mini travel blenderVT-06 mini travel blenderVT-06

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$42.00 / unit
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TT or LC
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1000 unit
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10000 unit/month

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Shake N take                   power:180W  frequency:50Hz               Voltage:220-230V                     bottle capacity:500ml  working time:20 seconds


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Q:Would this be a good vacuum cleaner?
I have been happy with Kenmore brand from Sears.
Q:What about the pot sticking to the induction cooker?
Add water in the pot. Turn on the induction cooker and burn it for a while. Simple! I've also encountered this kind of thing!
Q:In your opinion, what is the best vacuum brand/model available today?
I Hope that helps!
Q:Water dispenser bottom leaking how to do?
The leakage of the water dispenser caused by the leakage of barreled water is caused by tiny cracks in the barreled water, small trachoma, gap between the bottle cap and the dispenser, and the gap between the contact points of the intelligent seat. The performance of the state of water leakage is slow; barreled water from the gap into the air tank, and therefore into the air state is not visible; if the hot water function is open, half of the bottled water has a warm feeling. This usually occurs on the same day or second days when the bottled water has been replaced.
Q:What is the temperature sensor used in the electric kettle? What is the working principle?
The working process of the heating control circuitElectric kettle began to boil water, the temperature controller ST at low temperature. At this time, the temperature controller ST two lead wire is communicated between the terminals, and provides the channel for the power supply. At this time, the green indicator light is on, and the red indicator lamp is neither voltage nor bright at both ends. When the temperature in the water bottle is over 96 degrees centigrade (water is switched on), the temperature controller ST automatically disconnects and stops supplying power to the boiling water heater. At this point, the two ends of the insulated heater still have alternating 220V voltage, but the heat resistance of the heater is larger, and the energy produced is only 1/20 of the boiling water heater. Therefore, it can only play the role of thermal insulation. At this point, the AC 220V is powered by the red indicator light via EM. The green indicator lights out and the red indicator light is on.If electric thermos decreases in water temperature, temperature controller ST and will automatically switch on the water heater, in addition to always make water bottle in boiling water maintained at 90 degrees and above.
Q:What is the working principle of a water softener?
Very similar to a magnet that attracts iron filings. Water containing no hardness ions (softened water) that flows out of the water softener and enters the water hose of the house.
Q:At present, what type of chiller is more advanced, more energy saving, energy-saving effect?
Energy is the basic power to ensure the operation of various mechanical and electrical equipment in the hotel. With the rapid development of China's Moderno Hotel, although the hotel energy management level has been greatly improved, the energy consumption of the hotel is on the decline, but compared with developed countries, China's hotel industry is still a large gap in energy utilization efficiency. In view of the characteristics of electromechanical equipment in hotels, a brief introduction is made to the energy-saving technologies which are commonly used and proved to be comparatively mature. For specific energy-saving projects, the basic theoretical analysis is carried out to obtain the technical support of the basic theory. In this paper, the case of physical engineering is analyzed, and the main points of attention in energy saving method and its practical application are summarized. Designed for everyone to carry out energy-saving work reference.
Q:Why can electric water heater explode?
Do not buy cheap small appliances last December in Zhejiang province quality checks the quality of the report showed that 9 batches of water heater were tested only 6 batches of qualified, a pass rate of 2/3, most of the electric water heater leakage problem of the existence of substandard Water Leakage. However, the water heater used by the household is not in the spot check list. Ningbo Quality Supervision Bureau experts said, electric water heater in order to prevent the temperature is too high to cause an explosion, set three lines of defense, namely temperature controller, overheating protector and one-way valve. If the thermostat is out of order, the overheat protector will trip automatically when the temperature is too high. If the first two items are out of order, the one-way valve will exhaust the steam. Therefore, the electric water heater has higher safety performance than the gas water heater, and the quality problems in general are leakage, leakage and explosion, unless these three protections fail at the same time.
Q:Why do some vacuum cleaners have head lights?
what if you dont have a lamp in your house? and its night time? then how can you see where the dirt is? think practically!
Q:What is the reason that the electromagnetic oven shows E1?
Change a pot try, and if it is still E1, open the upper cover, see the electromagnetic disk has a small tube connection, broken not broken, change one.

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