Mini Fridge ETC4 No noise made from ABS plastic

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Product Description:

Cold & heat are transferred through thermoelectric module;

Convenient-plug into any 12 volt cigarette lighter in car, boat or plug into safe AC adaptor in.  

Power :  36W±10%  

DC: 12V; 


Cold: 15-20℃ below ambient temperature   

Hot: 50-60℃ by set-point thermostat  

No noise.  

Material: ABS plastic.


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Q:Can the refrigerator stop for a long time?
5, because the refrigerator refrigerant solidification point is very low, so don't worry about it will freeze, and put the refrigerator in high temperature place is better.6, people think that I do not use the refrigerator, you may have an idea is: I find a plastic bag cover to prevent it from falling, then you are wrong. Indoor air contains a certain amount of water, so please do not use plastic bags to cover up the refrigerator, the refrigerator is not easy to absorb moisture from the reasons, which may cause corrosion and damage of metal elements on the electrical components of the rust etc..7, if the conditions, it is best to pass the electricity once a month, so that the normal operation of the compressor, half an hour to an hour after the shutdown, so that the compressor preheating.
Q:What can be put in the fridge to remove odors?
3., tea in addition to flavor, put 50 grams of tea in the gauze bag, put in the refrigerator, can remove the odor,.1 months later, the tea taken in the sun exposure, can be used repeatedly, the effect is very good4., medical stone in addition to taste, take 500 grams of medical stone, sieve powder particles into the gauze bag, placed in the refrigerator, 10 minutes after the peculiar smell can be removed5., vinegar in addition to flavor, some vinegar into open glass bottles, placed in the refrigerator, deodorizing effect is also very good6., baking soda, in addition to flavor, take 500 grams of sodium bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate), packaged in two wide glass bottle (open the bottle cap), placed in the upper and lower layers of the refrigerator, odor can be removed
Q:Can the refrigerator tilt when it is moving?
Can tilt, but depends on the direction of compressor installation in the machine, if the tilt is too much, resulting in refrigerant compressor can not be normal cycle, will affect the cooling effect, it is better to put horizontally! If you can ensure that the compressor level in the ground plane, even if the refrigerator tilt ninety degrees will do!
Q:Why do some tea leaves need to be put in the refrigerator?
Tea aroma will slowly weaken that disappeared. So if you buy very early at the beginning of the new year is not that of the tea (not absolute, by the local climate cause tea sprouting earlier.
Q:What should I pay attention to when using the refrigerator?
3., after the refrigerator stop, do not immediately electrify, start the compressor, should stop 2~5 minutes after the start.4. temporary power outages, should first unplug the refrigerator plug. During the power outage, the number of unpacking doors should be minimized. Usually, the food in the case can be kept fresh for 15~20 hours when the door is closed.
Q:Why is the fever on both sides of the fridge?
Compressor is also involved in heat dissipation, in order to prevent the flow of condensed water, the refrigerator will generally condensed water to the upper part of the compressor in the water tank, using the heat of the compressor to evaporate into the air.
Q:I have a lot of water in the fridge freezer. What should I do?
4, cold drinks, water or other beverage containers reverse flow in the refrigerator, or beverage bottle lid is not tightened, cross over the food shelf, resulting in beverage flow.5, usually refrigerator door is not tight, or sealing tape damage, so that the outside hot air constantly flowing into the condensate.6, the refrigerator does not store too much warm food, such as hot drinks, hot tofu, mung bean soup and so on, so that the refrigerator instantaneous formation of large fog and water droplets, with the temperature drop, condensed into water.7, refrigerators stored in large water content, as the temperature drops, evaporation of water vapor in food, cold and condensation, and then into the water, flow in the refrigerator.
Q:Function of refrigerator,Only 20 minutes, quickly and quickly! Thanks.
store the soap softened by moisture in the refrigerator So that it can recover.- keeping the cigarettes in the refrigerator keeps them cool for a long time, and even makes them smell better
Q:Is it harmful to humans to use stainless steel tableware for leftovers?
Stainless steel, which contains a large number of alloy elements, such as chromium, nickel, titanium and other elements. For example, the typical 1Cr18Ni9Ti, that is, chromium containing 18%, containing nickel 9%, containing titanium 1%, so many alloy elements exist, not only reduced the proportion of iron,
Q:Refrigerator capillary ice plugging, oil block, what is the phenomenon of "block" distinction?! Why is it blocked?
Ice jam is due to poor vacuum treatment of refrigeration system, excessive water content or excessive water content in the refrigerant itself. Ice jam occurs mostly at the exit of the capillary. When the liquid refrigerant evaporates from the capillary to the evaporator, the volume expands greatly, becoming a gaseous state, absorbing large amounts of heat. At this point, the evaporation temperature can reach about 5 degrees, and the micro water in the system freezes with the refrigerant when it reaches the outlet of the capillary. As the refrigerant continues to cycle, the amount of ice formed increases gradually, and the capillary is completely blocked up to a certain extent.

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