mini travel blenderVT-05 mini travel blenderVT-05

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$52.00 / unit
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TT or LC
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1000 unit
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10000 unit/month

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Shake N take                   power:300W  frequency:50Hz               Voltage:220-230V                     bottle capacity:600ml  working time:20 seconds


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Q:How to pull out the bread mixer
If there is no stick, it is easy to take down. As long as the above can be removed. But if there is no time to soak, cleaning after each use, then it may be left in the axis of the surface of the stirring knife stuck in, thus it is very difficult to take down, then must not use blunt, so as to avoid the bad parts. As long as the use of some water to soak for a while, then gently put on the knife can be easily removed.
Q:Can the silicone mold put the oven in?
Generally speaking, the aluminum baking mold is better.
Q:What are the common faults of induction cooker?
Do not turn on (press the power button, the indicator does not light) (1) bad button(2) loose wiring of power line;(3) the power cord is blocked(4) fuse fusing(5) power crystal IGBT is bad(6) resonance capacitor C103 is bad(7) anisotropic diode(8) transformer bad, no 18V output(9) the substrate assembly is broken (1) check and replace the key board(2) reconnection(3) reconnection or replacement(4) replace(5) replace(6) replace(7) check and replace(8) check and replace(9) replace
Q:What brand is the hospital drinking water machine good?
Hospital use should first health, British Nikon energy-saving water dispenser with filter device, high temperature sterilization, ultraviolet disinfection. Two water taps to the six taps, placed in the hospital corridor
Q:How do you like coffee, Colin, Lanshan flavor, coffee maker?
There must be a filter, open blisters coffee powder, 1 minutes, and then filter the coffee dregs, add sugar and cream
Q:Heat pump water heater 55 degrees when the pressure is high and low?
Exhaust temperature is generally recommended below 115 degrees, the temperature is too high, easy to carbonization of refrigerant oil, the normal operation of the exhaust temperature of about 80 degrees;
Q:What's wrong with a high pressure cooker?
We are doing the Korean high pressure electric rice cooker, you said the sound is not to say that at the time when when cooking meal fast good voice, that is normal, because the pressure cooker to ensure internal pressure is maintained at a certain pressure range, so to adjust the internal pressure in the exhaust place, and because of the internal water vapor so that will sound. I don't know if your question is like this
Q:1~7 number in refrigerator, which is high temperature and which is low temperature?
Some people may ask, the temperature is low in winter, but the temperature is low (thermostat value), summer temperature is high, but the high temperature settings (thermostat value is small), is not in the wrong?. In fact, a lot of people have this kind of wrong understanding, think winter temperature is low, you can set the refrigerator temperature high, summer temperature is high, want to set low.
Q:Why do I make bread with bread machine is not as soft as the bread in the bakery?
The difference between the bread you made in your own home and the bakery. I looked at your recipe.
Q:Refrigerator refrigeration has 7 stalls, and now the winter is very cold, you need to transfer to a few stalls ah!
Because the temperature in the freezer is controlled by the temperature in the freezer, your thermostat is in the freezer. The freezer temperature is 4 ~ 8 degrees is best, in the winter, indoor temperature is close to the temperature, if the thermostat knob was 3 or less than 3 words, refrigerator compressor is rarely start, although the freezer temperature can meet the requirements, but the temperature of the freezing chamber can reach 18 degrees below, perishable food, serious when food thawing. In the summer, the ambient temperature is relatively high, if the thermostat knob was 3 or more than 3 words in the refrigerator in order to meet the temperature requirements, the compressor will be a long time, although, the freezer temperature is 18 degrees below zero even lower, the temperature of the refrigerating chamber is very low, but caused the waste of electric energy, shorten the service life of refrigerator, which we do not want to. Therefore, the correct adjustment of the thermostat knob can make us both fresh and save electricity.The electronic refrigerator temperature controller can directly set the temperature on the refrigerator panel, the temperature of the freezer should be 18 degrees below zero, and the temperature of the refrigerator is more suitable between 4-8 degrees. Of course, if the food in the refrigerator is less or no special requirements, save for a short time, in the frozen food and preservation conditions, the refrigerator temperature the higher the more power.

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