mini travel blenderVT-06 mini travel blenderVT-06

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$42.00 / unit
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TT or LC
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1000 unit
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10000 unit/month

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Shake N take                   power:180W  frequency:50Hz               Voltage:220-230V                     bottle capacity:500ml  working time:20 seconds


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Q:Panasonic bread doesn't ferment
My experience is that the baking powder is long and dead. A little more than the recipe, or a new one. Never mind with temperature, when the bread baking machine is heated.
Q:How do you make soy milk with a blender?
The mixer is different, its function is not the same, there are single mixing, and multiple functions, if you want to use a blender to do Soybean Milk if you suggest mixer net cover installed, then put into the net to cover the middle of soybeans, plus the amount of water, stirring for 1 minutes or so well, if you do any juice you suggest the cover off, like apple, pear, cucumber, banana and other fruit can eat fruit, you can add some water or add some milk juice or milk nutrition into play! Effect is good oh ~!
Q:The advantages and disadvantages of electric water heater and gas water heater, which is more practical?
In fact, the final use of the effect is that, if installed properly, smooth pipeline, whether it is gas water heater or electric water heater, can be satisfactory, it is difficult to say who is superior or inferior.Price and safety should be taken into consideration when buying a water heater. Convenience, life, cost, after-sales service and other factors. In recent years, some manufacturers in the product when consumers want to buy a pompous, satisfactory products, we need to know more about, more and more analysis.
Q:What was the top selling consumer product of the 1920s?
Cars of course! Radios were huge too. Henry Ford was rolling off a new car every 10 seconds from his Factory in Detroit. If you cant choose both, Cars were sold more in AMERICA only... Radios were bigger throughout the world tho..
Q:How much is the price of a general automatic water softener?
The high quality of raw water does not need to be dealt with, the price is low, the problem is to solve the less, the lower the price.
Q:What are the disadvantages of air purifiers?
If the air purifier is not cleaned or disinfected regularly, the air through the air purifier is dirtier, making it easier for people to stay in an air purifier room for a long time to suffer from respiratory diseases
Q:How about Eupa coffee machine? Is the quality good?
Eupa coffee machine belongs to the family of entry-level coffee machine, has the advantages of high pressure pump is said to 19par pressure, fast heating speed, can also be used pods coffee powder (Yi Libao), a cup of unstable continuous defects, milk bubble tube cannot maintain continuous foam production, a cup of coffee residue significantly, if the coffee do not ask daily consumption is not so, this is a good choice, general suggestions to become the game player level have a fever, you can now directly with WELHOME kd-310 semi automatic single head type quasi professional espresso machine and WELHOME zd-17 type special type ghost tooth grinder. If you are considering the price factor and if they can't use semi-automatic Italy thickener, I personally think that directly buy a Nestle Nespresso or Dolce gutso Nestle capsule coffee capsule coffee machine, because you buy Eupa coffee machine must be equipped with a bean grinding machine also can grind Italian in fine particles, outside the supermarket or cafe to sell coffee powder for coarse grinding particles, not suitable for espresso coffee machine.
Q:How to use yogurt machine to make yogurt?
This is the taste of chocolate yogurt, and can also be Mango (or strawberry, pineapple and other fruits), ice into the cooking machine be broken, so that you can make delicious smoothie milkshake, rich flavor, mellow, fresh and healthy than those of famous brand of yogurt to ifheavier!!
Q:Kitchen appliances, no invoices, you can guarantee it?
It can't be guaranteed.The after-sale installation and maintenance of household electrical appliances are very important, and these require the purchase invoices as valid legal documents.
Q:Bread can not do chili sauce
select the bread jam options, start the. about 90 - 120 minutes, that is, chili sauce.

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