Mini Global Locator GPS Personal Tracker GSM/GPRS/GPS

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Mini GPT06 Global Locator GPS Personal Tracker GSM/GPRS/GPS

GPT06 gps trackerWith PC/Mobile Phone/SMS GpsTracking.GPT06 has a wide range of industrial andcommercial applications, built-in high-capacity battery, bright LED flashlight,splashing waterproof, Outdoor activites Routes recorder Data logger


GPT06 portable GPS Tracker has a wide rangeof industrial and commercial applications, built-in high-capacity battery,bright LED flashlight, splashing waterproof, It can be widely used in:

PersonalTracking,Kids Tracking, Aged Tracking,Pet Tracking,Assets Tracking,VehicleTracking,Fleet Management



1. Supports quadbands,i.e. 850/900/1800/1900MHz, universal in the world.

2.DoubleModule,GPS & LBS positioning.

3. GPS precisepositioning with A-GPS and uploaded by GPRS regularly, Supports real-timetracking and history track playback.

4. Web browserplatform, Smart phone app platform and SMS query.

5.Supportsmultiple alarm, Built-in acceleration sensor with vibration, collision andfalling alarm.

6.GEO-Fence alarm.

7. Built-inhigh-capacity lithium battery, low battery alarm .

8.Built-highlightLED, can be used as a flashlight

9.Multipleprotocol support, OTA upgrade program.

10.Waterproof anddustproof, vehicle/ individual /pet are applicable


1. Vibration Alarm

2. Collision /falling Alarm

3.Speed Alarm

4. Geo-fence Alarm

5. Low batteryAlarm

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Q:Locator installed in someone else's car on the law
Does not constitute a crime. Civil tort only.
Q:What is the price of the car mounted GPS locator
Look at what the car, the price of different cars in general low - and medium - range car in 2500 to about 4000
Q:Electric cars can be installed GPS locator it?
You can install the locator, compass 360 electric vehicle anti-theft locator is mainly used Beidou satellite positioning system to achieve real-time positioning and tracking, historical trajectory query, electronic fence, remote power off and other functions.
Q:How to cancel QQ service positioning system
Set the privacy locator service to find QQ then close
Q:Does iPad have GPS positioning navigation capabilities?
This is not iPad, no GPS module, can not use the localization of GPS, but you can use the A -GPS to locate, need to use the network, so WiFi can not be achieved, cellular version, you can use cellular data card positioning and navigation.
Q:How much does it cost to install a concealed GPS locator? Which brand is good
1, look at what you install, there are wiring and wiring, I would like to install my own for example
Q:How to turn off the car GPS tracking locator
1, on the platform to see the show expired, is your service period, the need to pay the platform fee
Q:GPS locator which brand is good
The general locator is:1, positioning and tracking: through the platform or mobile phone to the terminal equipment to locate, understand the equipment running state. Positioning platform according to customer requirements.2, emergency trigger alarm: in the installation of the terminal equipment of the vehicle in an emergency, the police issued a call for help.3, remote control oil circuit and circuit: anytime, anywhere through mobile phone text messages to control the installation of the terminal equipment of the vehicle circuit and circuit.4, remote monitoring: call the phone number in the terminal device, can be heard at any time after the end of the device around the sound of 5 meters.5, mileage statistics, ACC detection function, power failure alarm function.
Q:Car GPS positioning system what line
Standard GPS locator only 4 lines need to be connected, so the first car in the following bold font to find a few lines. GPS red line, car locator DC12/24v GPS electric car, locator black line anode ground wire / GPS white line, car locator (ACC/ key line detection engine switch state, will take) GPS locator yellow line, car oil / oil line route (which can be accessed by)
Q:How to pay for the satellite locator on the car, how much to pay?
Direct charge to the flow of the card can be, as the phone recharge

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