Mini Fridge ETC4 No noise made from ABS plastic

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Product Description:

Cold & heat are transferred through thermoelectric module;

Convenient-plug into any 12 volt cigarette lighter in car, boat or plug into safe AC adaptor in.  

Power :  36W±10%  

DC: 12V; 


Cold: 15-20℃ below ambient temperature   

Hot: 50-60℃ by set-point thermostat  

No noise.  

Material: ABS plastic.


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Q:Is the refrigerator shell hot?
Because all the refrigeration refrigeration equipment (including heat pump air conditioning refrigeration), is a process is endothermic and exothermic (simply process heat), no endothermic and exothermic is not no refrigeration equipment, refrigeration (heating).Therefore, when the refrigerator is in refrigeration (the compressor runs), the two sides of the box are exothermic. The essence of heat release is the absorption of heat in the food in the box (refrigeration).
Q:The refrigerator doesn't work. What's the problem?
The socket is out of order. Try another one,The power may be out of order. Check the power.
Q:Own yogurt, placed in the refrigerator, a few days later, the surface is red, how can you eat?
Not recommended to eat, oh, I generally do the most cold storage of yogurt for 3 days, the normal is milky white, or the surface has a slight Huang Naiqing color, redness is definitely not normal
Q:How do you increase the temperature of the freezer?
Make it yourselfHaier refrigerator is generally divided into two kinds, one is mechanical, is a kind of artificial intelligence. The mechanical need to manually adjust the temperature, open the refrigerator, you will see the cold room will have a circular rotary switch, marked with a 0 to 7 numbers, 0 is a non working state, the larger the number the more refrigeration strong, 7 is the highest strength of refrigeration, as long as you can rotate the button to adjust the temperature, in general the 1~3 file, and 3~4 file, the winter 4~5 stalls.
Q:The power consumption of refrigerators in the United States is 0.46 kwh / day.
Except for the thought of opening the door. General frequency conversion power saving. But the difference will not exceed 0.3 degrees. Other refrigerators, such as double doors and three door refrigerators, open more doors. The daily power consumption will not exceed one degree
Q:The refrigerator is not a long time it will not affect the life of plug or other damage
Will have an impact. The core of the refrigerator is the compressor, which contains lubricating oil. Lubricating oil is liquid, and when the refrigerator is placed for a period of time, it will cause partial lubrication of the parts to be too thin.
Q:Can you leave the refrigerator on the floor?Hang the refrigerator on the wall, can you?,
This is not a dream when the refrigerator is hung on the wall.... not say no, but to consider two questions, the first is the weight, the refrigerator can not light guy, not like TV, take in the balance of weight may be light; second to ensure that the refrigerator back have certain space radiation to solve this, two cost and the actual use is not balanced.
Q:Can apples and pears be kept in the freezer for a long time?
5, bread: bread in the baking process, the flour in the amylose segment of the starch has been aging, and this is the bread to produce flexible and soft structure reasons. With the extension of the shelf time, the amylose portion of the amylopectin gradually associates with the bread and gradually hardens the soft bread. This phenomenon is called "aging"". The speed of ageing is related to temperature. At low temperatures (above freezing point), the aging process is faster, while the bread in the refrigerator hardens more quickly.6, green peppers cucumber: cucumber, green peppers in the refrigerator frozen and stored for a long time, there will be "injured" - black, soft, sour. Cucumber also long hair sticky. Because the storage temperature in the refrigerator is generally between 4 and 6 degrees Celsius, while the suitable storage temperature of cucumber is from 10 to 12, and the green pepper is from 7 to 8. Therefore, it should not be stored for long.
Q:When the wine is on, do not keep it in the refrigerator. How many days can it keep?
Red wine when consumed generally pour more than half of the cup, the maximum can not exceed the cup of 2/3. The best drinking temperature of wine is about 12 C to 20 degrees C. In summer, it is best to refrigerate in the refrigerator or ice bucket beforehand. Red wine should be opened 1 hours before drinking so as to allow the wine to breathe fully and increase the vitality. When the wine is opened, it should be finished within a week, because the wine after opening is constantly in contact with the air and it will soon become tasteless because of the exhaustion of life.
Q:Can bananas be frozen in the refrigerator? Why?
Consumers in the north often don't know much about tropical fruit. In fact, most of them are cold, and they are not suitable for cold storage in the refrigerator. The pericarp is sunken and some dark brown spots indicate that the fruit has been bitten by frost. Frozen fruit is not only damaged nutrients, but also very perishable. In a few days the color of the flesh turns brown and begins to decay.Tropical and subtropical fruits are afraid of low temperature, which is related to their growing areas and climate. In general, fruits grown in warm areas, especially in summer, are less resistant to cold than those grown in colder climates and in autumn. Therefore, some temperate fruits, such as grapes, apples and pears in the fridge can play the role of the preservation, preservation of banana and mango in ten degrees Celsius temperature, skin will turn black; pineapple at 6 C and 10 C under preservation, not only will peel color, flesh may become water soaked litchi and longan, rambutan etc.; at 1 C and 2 C under preservation, Pericarp Color will darken, endocarp appears like burned like spots, so often can not eat fruit.

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