Mini Colorful Rechargeable Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

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Product Description:

Product Description

Mini Wireless Bluetooth Rechargeable Stereo Speaker For iPhone 5 4S Samsung PC


powered portable speaker

1.CE & ROHS certification.

2.Manufacturer with reasonable price.

Mini Colorful Rechargeable Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

1.Support any mobile devices with Bluetooth function

2.100% Brand new & high quality with -Retail Packaging

3.Built-in Li-Ion Rechargea

ble Battery for up to 4 hours of playtime

4.Enhanced Bass Resonator with Powerful Sound

5.The Mini speaker is small and light enough to tuck into your bag

6.Portable Mini Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

7.The Mini speaker offers great sound quality with powerful 3 Watt RMS

8.360°omni-directional sound

Mini Colorful Rechargeable Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Product Details:

1.There are music files within the TF card into the machine,the speaker automatically switches to the TF card status,start playing TF card music files.

2.Built-in microphone, support hands-free calling function, making calls more secure, more convenient;

3.Built in rechargeable battery , charged by computer via USB interface.


5.White box packing or Color box packing

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Q:Which speakers should I buy?
Crutchfield can be a good source of information as well as products, Yoy usually can do better on the prices, however.
Q:what size speakers in 2002 grand prix?
Front Door: 5-1/4 Rear Deck: 4 Rear Deck: 6x9 Q. My Bose speaker is blown, can I replace it with any other speaker? A. In most cases it is not a blown speaker but a defective Bose amplifier. If you have done some troubleshooting and determined it is a defective speaker, it needs to be replaced with a Bose speaker. Most Bose speakers are one or two ohm. Aftermarket speakers are four ohm. Replacement with an aftermarket speaker will cause amplifier output power to drop in half or to one quarter. You will notice the difference in volume! Speakers are available directly from Bose $40 each for most vehicles over ten years old, (800)231-2673.
Q:Whats wrong with my Computer speakers?
You need to check one place before you go on. Plug your working speakers into the back of your computer. Do the speakers work? If the speakers work, then your sub-woofer is the problem. If the speaker does not work then your sound card or mother board is the problem. Check anywhere that you have sound properties and check the balance. If speakers work in back of your computer, there is a couple of things to do. Is the sub-woofer under warranty? Take it back to get it fixed or replaced. If not, here is the last step. Unplug any power source going to the sub-woofer. Next, gently loosen the screws holding the plate where the connections are located. Gently pull the plate out so you can look at the back of the plate. Is there any loose wire/s? If there is and you are good with your hands, you can re solder the wire/s back in place. If there is no loose wire/s, then the cross-over circuit is your problem. I hope this helps. Post additional info if something comes up.
Q:Nissan Altima Stock Speakers?????
Front speakers Dash : Tweeter factory speaker note Front Door : 5-1/4 factory speaker note Rear speakers Rear Deck : 6x9
Q:what are some Good Computer Speakers?
A good home stereo system can do better for the same -- or, in some instances, less -- money than can special computer speakers. A decent receiver (capable of 30 or more watts per channel) and a pair of respectable bookshelf speakers (having 8 or larger low-frequency drivers) should blow away any computer speaker ever made. Good used equipment is available. Look around in your area. Thrift stores sometimes have a few usable components, as do estate sales, garage/yard sales, rummage sales, and swap meets (including amateur-radio swaps). Don't scoff at used equipment. In many cases, it's better than what you can buy new. As an example, I bought a pair of JBL 4310 speakers for $25 at a moving sale, and a Kenwood KR-6200 receiver for $30 at an amateur-radio swap. Superior sound for $55. It can be done. Think about it.
Q:speaker help. need help with instilling speaker.?
speakers usually only require 2 wires to hook up. find the 2 that supply it and hook those up. i have never seen so many wires on a speaker
Q:Power question for Amp and PA speaker?
No it doesn't. You PA is rated at 50 watt max. Amp is rated at 200 watts. It will work.
Q:1998 Honda Accord Speakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
drooze is nice, any aftermarket speaker is going to be extra effective than the cardboard audio equipment the vehicle got here with. via using changing the audio equipment, the sound would be plenty extra effective, in spite of the inventory head unit and much extra effective with a clean head unit. The audio equipment are literally made up of a few style of paper board, I replaced mine interior of two years of possessing my ninety 9 Accord.
Q:Speakers on my computer?
re-install the software and drivers for the soundcard and if that don't work un-install and start over
Q:replacing speakers?
Yes. If you are only replacing the speakers. Since the amp powering the speakers will output at 8ohms and the new speakers will be 4ohms, your ohm load will be high to low. This will cause the amp to work twice as hard and it will overheat, if not fail.

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