Milight Led/ Wifi LED Downlight / Dimmable LED Lights Bulb AC86-265V Color Change,4-zones RF Remote Controllable

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Product Description:


General Introduction

Milight led,Wifi LED Downlight , Dimmable LED Lights Bulb,AC86-265V Color change LED Lights

Rgb color change with warm white led downlight,with FUT-96

FUT-60/61/62/63/64/65,warm white to cool white led downlight



1.4-zones rf remote controllable: led downlight + RF remote


RGB Color change led lights

**FUT-67 + FUT-96,Function : color change with warm white ,dimmable,12W


Warm white to cool whit led lights

** FUT-60/61/62/63/64/65 + FUT-07,warm white to cool white led downlight


Wifi APP controllable:led downlight + wifi controller + IOS&Android APP

Under this option, you can use smartphone replace RF remote to control ALL led lights from US!


RGB Color change led lights

**FUT-67 + FUT-97:color change with warm white or rgb color change with cool white,DIMMABLE


Warm white to cool whit led lights

** FUT-60/61/62/63/64/65 + FUT-07,warm white to cool white led downlight,DIMMABLE


Products Features


1.       Both RF remote control and  wifi available, control your lights from anywhere in the world.

2.       4 Unique zones, individual light control, you can control multi rooms individually.

3.       RGB millions of colors to select from, 10 pre defined modes for uninterrupted lighting demands such as mode etc.

4.       Also available in pure white, dim control option can be activated with remote light control, Iphone or Android.

5.       Has memory function to resume previous settings.



Item, No.

rgbw led downlight FUT067

Input Voltage(V)

86-265V 50/60Hz



LED power(W)


Luminous Flux(LM)

Max.1100Lm(cool white)/Max.1050Lm(warm white)

Rate Power


Color Temperature(K)


LED Quantity


Hole Size(mm)


Dimming Performance



RF Remote :wireless 4-zones


**FUT-07:Compatible with ALL 2.4G color temperature&brightness led lights from FUTLIGHT


**FUT-96:Compatible with ALL RGB+White LED lights from FUTLIGHT.


WIFI Controller


Compatible with IOS&Android APP to control  ALL 2.4G LED lights or LED Controller from FUTLIGHT


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Quality control

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Q:7 square feet of aisle to install 3 LED downlight, how much w led downlight
5W*3, the key depends on the ceiling elevation.You can use 3 W
Q:Common questions about LED downlight spotlights
According to your lamp data should be 4W your dimming driver is 6--12, 12V4 is only 6W output power so only one use, otherwise affect dimming
Q:The office, sample room, corridor, the most commonly used several LED downlight which is several dimensions, what is power?
Big ones. 6 inches. Our company is using this big one.
Q:Turn off the lights after the bright LED lamp
The choice of switching error, with indicator light (excluding fluorescent) switch is not suitable to control like small power LED energy saving lamp load, because the load current through the indicator light through to the small power is not already small. A resistor of several hundred K in parallel with the ends of the load can be improved, or the indicator light can be changed directly, and the indicating lamp for canceling the switch can also be improved.
Q:Home LED lighting downlight is broken, want to change themselves, I would like to ask how to remove ah? Where do you start?
This figure is LED lamp, with the outer edge of hand buckle lamp can be removed from the back lamp, and the lamp can be damaged when installing a new launch, as long as the lamp cup cup (two pin plug back) directly inserted into the can.
Q:The difference between ordinary LED lamp and LED downlight and integration of advantages and disadvantages
Fast response speed: LED fast response, completely eliminates the shortcomings of traditional high voltage sodium lamp glow process.However, we are called integrated downlight is not really "integration, although has been done in the" light "and" light body "development, but also the driving power. The general driving power supply is an external electric box, because of the larger size, the insulation shell and packaging will increase the cost.
Q:Why use LED lamp light source patch
Chip heat dissipation is better than plug-in, long life
Q:What is the difference between the LED and the LED lamp ceiling lamp
In appearance, it's just a different shape.If from the use point of view, led ceiling lamp has environmental protection, pollution-free, less power consumption, high light efficiency, long life and so on, it is widely used in urban road lighting.LED downlight belongs to directional lighting lamps', it only on the 'vertical' surface to the light beam angle belongs to light, light is concentrated, contrasting. More prominent objects, higher lumen, but also set off a quiet atmosphere of the environment.Led downlight characteristics: architectural decoration of the whole system and a 'perfect' does not break bad lighting settings, light hidden building interior decoration, the light source is not exposed, no glare, the visual effect is soft and uniform.
Q:Excuse me, how to install the LED lamp?
Pull over the protective device for the lamp, and note that the wire is configured to prevent the conductor from becoming brittle or rodent bite
Q:Know the LED lamp wattage
There are regular W, 5W, 7W, 9W, 12W, 15W, 18W, 20W and so onSpecial requests can also be made if you have special needsIf you can tell me what you do, I can give you the recommended power

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