Mini Colorful Rechargeable Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

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Product Description:

Product Description

Mini Wireless Bluetooth Rechargeable Stereo Speaker For iPhone 5 4S Samsung PC


powered portable speaker

1.CE & ROHS certification.

2.Manufacturer with reasonable price.

Mini Colorful Rechargeable Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

1.Support any mobile devices with Bluetooth function

2.100% Brand new & high quality with -Retail Packaging

3.Built-in Li-Ion Rechargea

ble Battery for up to 4 hours of playtime

4.Enhanced Bass Resonator with Powerful Sound

5.The Mini speaker is small and light enough to tuck into your bag

6.Portable Mini Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

7.The Mini speaker offers great sound quality with powerful 3 Watt RMS

8.360°omni-directional sound

Mini Colorful Rechargeable Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Product Details:

1.There are music files within the TF card into the machine,the speaker automatically switches to the TF card status,start playing TF card music files.

2.Built-in microphone, support hands-free calling function, making calls more secure, more convenient;

3.Built in rechargeable battery , charged by computer via USB interface.


5.White box packing or Color box packing

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Q:What's the difference between component speakers and just speakers?
Component speakers consist of a pair of mid range speakers, a pair of cross overs, and a pair of tweeters. Regular speakers are only mid range speakers for a one way style, a mid range with a tweeter attached to it for a two way, and a mid range with two tweeters attached to it for a three way style. They are both good but components usually cost more. Hope this helped
Q:Jamo vs lg speakers for home theatre?
Hi as neither are exceptional speakers it makes little difference which you use. not like a mordant short set or nightingale speakers.
Q:Good cheap ipod speakers?
for under $40 iLive IS208B Stereo Speaker System with iPod Dock (Black) GMX or Altec Lansing inMotion COMPACT iM310 Portable Speakers for iPod and MP3 Player for up $40 but under $50
Q:Need help hooking up speakers!?
The speakers that have the 3.5 plugs are computer speakers they may have an amp built in and that would harm the radio, if no amp is inside the speaker you can cut the plug off one end and just run bare wire that way but the impedance of the speakers may not match the radio either so you need to find out what impedance the speakers are and the impedance tolerance of the radio.
Q:would aftermarket speakers?
it depends if u get like infiniti or sony or if u get a generic ones its pointless. the stock ones are always better
Q:Can the speakers of dell laptop be changed?
Most laptop speakers are attached to the case and not the mainboard, such is the case with your Dell. The speakers can be replaced with almost any other speaker harvested from other laptops with some minor modification. The connectors will have to be changed or soldered on and you may have to glue the speakers in if the mounts don't fit.
Q:Would active or passive PA speakers be cheaper?
Passive speakers are less expensive than active speakers, with active speakers you are paying for the drivers plus an amp, many speaker companies that offer pa speakers have a passive and active speaker that are almost the exact same quality except for the built in ampand the passive one will cost lessThe advantage of powered speakers is simplicity not price, they are easier to set up and tear down with less equipment to account for. But also in your case you may need a more powerful amp, as low power is the number one cause of blown speakers.
Q:How much wattage should I have without breaking the amp and speaker? What's the difference between a subwoofer?
wattage comes in two flavors Peak-to-peek and RMS. A speaker is rated in OHMS. A 2 ohm speaker that is driven by a 50 watt amp - will be MUCH LOUDER than an 8 ohm speaker, driven by that same amp. You actually can damage a speaker with an UNDER-POWERED amp as well what happens is the AMP can't keep up with the power demand so it DUMPS all it's wattage in spurts which can damage your VOICE COIL(S). A sub-woofer is a speaker or set of speakers which has a very low FREQUENCY BAND. they often require more WATTAGE to provide the same output when compared to BASS speakers or MID-RANGE speakers. I hope that helps.
Q:Should I buy some bookshelf speakers?
Id say using actual bookshelf speakers and a receiver is a step up from near-field desk PC speakers, yes.
Q:Help with fixing speakers?
Buy new speakers. or in the bottom right corner of your computer click the picture of a speaker and ajust it you could have just blew your speaker

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