mini travel blenderVT-04 mini travel blenderVT-04

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$40.00 / unit
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1000 unit
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10000 unit/month

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Shake N take                   power:180W  frequency:50Hz               Voltage:220-230V                     bottle capacity:500ml  working time:20 seconds


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Q:When using an electric extractor, do not press the lid with your hand
Have you ever seen sugar cane on the street without having to be pressed by hand? Do not hand pressure or push cane how can fully sucked?
Q:What's the difference between a juicer, a blender and a conditioning machine? What kind of good buys?
Introduce the rising star milkshake machine in the mixerMilkshake machine is also a member of the mixer family, but it is in design, more than other mixers more emphasis on the fruit stirring function. The point introduces the analytic function in front of Mixer Blender fruit stirring function, but most of the ordinary mixer due to structure above, fruit stirring effect is not particularly desirable (Kiwi has several mixer exceptions). The shake machine is different. Its mixing cup, also known as milkshake cup, has the following characteristics in structure:Closed cup body. Advantage: food in the city to prevent mixing overflow, even dumped in the shake machine, also does not affect the work; from the diameter gradually narrowed, is conducive to food rolling in the cup body inside, in order to achieve a better stirring effect. Disadvantages: closed cup capacity can only be done relatively small, if the user's amount of food mixing requirements are relatively large, it is not suitable.The inner wall of the milkshake cup is designed with enough height to roll the bar. In the process of mixing, the food rotates at a high speed in the cup body, and the direction of movement is changed after the roll bar is formed, thus forming a rolling. Theory and practice have proved that only in the case of tumbling, will be able to achieve faster fruit mixing speed and higher mixing quality, stirring fruit drinks, delicate taste, like grease.The milkshake cup usually has a large, a small, a total of two, a combination of milk shake machine, as well as a soybean milk cup (soybean milk machine cup structure and function as described earlier), some brands are also equipped with manual orange juice. Now on the market, the manufacturers call different, such as Kiwi directly called food mixer, and the music is also called nutrient machine, called the XiBeiLe kitchen elf. There are many manufacturers have other name, but still called "milkshake machine" in the majority.
Q:What is the power of a household electric kettle?
The household electric kettles commonly used are mostly 1500W, and each kind of electric kettle is not fixed in size, so the power of the electric kettle is big and small
Q:What are the requirements for the sanitation of the workshop and equipment
General sanitary standard of food enterprises, the standard for workshop floor, roof, walls, doors and windows, channels, ventilation, lighting and illumination, rodents, mosquitoes and flies, dust facilities, washing and disinfecting facilities, locker rooms, showers, toilets and other aspects of the detailed requirements.
Q:How can the lid of a high pressure cooker be jammed and jammed?
Check that the float valve is stuck and gently poke it with chopsticks.
Q:Why does the oven smoke?
If it's the new oven, it's a bit smoky for the first time, and it's gone for a whileOr when you use it, there is a grease drop on the heating panelIt'll be all right after a whileHowever, at the same time should pay attention to the box temperature will be too high, too high, that is, the thermostat is broken
Q:Can you tell me how to use the yogurt machine? Does anybody know that?
A, yogurt machine to clean yogurt machine, the sealing reaction cylinder on the table, and then the two hands in the sealed reaction cylinder head, two hands near the front part of the sealed reaction cylinder, hands down on the outside edge of the cylinder sealing reaction, with fingers to move the front edge, you can open the reaction the cylinder head with a wet cloth cleaning machine soft, such as stains can be cleaned using a mild detergent: prohibit the yogurt machine body immersed in a liquidB, the preparation of raw materials, to the market, supermarkets to buy their favorite yogurt, fresh milk and fruit juice, beverages, chocolate, white sugar and other accessories you want to addNote: must buy low temperature storage with live strains of pure yogurt, not acidic milk drinks at room temperature, must buy qualified raw materials without expired metamorphism
Q:What are the kitchen utensils in the general dining room?
Kitchen utensils mainly include the following 5 categories: first choice is storage equipment, divided into food storage and utensils, storage two major parts. Food storage is divided into cold storage and non cold storage, and refrigeration is achieved by refrigerators, freezers and so on in the kitchen. Utensils are for storing utensils, cooking utensils, utensils and so on.
Q:What does "heat 1kW" mean by a heat pump?
Heat pump heat generation refers to the heat pump in the nominal operating conditions and under the conditions of operation, the unit per hour to be heated water heat; the unit is watt (W) or kilowatt (kW).
Q:How long does it take to cook with an electromagnetic oven? How much electricity does it consume?
Electromagnetic furnace power is generally about 2000W, with an hour on the 2 degrees of electricity, once 30 minutes, power consumption of 1 degrees, 30 days a month, power consumption of about 30 degrees, 15 yuan.

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