Mini Bluetooh Speaker with Rechargeable Battery with Handsfree Mic

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We will check each speaker to make sure 100% qualitybefore we ship

Pls tell us which color do you want when you place an order. Or we will send random color.
Jambox Style Mini Bluetooh Speaker with Rechargeable Battery with Handsfree MicJambox Style Mini Bluetooh Speaker with Rechargeable Battery with Handsfree Mic


Allows you answer the call and listen to stereo music.

Hand-free for cell phones;

Support TF card (card not included), MP3 play.

AUX audio input, can connect with PC and cell phone by audio cable.

The newest design---the Water Cube pattern,

Convenient design, you can control the volume of music with the speaker, you can also choose the last song or next song through it.

Rechargeable battery, can be charged via USB.


Color: Black

Version: Bluetooth V3.0+EDR

Output power:3W*2(1KHz,THD10%)

Input power: 5/1000MA AC power adapter

Frequency: 150-18000KHZ

Speaker: Outer diameter 52MM, Antimagnetic

Transfer distance :< 10m (It depends on the Bluetooth device and the environment)

Battery: Built-in polymer lithium batteries

Package Content:

  • 1x Bluetooth Speaker in Black

    1x USB Cable

    1x Audio Cable

    1x Manual
    Jambox Style Mini Bluetooh Speaker with Rechargeable Battery with Handsfree Mic

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