Mini excavators with 2 tons lifting capacity and yuchai engine

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Quick Details

Model Number: WY15

Condition: New

Moving Type: Crawler Excavator

Operating Weight: 1ton

Bucket capacity: 0.05m3

Maximum Digging Height: 3200mm

Maximum Digging Depth: 2100mm

Machine Weight: 1550kg

Max Digging Radius: 3530mm

Certification: ISO9001:2008

After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas

We will send you a full set of weraing parts and tools with the machine freely.

We also will apply C/O(certificate of origin) freely for you, you may needn't pay for import tariff.

Optional attachments are a 300 mm, 900mm bucket and a breaker hammer.

We have 2 kind crawler, one is rubber crawler, the other one is steel crawler, but the price of them is same.

3 sets can be put into a 20' container.


Technical parameters


Total weight

1550 KG

Max. digging force


Bucket capacity

0.05 M3

Unit pressure of ground


Diesel engine


Type of pump

Gear pump

Rated power/speed


Setting pressure


Max. torque


Pump output


Traveling speed


Swing motor

Axial plunger +speed reduce

Swing speed


Traveling motor

Axial plunger +speed reduce

Grade ability


Hydraulic system


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Q:What kind of industry does excavator belong to? Ten
This industry is called Earth and stone machinery construction industry.
Q:What kind of excavator is trong?
Usually with tracks or wheels. Because of its special appearance, in the various titles, such as backhoes, backhoe digging machine, etc..
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Q:what are the pros of open-pit mining?
Open-pit mining (as opposed to underground mining) has several advantages:- 1) Low cost of recovery - large trucks can enter the mine, get filled up with rock from a large excavator and drive away to the processing plant. 2) No need to leave stability pillars, necessary to hold up underground mine workings but which may contain valuable ore that is effectively lost to the mining company. 3) Ease of beneficiation - surface mines are usually composed of materials (oxides in the case of metalliferous mines) that are easier to handle and easier to treat in order to recover their marketable product as a result of being so close to surface. 4) Safer environment - so much less problem of rock falls, hanging wall collapse resulting in a lower injury rate than in underground mine.
Q:A question about Troy?
The Troy I settlement, first discovered by Heinrich Schliemann, sits just above the bedrock, the top of the earth's crust. Therefore archaeologists assume that even though there were people living just a few miles from Troy, no one had decided to build a real town at that exact location until around 2700 BCE. Several older villages near Troy were studied by Schliemann, Carl Blegen and the current excavators. Two of the villages contained real evidence of early human settlement: Hanay Tepe and Kumtepe. Both belong to the period before the Bronze Age, called the Neolithic, or New Stone Age. During the Neolithic farming and pottery-making were in full swing. The practice of religion required some organization, but society was simply ordered compared to the Bronze Age, when the evidence suggests greater (priest, trader, ruler, craftsman, farmer, etc.) and perhaps greater difference between rich and poor. During the Neolithic period chipped stone was used more often for tools than metal. During the Bronze Age, metal tools were used more often. After any catastrophic destruction (earthquake, war, fire, plague) the people of Troy who survived usually rebuilt right away. Survivors, or victors, were in such a big hurry to rebuild that they did not bother to cart away the remains of the destroyed city. They would level things off a little, and just build on top! This explains why, after nearly 2000 years of occupation, the city was built up by about 30 feet. L8r
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Q:Where can I buy rc earth moving equipment in South Africa.?
You've asked this in the wrong category. Possibly someone in the Travel category under Africa might be able to help.
Q:Hello everyone, I want to ask some questions about archaeology. Can an excavation site be accessible to the public? thx for your answers?
Many excavations in urban settings can be viewed by the public. In addition, some excavations have public outreach and education as one of their objectives. These projects can offer limited hands-on experience to interested persons.If you are interested in participating, you should join your local archaeological group for avocationals. These groups are the best source of information about what is happening in your community.

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