Mini Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

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Bluetooth Speaker
2014 Top Quality 2 (2.0) Channels and Portable Audio Player, Mobile Phone, Computer Use Mini Stereo Bluetooth Speaker, Sdy-019 (TF-0932)2014 Top Quality 2 (2.0) Channels and Portable Audio Player, Mobile Phone, Computer Use Mini Stereo Bluetooth Speaker, Sdy-019 (TF-0932)

1) Support: Bluetooth, TF card,USB, FM Radio,Line in,Alarm clock
2) LCD display show Time, Alarm clock, Line in, FM radio, charging Status, Bluetooth status
3) Support phone redial,  and telephone number reporting function
4) Bluetooth remote control 15-20M
5) It can support music formats: MP3, WMA,WAV, PE,FLAC
6) High sensitivity FM radio with internal antenna.
7) With alarm clock function in on state, you can set the alarm music via USB, TF card.
8) Material: Plastic with rubber oil
9) Built-in Li rechargeable battery 1200mAH
10) Battery can support play time: 2-8hours;  
11) Speaker size: 240*55*61.5 MM
12) Color: Black, White, Red, Blue
13) Support Hand-free when answer calling (with MIC)
14) Auto Voice Prompt power on/off and Bluetooth is connected and disconnected
15) Appearance design Patent No.:ZL-201430007937.2

Packing details:

1xUSB cable
1xAudio line
1xUser manual
paper gift box

Unit giftbox: 290*78*66mm
Qty: 30pcs/CTN
Gross weight: 21.0kg
Net weight: 20.5kg
CTN size: 49X35X31CM
utput/RMS: 5W*2
SNR  ≥90db (line out)
External USB 5V supply  
Frequency response: 80Hz-20KHz
Support: MP3, WMA,WAV, PE,FLAC format music
Speaker: Φ45mm 3Ω; 3W*2
Battery : 1200mAh enough
Distortion: 0.3%

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