mini travel blenderVT-04 mini travel blenderVT-04

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$40.00 / unit
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TT or LC
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1000 unit
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10000 unit/month

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Shake N take                   power:180W  frequency:50Hz               Voltage:220-230V                     bottle capacity:500ml  working time:20 seconds


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Q:What are the categories of washing machines?
Japan is also called "vane" or "wave type", can be divided into "single slot" and "double groove" single slot: basically the single slot type washing machine is composed of the United States followed a washing machine improved, mostly for automatic microcomputer control. Double groove type: double groove type washing machine for the semi automaton, separate the washing and dehydrating part time washing clothes, the clothes will hand to dehydration, although the trouble, but because the price is cheap, so there are still in production.
Q:Electric heating and heat pump heating that efficiency
(in comparison with the following table)1T hot water required calories: Q=CM t=1Kcal*1000Kg* (55-8) c * (1+0.5) =49350KcalHeat pump: 49350kcal/860kcal/3.5*0.64 yuan, *365 days, =3830 yuan / yearElectrical assistance: 49350kcal/860kcal/0.95*0.64 yuan *365 days =14110 yuan / yearFuel: 49350kcal/10200kcal/0.85*4.8 yuan, *365 days, =9972 yuan / yearNow we know that heat pump water heater hot water 1T annual operating costs 3830 Yuan Electric annual operating costs 14110 yuan, annual operating costs of 9972 yuan for the fuel pump water heater than the electric auxiliary annual savings of.10280 yuan / year, saving 6149 yuan more than the annual fuel, everyone agrees, no denying, however because of heat pump water heater add electric auxiliary, which is bound to cause the operation cost will increase invisible heat pump water heater, the running cost and the running cost of electric auxiliary additive, divided by 2 (3830 yuan +14110) /2=8970 yuan, while the annual operating cost of 8970 yuan is very similar to the operation cost of fuel 9972 yuan investment, heat pump water heater far beyond the initial investment of fuel equipment, under the premise of environmental protection is worth promoting, but from the energy saving, does not seem desirable, but also difficult to escape the letter fraud suspects. If the client in engineering design The preparation with electricity, water meter is measured, as can be imagined, who are reluctant to go a few times in the money to buy the same fuel furnace combustion furnace operation cost almost the same products, the author thinks that the use of electric auxiliary heat pump water heater is not recommended and encouraged, or pragmatic, also save some trouble, I do not know the reader I agree with the view, for reference.
Q:What is an ultrasonic humidifier?
The water is atomized to 1 microns to 5 microns of ultrafine particles and negative oxygen ions, so as to achieve uniform humidification
Q:What are the energy efficiency grades of refrigerators?
Energy efficiency level: it means that energy efficiency grade is a classification method to indicate the difference of energy efficiency between household appliances. According to the relevant regulations of national standard, the energy efficiency label of our country divides energy efficiency into five grades at present. Grade 1 said energy-saving products have reached the international advanced level, the lowest energy consumption level; 2 said product is energy-saving; Level 3 represents the average level of energy efficiency products for China market; level 4 product energy efficiency lower than the market average level; 5 is the market access indicators, production and sales are not allowed below the level required product.
Q:Any opinions on hard floor cleaners (wet/dry) vacuums?
if you have a hard wood floor you are not supossed to clean it with water. I have a mop that has a terry cover and a spray cleaner (non wax, non-water) made for hard wood floors. I use a plain dust broom to get the dirt up!
Q:Does the water in the juicer need a certain amount to use?
More than two kinds of machines to produce fruit juice is different, juicer juice and water, is very pure, there is seldom slag, of course in the last part, there is little slag; and there is a lot of food residue juice machine, juice machine cutting blade is very thin.
Q:What are the installation requirements for the exhaust pipe of the hood?
The distance from the exhaust air outlet to the airframe should not be too long. The turning radius should be as large as possible and less turning, otherwise it will affect the smoke exhaust effect
Q:Does the fan blow the door open or closed?
If there is a natural wind. The wind blowing fan should pay attention to the natural wind, not to blow
Q:Who knows how much weight a common induction cooker can hold?
Different mass electromagnetic furnace bearing capacity is different, panels, shells are not the same
Q:Want to own in the oven cake bread, aluminum foil and aluminum foil on the performance and effects on human health. What is the difference?
Never mind, especially the foil and aluminum foil in the oven.But pay attention to the microwave oven can not be used

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