Mini Construction Machinery 708 wheel loader

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Product Description:



0.6cbm standard bucket with teeth

Chanchai 490 Engine(38KW) with pre-heater

Hydraulic Transmission with torque converter

Adjustable steering wheel

Tipping cabin is easy to repair

Cabin with Warm Heater and Adjustable Seat

Mechanical joystick

Standard tires 8.25-16



Min. fuel consuming rate


Transmission system

Model of torque converter



Single-phase single-stage radial-inward turbine triples

Gearbox type

Fixed-spindle power shift

Gear shift


Max travel speed(km)


Hydraulic system

Valve distributing working


Working pump


Pressure of working hydraulic system (Mpa)


Steering system


Articulated hydraulic steering


Max. turning angle


Min turning radius(mm)


Min ground clearance(mm)


Brake mode

Oil Brake(Vacuum Booster)


Standard tires


Optional tires

12-16.5 or 14-17.5








Basic Parameter

Overall weight(kg)




Rated bucket capacity(m3)


Rated load(kg)


Max dump height(mm)


Max. breakout force(KN)


Wheel base




Max grade ability


Max dump reach


Performance of bucket being set level


Total of three time:

lifting, dumping, lowering(s)




Changchai 490 with pre-heater


Inline arrangement, Water cooling, four-stroke, 4-cylinder

Rated power(kw)


Rated speed(r/min)





Packing details

1pcs/20GP       3pcs/40HQ

Delivery time

15 days upon receipt the deposit

Warranty time

1 year since the BL date


Optional Attachments


Quick Hitch                              

Hydraulic 3-way Pilot Joystick                

Electronic joystick                            

Reserving Camera                            

Pallet Fork                                    

A/C(Air Conditioner)                                        

Grass Fork                                    

Snow Blade                                  

Snow Blower                          

Wide tires 12-16.5  

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There's a stupid way to help you. You can find it along the throttle line of the engine
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I'm not an expert at magic since i started playing recently but i would take out 2 terramorphic expanses and add 2 more plains since white is a major color in your deck. Also amulet of vigor would be helpful since alot of your lands come into play tapped so take out sejiri steppe for a couple.
Q:I need directions on changing motor oil on Caterpillar 320cl excavator?
at the back of the machine on the swing structurebelow the engine there should be a a hole in the metal or you can remove a peice of the metal but it should be at the back of the machine not far from the counter weight but if you look there is a hole or something you mite have to remove but they have a way of getting back there to do that if you still cant find it call you local cat dealer and they will beable to tell you were it is
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I generally agree with visibility, but I believe a shade of yellow is also a trademark for Caterpillar® I have seen a number of on imported (in the US) excavators (trackhoes) that were not yellow.
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31 75 new machines in Sishiyierwan around. About two hundred thousand of second-hand excavator, excavator second-hand price according to the condition of the machine, the use of time, there are no major accidents and maintenance evaluation, suggestions of second-hand excavator, the risk of small, quick returns, but don't go to the market, you can go and see the two dragons and fishes jumbled together, large hand excavator market, such as Kunshan dig Xiang second-hand excavator market.
Q:Kato 450 excavator multiple
Kato 450 operating weight (kg):11600 (1) model: MITSUBISHI Mitsubishi 4D31T (2) bucket rod digging force (kN):53.9 (3) bucket digging force (kN):75.5 (4) origin: Japan (5) bucket capacity (square):0.22-0.55

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