mini travel blenderVT-05 mini travel blenderVT-05

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$52.00 / unit
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TT or LC
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1000 unit
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10000 unit/month

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Shake N take                   power:300W  frequency:50Hz               Voltage:220-230V                     bottle capacity:600ml  working time:20 seconds


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Q:How do you increase the temperature of the freezer?
Artificial intelligence Haier Refrigerator General default to automatically adjust the temperature, do not need to go to the set, if the artificial intelligence does not open, in the locked state, according to the artificial intelligence key, the refrigerator on the panel will appear, icon will display E, artificial intelligence into the refrigerator, then click the smart key, the icon E disappeared. Intelligent control of state exit.Artificial intelligence Haier refrigerator can also be manually adjusted, non locking and non artificial intelligence state, click the button to adjust the cold, panel will display the flashing icon F, after each click button to adjust the temperature of refrigerated, down 1 degrees, until 3 degrees, then will return to 7 DEG C, the temperature can be to transform 7 DEG at 3 DEG C, in 5 seconds after operation no button is set.
Q:How many Psi/Atm needed for a low pressure and a high pressure vacuum cleaners such as the Kreepy Krauler ones?
You can never have more than 1 atm in a vacuum system. Obviously the more vacuum you generate, the better it will clean. Most vacuum cleaners probably produce between 50-80 inches of water vacuum.
Q:Can the oven bake the coffee beans?
The procedure for stirring may also be fried in an iron pan. When the coffee is ready, remove them from the oven and place them in a heat-resistant bowl. Keep the bowl near the window.. I don't have an exhaust bag.. Still have time to enjoy the cool
Q:Why is the electric water heater called?
One is, in the heating, electric heating tube for attachment in the scale on the heated tube expansion ring. Clean up the scale
Q:What is the mean of waxing machine?
The waxing machine rotates in an oval trajectory, its chassis diameter is larger than the diameter of the polishing disc, the body is much lighter than the polishing machine, and the two hands are attached to the central vertical shaft of the body
Q:What is the function of the hydraulic differential controller in the compressor?
When the oil pressure drops to insufficient to make the compressor work safely, it has not been restored to the set oil pressure value during the delay setting
Q:How do yogurt machine rice wine?
Do the practice of rice wine yogurt machine:1. Take the right amount of rice and wash it for a night2, drain the water, put the pot steamed, time according to the amount of rice into the decision.
Q:The refrigerator has a pungent smell of ammonia
3, lemon, except taste. Cut the lemon into small pieces and place it in each layer of the fridge to remove the odor.4, tea flavor. Put 50 grams of tea in the gauze bag, put in the refrigerator, you can remove the odor. 1 months later, the tea leaves, placed in the sun exposure, can be repeated several times, the effect is very good.5, medical stone except taste. Take 500 grams of medical stone, sieve powder particles, and then into the gauze bag, placed in the refrigerator, 10 minutes after the peculiar smell can be removed.6, vinegar except flavor. Pour some vinegar into the open glass bottle and put it in the refrigerator. The deodorizing effect is also very good.
Q:Will the drip coffee machine fill with water or add water according to the amount you want?
My own way is to fill up with water at one time, but not many times, and leave the rest.The reason is: measure out, into the water boil dry, a little worried that the machine will affect the life of dry cooked; repeated boiling water and harmful to health.
Q:Why is the temperature in winter refrigerators lower than in summer?
Mechanical refrigerator temperature control knob, there are 0 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 files, the larger the number, the freezer temperature is low, the compressor working time is long, the power consumption is large. The thermostat stalls should be based on the seasonal variation of temperature regulation, we can tune in 3, spring and autumn, you have to look at the specific requirements of the freezing chamber can reach 18 degrees below zero. In order to achieve the purpose of saving energy and food preservation, we can be transferred to the 1 or 2 stalls in summer, winter should be transferred to the 4 or 5 files.

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