Mini Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner upgrade for Home

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10000 unit/month

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Product Description:


  1. Anti-collision.

  2. Dirt detection fucntion:can:During the operation of the robot, if it reaches a place with a lot of dirt or debris, the robot will increase intensity to such area and prolong the cleaning time

  3. Disposable bag for dustbin, which is the breakthrough for the robot vacuum cleaner. (Optional,not free of charge)

  4. The mopping, which is made of high fiber, is with high absorbability of water. It can be used in wet and dry condition

  5. Multi- modes for cleaning: Auto cleaning mode and Spot cleaning mode

  6. Only with 237.5px height and 800px diameter, which can go through under sofa and bed.

  7. Virtual Wall:(790)It sends some special IR signals to form a blocked area to prevent the cleaner from entering unnecessary areas(Optional,not free of charge)

  8. Flexible side brush. Single motor to control side brush’s work to make robot even more efficient at cleaning edges and corners.

  9. Remote Controller;Control the robot within 10 meters

  10. Anti-falling function

  11. Low noise:< 55dB

  12. Large Capacity Dustbin-0.7L

  13. Fragrance(Optional,not free of charge)

  14. Works on carpet,hardwood,linoleum & tile

  15. Lovely noice when meet the problems.  

  16. LCD display: easy to operation

  17. UV sterilization function

  18. Main Accessories:

  19. Main cleaner unit*1

  20. Virtual wall *1

  21. Adaptor *1

  22. Charger base *1

  23. Side Brush *2

  24. Brush clean tool* 1

  25. Remote controller *1

  26. Mopping sheet with mop*1

  27. Mop*1

  28. Hepa filter*1

  29. Disposable bag *10

  30. Operating manual *1

  31. Certificate: CE, RoHs 

Product Specifications:

  1. power Supply: Input AC 100--240V 50/60 Hz

  2. Output DC: 22V

  3. Unit average Power: 35 Watt

  4. NI-ion Battery Voltage: 14.4 V 2500 mAH

  5. Charge time: 3--4.5 Hours; Working time: 60--90 minutes 


  1. Shipment Lead time details:

  2. Sample: in 3 days

  3. Bulk order(OEM): in 15--20 days

  4. New tooling(ODM): in 30 days)

  5. We use express courier to ship out our product: DHL, UPS, TNT, EMS, FEDAX. BY air, by Sea

  6. The deliery time of each shipment will vary between countries

  7. Units per 20"/40"/40":1120/2320/2900pcs



Black, white

Running Time

Min. 70 minutes


DC 14.4V

Working Area

4.8M*4.0Min 20 min.



Charging Time


Noise Level






N. W




Gift box size


Dust Bin Capacity


Carton Size


Mini Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner upgrade for Home


What kind of floors can machine clean, carpet is ok?  

Answer: You can clean the wood floors, ceramic tile, marble and short-haired carpet; But if it is carpet, then we should get rid of mopping function, because the carpet can not be mopped.


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Q:What's the difference between vacuum and centrifugal dust collection?
In the process of using, the traditional vacuum cleaner is difficult to maintain in the later stage of air intake
Q:What are the structural principles of a vacuum cleaner?
All suction vacuum cleaners are equipped with hard hoses for connecting soft hoses and accessories for cleaning.
Q:What is the development status of vacuum cleaners?
Nowadays, the vacuum cleaner not only functions more and more, the appearance is becoming more and more beautiful, and its price is more and more cheap. It is loved by many people.
Q:How to repair the vibration lever of vacuum cleaner?
Remove the clamps at both ends, then remove the belt and bring the vibration lever out of the housing
Q:What are the important parameters of the vacuum cleaner?
Vacuum: an important indicator of suction size. The index is also related to power. The greater the general power, the higher the index should be
Q:How to repair the starting switch of vacuum cleaner?
With a break through detector or a multimeter, make sure that the switch is switched off when the switch is switched off and that the switch is closed
Q:What is the working principle of a vacuum cleaner?
Inside the machine, there is an electric fan, which operates at high speed and makes the vacuum inside the vacuum cleaner
Q:How to clean a portable vacuum cleaner?
Clean appearance is relatively easy, generally only need to use a soft cloth dipped in soapy water wipe, but do not use organic solvent cleaning, to avoid the appearance of plastic crack, fade or paint, but also can not use steel balls and other hard objects clean, so as not to damage the body.
Q:Who invented the earliest vacuum cleaners?
1907 Ohio inventor Shiban Guerra made cleaner light, he was the administrator in a shop, in order to reduce the burden of the carpet, a vacuum cleaner is made, with fans will create a vacuum dust inhalation machine, and then into the pocket
Q:What are the filtration methods for vacuum cleaners?
Dust bag through the dust bag and HEPA filter material filter, to filter out frequent replacement of the dust bag: 99.99% dimensions as low as 0.3 micron particles, every time you have used to replace the dust bag, dust bag filter for use, easy to clean, do not need to clean up every day. The disadvantage is long time, the filter capacity of the dust bag has declined, the cloth pores will open, filtering ability drops seriously, need to change.

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