Mini bagged vacuum cleaner with ERP Class C#B615

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1000 unit
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40000 unit/month

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Product Description:

Model: C615


Product Specifications:


1pc dust bag,Cable length 4.8M, 1PC HOSE,2pcs plastic tubes,2pcs Plastic brush,Giftbox Packing

Optional accessories:

1pc metallic tube,1pc Plastic brush, Nozzles



Loading QTY


Dust Capacity



AC 100V-240V

Rated power


Power control on body







3.5/4.0kg(gift box)


420*300*345mm(gift box)

Vacuum (Kpa)



Full dust indicator


Silent design low noise

High suction power

No consuming material

Easy carrying handle

Automatic cord rewinder

HOSE swivel 360 degree rotation

Additional Info.

Trademark:OEM, ODM

Packing:Gift Box / Export Cartons

Standard:CE, GS, CB, EMC,ROHS


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Q:How hard is it to replace a power cord to a Kenmore vacuum?
Q:vaccum cleaner dust and bacteria?
Many vacuum cleaners do an excellent job of picking up dust and dirt. Those that use bags to dispose of the sweepings do a good job of retaining the dust and dirt in the bag. Whether it eliminates bacteria is not indicated on the bag.
Q:Why do vacuum cleaners make so much noise!?
Q:Can other cleaners be used in rug doctor cleaning vacuum?
Yes. The trick is to use low sud-sing detergents such as laundry soaps NOT dish soap.
Q:Is it ok to get vacuum cleaners filters wet?
Should be fine as long as they are dry before you try to use them.
Q:what is the best brand of vacuum cleaner? I'm about to buy one!?
its not the brand, its how it works and will it keep on working , DYSON DYSON DYSON this guy spent 15 years make sure it did just that , who are we to questions his dedication? i hope i helped , ive used every other one ,and they looked good, but were crap lol
Q:What's the best way to make a vacuum stronger?
The best way to make a vacuum stronger is to make a best valve.
Q:Is it worth it to get an old (circa 1950s) Electrolux vacuum fixed?
I have a Dyson vacuum and it was worth every penny. I have a toddler and two dogs in the house, so it gets used a lot! I vacuumed with the old vacuum, and then vacuumed again with the new Dyson vacuum and it picked up a whole canister of gunk. It is the first bagless vacuum that I have ever had that did not start to lose suction quickly. The hose is in the handle, which is very handy and the whole vacuum is very light weight.
Q:How have machines been harmful AND helpful to our society?
they've been both; harmful and helpful! yet we cant live without them xox

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