Mini Fridge ETC6 46W 12 months Warranty

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Cold & heat are transferred through thermoelectric module.

Convenient-plug into any 12 volt cigarette lighter in car, boat or AC plug in home 

No noise hotel mini bar fridge; 
Thermoelectric technology; 
100% noiseless; 
CFC free; 
Environmental friendly.




Voltage:  DC 12V; 

AC: 100-240V  

Cold: 15-20℃ below ambient temperature  

Hot:  50-65℃ by set-point thermostat  

Warranty: 12 months  

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Q:Is the refrigerator shell hot?
Because all the refrigeration refrigeration equipment (including heat pump air conditioning refrigeration), is a process is endothermic and exothermic (simply process heat), no endothermic and exothermic is not no refrigeration equipment, refrigeration (heating).Therefore, when the refrigerator is in refrigeration (the compressor runs), the two sides of the box are exothermic. The essence of heat release is the absorption of heat in the food in the box (refrigeration).
Q:How long will the fresh milk keep in the fridge?
Milk is divided into two major categories. At present, most of the milk in the market belongs to antiseptic milk, which is what we often call "sterilized milk". Don't look at the milk packaging on different names, what "pure fresh milk", "fresh milk", "normal temperature milk", in fact, from the sterilization method, basically divided into two major categories.
Q:Why is the refrigerator in the home starting up but not refrigeration?
2. Secondly, the temperature of the refrigerator in the direct cooling refrigerator is adjusted automatically as the temperature of the freezing room is adjusted, and the temperature of the freezing room can be lowered. Generally, the temperature of the refrigerator is 4-10 degrees normal. Note that the greater the number of temperature controllers, the lower the temperature, the larger the summer figures, and the smaller the numbers in the winter. Plus often open the refrigerator door, more items in the refrigerator, resulting in refrigerators not refrigeration or cooling effect is not ideal.
Q:Is this refrigerator smaller and cooler? The bigger the refrigeration or digital?
The larger the number the more refrigeration.Summer, the general tune in about 3 is enough, and less food, you can also tune to 2 stalls. Winter, generally transferred to about 4 stalls, but also look at the refrigerator food, things more, a little lower, less things, a little higher.
Q:What's the icing on the back wall of the fridge?
In order to reduce the appearance of frost this situation, suggested that users should pay attention to in the use of the refrigerator: the refrigerator door and open the door to reduce the number of time; the refrigerator door must be closed to prevent leakage; the refrigerating chamber for placing food to have a certain gap, try not to close to the refrigerator interior biliary wall, it is best to use plastic wrap seal placed food water the note; the water drain is dirty is blocked, if blocked, to timely dredging.
Q:Where is the water in the fridge?
Either the compressor efficiency is not high, or there is no refrigerant, refrigerant may be freon, there are also HFCs and other hydrocarbons. This requires flushing the refrigerant.
Q:Why does the refrigerator suddenly sound?
You can open the refrigerator to understand the source of noiseThe noise mainly comes from the refrigerator compressor, evaporator and condenser pipe between the thermal expansion and contraction, friction or resonance, refrigerant in the pipeline flow and not produce vibration pad refrigerator.
Q:How do you adjust the temperature of the refrigerator?Is that O - 7 temperature, how to tune ah?
Mechanical refrigerator temperature control knob, there are 0 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 files, the larger the number, the freezer temperature is low, the compressor working time is long, the power consumption is large. The thermostat stalls should be based on the seasonal variation of temperature regulation, we can tune in 3, spring and autumn, you have to look at the specific requirements of the freezing chamber can reach 18 degrees below zero. In order to achieve the purpose of saving energy and food preservation, we can be transferred to the 1 or 2 stalls in summer, winter should be transferred to the 4 or 5 files.
Q:What's the temperature in the refrigerator?
Simple method of measuring temperature of the refrigerating chamber: thermometer into a cup filled with water, and then put the cup into the cold Wei room, location in the middle of a layer on the wall. The measurement time is at least 2 hours, then the temperature of the upper and lower layers is measured, and finally the average value is taken. In the "4" stall, the temperature of the general refrigerator is about 7.
Q:How about too much ice in the fridge?
Method for removing ice in refrigerator:(1) the first temperature compensation to 0, and then shut the refrigerator (not directly closed junction temperature compensation), unplug the power. The things in the drawer and frozen layer all out, so that the inside of the natural cream melted, with dry cloth, then you can recover.

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