Mini Fridge ETC6 46W 12 months Warranty

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Cold & heat are transferred through thermoelectric module.

Convenient-plug into any 12 volt cigarette lighter in car, boat or AC plug in home 

No noise hotel mini bar fridge; 
Thermoelectric technology; 
100% noiseless; 
CFC free; 
Environmental friendly.




Voltage:  DC 12V; 

AC: 100-240V  

Cold: 15-20℃ below ambient temperature  

Hot:  50-65℃ by set-point thermostat  

Warranty: 12 months  

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Q:The soup can be placed in the refrigerator cold?
At the same time, the thermostat probe is also covered by the frost layer. It can not detect the temperature in the box and stop the compressor. It can not be cooled. The compressor can be re operated only after the frost has been turned onTherefore, hot food can not be put directly into the refrigerator. Wait until the temperature drops to room temperature before putting it in the refrigerator
Q:How about too much ice in the fridge?
(3) the defrosting of refrigerator has brilliant idea. Some refrigerators need defrost, and the artificial refrigerator defrosting is time-consuming and laborious, and the defrosting effect is not good. Here you recommend a cream trick. According to the size of the refrigerator, cut a slightly thicker plastic film onto the frosted wall of the freezer without using any glue
Q:A glass of hot water and a glass of cold water. Put it in the fridge. Which one freezes first? Why?Physical problem
The fact that hot water freezes faster than cold water has been known for centuries. "The earliest data to mention and record this phenomenon can be traced back to Aristotle in 300 BC," he wrote:"Previously heated water helps it to freeze more quickly.". So when people want to cool the hot water, they will put it in the sun first..."But before twentieth Century, this phenomenon was regarded as a folk tale. It was not until 1969 that Mpemba was again presented in the scientific community. Since then, many experiments have confirmed the existence of the Mpemba effect, but there is no single explanation.Around 1461, physicist GiovanniMarliani argued in a debate about how objects cool down, that he had proved that hot water froze faster than cold water. He said he used four ounces of boiling water, and four ounces of unheated water, respectively, in two small containers, placed in a cold winter outside the house, and found that the first boiling water ice. But he has no ability to explain the phenomenon.By the early seventeenth Century, this phenomenon seemed to be common knowledge. In 1620, Bacon wrote, "when water is slightly heated, it freezes more easily than cold water.". Shortly afterwards, Descartes said, "experience has shown that water on the fire is frozen more quickly than other water.". "Until 1969, it was 500 years after the Marliani experiment, and a story about the phenomenon of Mpemba secondary school students in Tanzania's secondary school was published in the new NewScientist magazine. The story tells scientists and teachers not to ignore the observation of non scientists and not to judge too early.
Q:Master, how can the fridge be solved?
#showtooltip ice barrier/stopcasting/cancelAura ice barrier
Q:What does the stall in the refrigerator mean?
There is a 0-7 stall in the refrigerator of the refrigerator, which can adjust the temperature. But most users do not know the role of this gear and how to use it. Today, I will briefly introduce the function and application method of refrigerator, refrigerator and gear.The refrigerator of the mechanical temperature control refrigerator is provided with a gear position, which is actually a temperature controller. This refrigerator temperature control knob is marked with 0-7 numbers. These figures do not mean the specific temperature of the refrigerator. It represents the range of temperature control in the refrigerator and the temperature range of the control. Adjust the temperature controller of the refrigerator properly to reduce the power consumption. So what's the function of the thermostat mark number?
Q:1~7 number in refrigerator, which is high temperature and which is low temperature?
Some people may ask, the temperature is low in winter, but the temperature is low (thermostat value), summer temperature is high, but the high temperature settings (thermostat value is small), is not in the wrong?. In fact, a lot of people have this kind of wrong understanding, think winter temperature is low, you can set the refrigerator temperature high, summer temperature is high, want to set low.
Q:What is the height of the refrigerator outlet?
2 now because the power line lot of refrigerator is very short (about 1.2M), if the plug line short, Anker, patch board is not safe, more trouble.
Q:Why can't something hot be put into the fridge directly?
Two, affect the refrigerator cooling operation, thereby shortening the life of the refrigerator.Three, make freezer add frost cold degree, increase power consumption thereby
Q:Function of refrigerator,Only 20 minutes, quickly and quickly! Thanks.
Silk clothes are generally hard to iron. If you spray water into your clothes, place a nylon bag in the refrigerator and remove it in a few minutes.Dry battery - without the slow depreciation. If you put a dry cell in the refrigerator, it will extend its service life.- put the candle in the refrigerator so that it doesn't change. Freeze the candles for 24 hours before inserting them on the birthday cake. No tears will appear and the cake will be smeared.
Q:How do you choose the practicability of refrigerators?
The day before, the industry pointed out that the refrigerator on the market there are a lot of unrealistic propaganda, almost all kinds of refrigerators are called "green refrigerator", "environmental protection refrigerator", "fluorine free refrigerator, refrigerator and other names, it is easy to make consumers into misunderstanding. To this end, the industry pointed out that the following problems deserve consumer attention:

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