Mini Fridge ETC6 46W 12 months Warranty

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Cold & heat are transferred through thermoelectric module.

Convenient-plug into any 12 volt cigarette lighter in car, boat or AC plug in home 

No noise hotel mini bar fridge; 
Thermoelectric technology; 
100% noiseless; 
CFC free; 
Environmental friendly.




Voltage:  DC 12V; 

AC: 100-240V  

Cold: 15-20℃ below ambient temperature  

Hot:  50-65℃ by set-point thermostat  

Warranty: 12 months  

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Q:Can you leave the refrigerator on the floor?Hang the refrigerator on the wall, can you?,
Four, place in less damp placeBecause the shell and the shell of the compressor of the refrigerator is made of metal material, if long placed in damp places, will accelerate the corrosion of parts, paint falls off, so as to shorten the service life of the refrigerator.
Q:The bigger the number in the refrigerator, the higher the temperature or the greater the temperature is lower?number
The user should according to the seasonal environmental temperature to adjust the number of stalls, the summer should put in a small digital gear (1-3 file), spring and autumn should be adjusted in the digital intermediate files located in the digital archives of winter regulation should be located. Keep the freezer temperature at 18 degrees below zero left and right in the cold room, 0-12 degrees,
Q:How often do you clean the fridge? What's the best way to clean it?.
Clean, sterilize and disinfect the refrigerator at least once a week.It is the method to be correct, in addition to clean out, refrigerator parts of conventional disinfection, should pay attention to more efficient refrigerators use special disinfectant, to drip, septalium on the inside of the refrigerator and other dead spray disinfection.
Q:The soup can be placed in the refrigerator cold?
The soup can be placed in the refrigerator cold?
Q:How long can mutton be served in the fridge?
Frozen mutton after thawing, muscle color bright and shiny, fat white, quality times frozen, sheep flesh color, dark lack luster. Two is the viscosity identification, high quality frozen mutton after thawing, surface dry, moist, non stick hand; quality frozen mutton section slightly sticky hand. Three is the organization of state identification, the quality of frozen mutton thawed muscle structure, have a solid sense of muscle fiber toughness; the quality of frozen mutton muscle fiber has high toughness, deterioration of mutton tissue softening and relaxation, muscle fiber.
Q:I heard that stockings can be placed in the refrigerator. What's the good of it?
Buy new stockings do not open directly into the refrigerator freezer, put on 1 ~2 days. After taking about half a day and then put on, the temperature changes can increase the toughness of stockings, ice stockings are not easily damaged.1., before you wear, first dip stockings in a pot with a little vinegar or sugar in warm water, can make the fiber become more tough.
Q:How much should the refrigerator in winter be adjusted to?
The temperature control knob usually has 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, when the number is greater, the temperature in the freezer is lower. General spring autumn, we put 3 stalls, depending on your requirements, the freezer room can reach below 18 degrees below. In order to keep food fresh and save electricity, we can hit either 1 or 2 stalls in the summer and hit either 4 or 5 stalls in winter.
Q:What's wrong with the refrigerator?
There are several kinds of noise made by refrigerators:1. air flow and flow sound. This is the sound that is often heard during the running of the refrigerator, and it is also a soft normal noise. Because the refrigerant in the refrigerator to flow in the pipeline, the box temperature can be reduced rapidly. The refrigerant is divided into two kinds of gas and liquid, in the process of flow may make a slight noise, it is normal. In addition, the refrigerator fan cools the box rapidly during the refrigeration process, so that the temperature in the box body is uniform, and the noise can be generated during the operation. The temperature of the environment determines the thermal load of the refrigerator. In order to achieve intelligent matching, the speed of the fan increases with the increase of the ambient temperature. At this time, the noise of the fan will be correspondingly larger.
Q:Why can't chocolate be kept in the fridge?
Moreover, after the cold storage, the frosting on the surface will not only lose the original mellow flavor and taste, but also be beneficial to the propagation and growth of bacteria, which is susceptible to mildew and deterioration. After eating, it can cause harm to health.The best temperature for storing chocolate is between 5 and 18 degrees centigrade. In summer, if the room temperature is too high, it is best to use plastic bags sealed, and then placed in the refrigerator freezer storage. Please don't turn it on immediately when it is taken out. Let it slowly return to the temperature until it is near the room temperature. In winter, if the room temperature is below 20 degrees, store in a cool and ventilated place. Of course, in order to maintain the best flavor and taste of chocolate, it is best to eat how much, buy how much, every time to eat the freshest.
Q:How many layers are there in the refrigerator?
It's usually 4 degrees. In the middle is a cooler (0 degree) chamber or ice greenhouse that is lower than freezing but higher than freezing

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