under the coating of the inner wall of the rice cooker?
Generally speaking, the most important thing in the rice cooker is the coating material. The coating material is better, and it is not easy to fall off. It will be a better rice cooker. How many kinds of paint do you use?:1, fluorine coating: General brands will use fluorine paint, commonly used DuPont, huafu.2, nano coating: the United States is currently using the Taiwan Xi Er coating is called nano coating, you can search the Internet to, in 3, Foshan Shunde Beijiao production, there is the beauty of life appliances production base, the outer wall of the liner is coated, usually black.4, ceramic coating: SUPOR's ceramic crystal liner began with the Korean Korean ceramic paint, similar to enamel.General detection of coating rice cooker liner of the project has high hardness, high temperature test, thermal shock test, acid and alkali, salt, boiling test, test Steamed Rice abrasion test, the most stringent is to cook Steamed Rice, will cook for 500 times, a company dedicated to two people, the daily work is the test room full of boiled Steamed Rice, rice flavor. 500 times is equivalent to the average family two years of use, can be used for two years, even if you can.
Q:What kind of simple food can you use for home type electric oven?
Make the cake embryo syrup, by 1000g white sugar with 500g water, boil, after cold into. When eggs and sugar are beaten, the high speed should be used, which is required for endosperm protein characteristics.
Q:Before listening to friends that mango can not put the refrigerator, is it true? Why?
Mango is a tropical fruit, should not be stored in the refrigerator, mango at a temperature of ten degrees Celsius to preserve, the peel will darken. Because the mango itself growth environment, the temperature is not suitable for too cold, once placed for a long time will accelerate decay. But in general, you can put in the refrigerator in the fruit insulation Pavilion, the temperature is not very low, temporary storage does not matter. Note: do not store too long, remove from the refrigerator, at normal temperature will accelerate deterioration, so eat as soon as possible.
Q:Is it good or low to freeze the refrigerator?
3, super heat dissipation angle evaporator allows you to really feel what is called a full range of quick-frozen! 4, I like this refrigerator, too! So I strongly recommend it to you!
Q:Air conditioning can not open 24 hours a day. Air conditioning will not bad ah
Air conditioning open 24 hours a day, air conditioning will certainly can not stand, easy to bad, good or not to open. In fact you practice is not desirable, in order to ventilation window, and then open air conditioning cooling. It is difficult to open the window air conditioning has effect, and is very inefficient. If for the sake of ventilation, again afraid hot, suggest you still such hot noon time open air conditioning, close the Windows open air conditioning, wait until the evening not so hot in the window, open the window, do not have air conditioning
Q:Lampblack machine does not take lampblack, what problem can cause?
The use of time is too long, the gas turbine motor power shortage, resulting in poor smoke absorption effect
Q:How do you put the baking powder when making yogurt with yogurt machine?
Should be lactic acid bar ~ yogurt and milk ratio is 1:5, lactic acid bacteria will see is a large number of, moderate proportion is good
Q:What is the standard of low pressure for air heater?
Good companies are using imported compressor Matsushita (household air compressor) such as aerospace industry partners sijimuge air companies, their technology is mature and reliable, the best balance of compressor design, small vibration and low noise, the operation is more stable. The service life of the equipment is long, and the basic design life is 15 years.The United States (Copeland), Copeland scroll compressor (commercial air compressor): solve the reciprocating and rotary compressor vibration frequency, noise problems, operation more smoothly, with ultra high energy efficiency ratio, the service life of more than 15 years.Ordinary enterprises often use domestic compressors, according to the air conditioning standard design, does not meet the heat pump operation principle, poor processing accuracy, noise, low efficiency. No motor self cooling protection, no liquid shock protection. Service life 3~5 years.
Q:Can you steam the rice bowl in the rice cooker?
Metals have very strong reflexes because the molecules of metals are tightly arranged. If the metal is put into the microwave oven and is reflected everywhere, not only the microwave can not be absorbed and heated by the food, but it may be reflected back on the emitter and damaged the emitter. Therefore, no metal vessel can be used, nor can an iron bowl.
Q:How to avoid the radiation of humidifier?
Radiation is not a humidifier, humidifier within one meter of radiation in the warning value, avoid it, one is standing a meter away, another is radiation proof humidifier

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