Mini Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner 203 upgrade for Home

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500 unit
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10000 unit/month

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Product Description:

This product is a revolutionary robotic vacuum cleaner . It utilizes:
2 Rolling brush by triangle allocation
2 Side brush
2 storey dust bin unique design
2 option clean method---Non-collided and Soft-touched
6 drop sensors to keep unit from falling off
High and silence vacuum suction
Sonic-Wall ---- Virtual blocking unit
Auto self charging base ----Smart and efficiency
Ultraviolet light to disinfect air from air outlet
Spot spiral movement---- Used remoter Mode 1, from inside to outside cycling
All cleaning parts could renew from unit outside and by yourself
Cleaning a wide variety of floor types
Optimum dimension 33*8 cm (13 *3.1 inch) ----Enables cleaning under beds and furniture

Robot Vacuum Cleaner specification :

Model NO.: 





Without Bag


Robot Vacuum Cleaner






Black ,white

Diameter :






Dust Bin Capaci t y:

0.32 liter

Speed :

18.5~20.5 cm/sec


DC 14.4V

Power consumption: 


Remote controller type :


Indicator type :

LED with pattern

Noise Level: 

Max. 55dB

Suction Power :


Sweep capacity :

rubbish size L: 150px , Section : 0.9 cm x 0.9 cm

Cleaning Algorithms

1.  Special Bounce2.  Spiral3.    Along Wall4.    "S" Shape5.   Polygonal Spiral

Charging Time: 


Battery : 

Ni-MH 2800mA

Running Time: 

Min. 70 minutes

Room coverage :

4.8m*4m in 20min.

Crawling up ability :


Non-colliding-sensor detected height

min. 137.5px

Non-colliding-sensor detected width

45°in ahead  >162.5px ; -22.5°~-82.5°>62.5px ; +22.5°~+82.5°>62.5px    

Non-colliding-sensor detected distance





Black, white

Running Time

Min. 70 minutes


DC 14.4V

Working Area

4.8M*4.0Min 20 min.



Charging Time


Noise Level






N. W




Gift box size


Dust Bin Capacity


Carton Size



What`s in the color box?

1 XMain unit

1 X Charging base

1 X box of spare parts ( side brush *2 + filter* 2 )

1 X Remote Control 

1 X SonicWall 

1 X Battery pack

1 X Charger

1 X Manual

1 X Cleaner brush ( on the top of dust bin)

1 X Rolling brush cleaner ( on the back of charging base )

Mini Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner 203 upgrade for Home


What is your packaging of robot vacuum cleaner?

It's according to client's  requests.we can also accept OEM.

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Q:How do you vacuum up hair?
its not your vacuum cleaners fault. its the fact that your hair sticks to the carpets fibre so well. i have this same problem and my vacuum isnt good enough to do the job. what i do, is a get a broom. it must be very strong and have strong brissles. dont use the pathetic soft broom. the broom i use, is kind of like a scribbing broom used to scrub tiles. so basically just use it like a vacuum cleaner, and it will pick up all that hair from your carpet :)
Q:Who to sell Kirby vacuum cleaners to?
most people will go to walmart or Target to buy a vac for a hundred bucks. yours can be 10 times that. what would you do? get another job someplace.
Q:Dust problem for conure?
Get a vacuum cleaner that will pick up dust. These new vacuum cleaners they've come up with have Hepa filters in them and are supposed to be good if you have allergies and such. Might be helpful for the bird as well. I have one myself because I have 2 cats and a lot of hair shedding. It works great. Might want to try that.
Q:Is going door to door like a cheap vacuum cleaner salesman the best way to spread the eternal word of god?
It is best to make contacts any way and any time you can. I have set up bible studies while going door to door and I know several people who have become Christians after bible studies that were set up during door-knocking campaigns. Door knocking is a whole lot better than doing nothing (and I have seen it work)! .
Q:Does a professional manual and parts list exist for repairing old Hoover upright vacuum cleaners?
I even have had the wonderful success with a Hoover vacuum. My first one lasted incredibly much 7 years till now it particularly does no longer %. up lots. I might desire to do particularly some vacuuming when you consider that I even have 2 canine and a couple of cats and it does an fairly good activity choosing up each and all of the hair. Bissell is likewise a good kind to get yet i could advise staying removed from Kirby. I even have had no longer something yet issues when I had one. no longer choosing up puppy hair and having to hoover the comparable spot for what looked like continuously for it to %. up something. i'm no longer probable valuable approximately Shark however. i haven't heard something approximately them. I at present very own a Hoover Bagless vacuum and purely like it. i think of if and while i might desire to get a clean vacuum and decide to pass with a distinctive kind, i could might desire to get a Dyson.
Q:Does cordless handheld vacuum cleaners always come in short in duration?
Killer design, but yes, unfortunately, they run out fast...and dry
Q:Were Hoover vacuum cleaners ever sold door to door?
hoover was in the 1950s were sold door to door.
Q:What is the deal with dogs and vacuum cleaners?
It is crazy! One dog just hides with the cats-yea! The other used to bark at and try to attack the vacuum and the broom or rake and the leaf blower! I started out just removing the animals when I did these things. Now, when I get out the vacuum, I let them see it and leave space for the hiding one to run to his crate and I tell the other dog to go downstairs, if I'm upstairs, or ask her if she wants to go out. And I did do the teaching not to be fearful of noises, etc., the person quoting Dog Whisperer and all training books describe. But, my goal was to keep them out from underfoot for this, so allowing them to think the vacuum's powers are to be awed, and keep your distance from, was a good thing. I just turned the lunging behavior into one of getting away from me.
Q:Where Can I Find Cheap Central Vacuums?
buy cheap you'll regret it the rest of your life-go for the best...
Q:Handheld battery vacuum--is there one?
Hi, Hope this helps.

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