Mini LCD Digital In/Out Thermo Digital Temperature Humidity Meter Temperature and Humidity Meter

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Thermometer Use: Room thermometer Material: ABS Certificate: CE,ROHS
Display: LCD Color: White

Product Description:

Digital Indoor and Outdoor Thermometer with Humidity - Comfort Display

Humidity level plays an essential role in a comfortable and hygienic environment. Now, you can use this hygrometer to monitor the temperature in both indoor and outdoor environment. Moreover, this all-in-one hygrometer displays indoor relative humidity level. The large LCD display will make everybody read temperature and relative humidity easily. It is also equipped with sensor probe for collecting the temperature in outdoor environment.




* indoor & outdoor temperature display, indoor humidity display

* temperature unit °C/°F changeable

* memory of MAX/MIN value of  indoor & outdoor temperature

*comfort  level display

* Power-supply: 1.5V (AAA ) ×1

100%Brand New And High Quality


Temperature measurement range:

Indoor temperature: -10 C ~ 50 C (+ 14 F ~ + 122 F)

Outdoor temperature: -50 C~ 90 C (-58 F ~ + 194 F)

Humidity measurement range: 10% RH ~ 99% RH

Dimensions: 82 × 70 × 20mm

Mini LCD Digital In/Out Thermo Digital Temperature Humidity Meter Temperature and Humidity Meter

Mini LCD Digital In/Out Thermo Digital Temperature Humidity Meter Temperature and Humidity Meter

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Q:The thermometer was broken. It was a small bedroom. The mercury was not found. Could you sleep in the bedroom?
Mercury is a small beads of a small beads, it will roll down there, my family had been before the baby fell to the ground, to open the window ventilation.
Q:What kind of home thermometer
A liquid (mercury, alcohol), mechanical (double metal), electronic, and dry and wet bulb thermometer that measures temperature and humidity.
Q:Thermometer principle
Thermometers are made of thermoelectric phenomena. Two different metal wires are welded together to form a working end, and the other ends are connected with the measuring instrument to form a circuit.
Q:What is a good thermometer
Compared with the well-known brands of domestic brands and high temperature, and I feel that the quality of the instrument is the worst, the error is very large
Q:How to do the mercury thermometer on the bed
Use the tape to stick the mercury ball down and move it into the plastic bag. In order to prevent rupture and leakage, plastic bags the best set of layers. If mercury spills into the dark, you can use the principle of mercury reflection, with a flashlight to help find, this method can also find a special small mercury particles.
Q:How to deal with the middle of the mercury thermometer
Straining, sometimes feasible. However, the accuracy is not good to say.
Q:How much is the home refrigerator thermometer
The glass plate inside the freezer is too small to put things down. The rest is basically good.
Q:What is the red liquid in the thermometer?Household thermometer broke, the red liquid inside out red baby shower basin, like paint, with what method to clean out, and then give the child will not be poisonous,
The working substance is kerosene kerosene kerosene thermometer thermometer, it is generally higher than the boiling point of 150 DEG C, the freezing point is lower than -30 DEG C. So a kerosene thermometer range from about -30 to 150 DEG C. Because alcohol is the boiling point of 78 DEG C, the freezing point is -114 DEG C, alcohol thermometer can measure the temperature lower than kerosene temperature. But the temperature above 78 DEG C which it cannot be determined.
Q:How to look at the thermometer from the temperature is cold or hot
If more than 20 of the general can be hot, if the cold down on the 10, have to look at the outside environment, such as in the northeast, it may be felt on the heat of 10 degrees, in the south, may be cold on the 10 degree. Hot and cold is a feeling, can not explain the specific temperature.
Q:Where is the temperature of the oven thermometer
1, the normal oven is to set the number of temperature and temperature, heating to the number of temperature; a good oven settings and the actual basic is consistent, do not need to adjust your own!2, the regular oven set preheat temperature, press the start will automatically stop heating temperature;3, in addition to what you say is not very clear, what brand of oven, what type of?

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