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Product Description:

 Specification of milling cutter

- Milling tool 
- Material:High Quality Carbide 
- Profiling, Center Cutting 
- Higher Wear Resistance

Milling Cutting tool

- Application: suitable for processing various materials.

- Best material: we use the import material, AF,SANDVIK,KENNAMETAL,CB,etc.    

- Quality:all our manufactured end mills are inspected by advanced zoller mearsurement.

- Facility:we have the world lastest 5-axis tools grinding machines.

- Flexbility:non-standard sizes are accepted.








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Q:The problem of car knife brazing
Requirement for welding welding flux It is suggested that the industrial borax should be treated by dehydration in the drying oven before using, and then it will be crushed, and the machine will be removed and removed. Welding titanium low cobalt fine alloy and high alloy welding the long, thin blade, in order to reduce welding stress, and suggest the thickness of 0.2-0.2 mm wafer or mesh aperture 2 -- 3 mm spacer mesh compensation on welding. Due to large carbide insert brittleness, the crack formation sensitivity is strong, so the cutting tool in the process of grinding should avoid overheating or quenching, as well as choosing appropriate particle size of grinding wheel and reasonable grinding process, to avoid grinding cracks, affect the service life of the cutting tool. When the tool is installed, the length of the tool holder should be as small as possible, otherwise it can cause the tool to vibrate and damage the alloy plate Cutting tool used to achieve normal grinding blunt, heavy grinding, must be conducted after resharpening of knives, must use oil stone to grinding blade and blade edge, which will improve the service life of cutter and the safety and reliability
Q:How is the welding tool produced?
Is turning on ordinary carbon steel tool rod welding, brazing carbide blade, after grinding (figure 4-19), and its advantages are simple structure, easy fabrication, and can according to the need for sharpening, the use of cemented carbide is sufficient, so quite proportion at present is still in the tool. Defect is the cutting performance of carbide turning tool mainly depends on the workers of the grinding technology, with modern production does not adapt, moreover tool rod can't reuse. In the manufacturing process, as a result of hard alloy and tool rod material (usually medium carbon steel) of different linear expansion coefficient, when the welding process is not reasonable easy to generate thermal stress, seriously will lead to crack of cemented carbide, when welding carbide insert accordingly, should as far as possible using low melting temperature of solder, the blade should be slow heating and slow cooling, for easy to produce crack YT30 are cemented carbide, should put a layer of stress compensator in weld. The welding assembly tool is a carbide tip that is soldered to the blade, and the blade is mounted on the tool pole. This structure is used for heavy vehicle knives. Heavy tool size and weight is bigger, use after welding fabricated structure, only need to loading and unloading of the knife block, grinding energy, tool holder can be repeated use
Q:I don't know how to look like 92 degrees
Ordinary lathe tool grinding machine clamp knife and ourselves or have difference, because the machine clamp knife blade is to transfer, so can't consider only one point, must use up all the other.
Q:ne when welding? How to adjust the fire?
If use electric welding, not only the turning point of the turning point of the lathe, but also to use carbon steel welding electrode welding, the welding finish should also be cooled and so on.
Q:90 degrees can't make a car face! What's the difference between a 45-degree car knife?
90 ° can surfacing, need little more deflection Angle, and the bearing capacity is not big, otherwise easy to collapse. 45 ° to surfacing, more convenient, carrying capacity is bigger, but the accuracy is not big.
Q:How to weld a car knife with copper
It's best to have the first one, plus borax, and then put in the head of the knife, which is very strong
Q:Where can I buy the diamond cutter
If it is small, very precise, or only the diamond layer had better be to use vacuum welding, this process has good stability, good welding quality, cutting tool of high accuracy, the domestic is elected
Q:The difference between the Angle of the blade and the Angle of the blade
This is two different angles, the front Angle is the Angle of the knife, the blade Angle is the Angle of the blade.
Q:What is the reason for the grinding noise of a lathe tool on a regular lathe
The clearance of machine tool is too big, the Angle of cutter. The license plate is not chosen properly. This is the case when the cutting rate is too high.
Q:How to weld a car knife? How do you handle the welding fire
I put the knife in the pole and put it on the bottom of the pole. Don't burn the alloy. When the blade is red, the alloy is turning red. Where the copper is hot. Don't burn your ass, you'll have more experience...

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