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Light stripping: Comfortable handle Whole heat treatment: Precision grinding

Product Description:









 Key specification:

1.cut any cleanly strips electrical wire from 10 to 22 gauge

Insert tip of wire into marked holes to determine the size of the wire to be stripped 

Squeeze the handle to strip easily and without nicking the wire

2.crimps both insulated and non-insulated ignition terminals

3.tool has black oxide finish for rust resistance

4.Vinyl clad cushion grip handles insulate as well as provide comfort of use



Using the method of the wire stripping pliers

All by hand if the wire stripping pliers groove is then a simple select wire size cut a pull on the line. If and oblique mouth clamp like it by hand, clip to a certain strength, a pull on the line.



Key points:

 according to the diameter of the wire, the wire stripper blade aperture


1.According to the thickness of the cable type, select the corresponding stripping knife

2.The cable will be ready in the middle stripping tool blade, to choose a good length of wire stripping

3.Hold the stripping tool handle, cable clip, cable force slowly slowly peeling off the outer skin


4.Loosen the tool handle, then remove the cable, cable metal neatly exposed outside, the rest of the plastic insulation intact.




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Q:What kind of material does nail clippers have?
I am a nail clippers factory, nail clippers have two kinds of materials, one is carbon steel, and the other is stainless steel.
Q:When shaving, do you shave with an eyebrow knife or do you lift it with an eyebrow forceps?
The advantage of the eyebrow drawing forceps is that it is clean and thorough and grows slowlyThe disadvantage is: after pulling out the hair follicle, it is easy to cause internal bleeding, causing skin redness and swelling, should not immediately make-up, especially not recommended for dry skin people use the pull method, easy to cause skin relaxation
Q:When the voltage clamp is used, what is the electrode instability of the current measurement?
Before measuring, should first check whether intact core rubber insulated clamp. The jaw should be clean and free of rust, and there is no obvious gap after closure.
Q:Can you use an old vise to cut an electric 220V wire?
The electric 220V wires can be cut with the vise.Pliers, also called wire clamp, Pinyin: L Qi N O H usually have English, plier, such as a vise, a pair of pliers translation. Explanation: a hand tool with a blade at the jaw, used for nails or for clamping nails and wires.
Q:Does the speed limiter of the elevator protect the elevator from speeding up?
The forward overspeed protection device used on the car is usually a two-way speed limiter, an upstream safety clamp, and a two-way safety clamp which is combined with a down safety clamp.
Q:How to use AC clamp meter measuring motor is good or bad?
Then, according to the original star or delta connection reduction operation current clamp meter measuring three-phase windings of electricity load, should not exceed the nameplate current value, the no-load load should not exceed 20%-50%, three-phase current should be basically the same, the maximum unbalance current does not exceed the average value of 10%;
Q:Why is not available at the same time around the two wire clamp ammeters
[]: "single line clamp ammeters also grabbed two wires"... Now... (the firing line and the zero line) the resultant magnetic field is zero, the table shows the number of probe current is zero, can not reflect the real current line.
Q:A multimeter to measure voltage current of low voltage cabinet
Can measure the voltage, are equipped with a pen, the pen is inserted into the corresponding holes, transferred to voltage, can put the voltage to be measured respectively with two point pen, such as a live wire, a zero line.
Q:So many varieties of pliers, where to buy the most complete?
Pliers are usually made of carbon structural steel, which is forged and rolled into the shape of the clamp embryo, and then processed by grinding, milling, polishing and so on. Finally, the heat treatment is carried out. The handle of the pliers is designed as a straight handle, a bent handle and a bow handle in the form of a handle3 styles. The clamp is often used for contact with an electrified conductor such as an electric wire, so the handle is usually provided with a protective tube made of insulating materials such as polyvinyl chloride to ensure the safety of the operator.
Q:Clamp ammeters classification: transformer type and electromagnetic, what is the electromagnetic clamp meter?
Mutual inductance, usually refers to the use of AC current transformer, can only be measured AC current. Can drive the analog head directly.

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