MILIFE is a high-quality nonwoven fabric such as synthetic silk fabrics

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100% Polyester

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Packaging Detail:1 roll = 2.2m * 3000m Secure standard packaging
Delivery Detail:Ships from Japan 1 month after payment is received


Totally new nonwoven
For Wrapping, Interior, Clothing, Tape Base Fabric, Industrial, Medical and Sanitary

MILIFE is a high-quality nonwoven fabric such as synthetic silk fabrics


Totally new nonwoven


For Wrapping, Interior, Clothing, Tape Base Fabric, Industrial, Medical and Sanitary





Totally new nonwoven based on unique and proprietary technology.

Extremely low basis weight is possible with full width(2.2m).

Highly innovative new generation of nonwoven with enhanced structure and sophisticated outlook.

By only technology in the world, Milife has new-value beyond the conventional nonwoven.


♦ Milife has unique properties resulting from structure which is composed of MD layer and CD layer.

♦ Unique properties have the potential that turns new additional values into reality.





< Line up >

GradeBasis Weight[g/m²]Thickness[mm]Tensile Strength[N/50mm]
TY0505FE100.07 2518
TY1515FE300.12 11065
TY1515FEB*300.12 7565

* Flame retardant type


The information contained herein is furnished without charge or obligation and recipient assumes all responsibility for its use.

Any proprieties listed herein are provided as information only and in no way create any warranty.


We have Flame retardant type

· Flame retardance is guaranteed by the test and trademark"TreviraCS" authorization by Trevira GmbH.

· Main international fire standards for textiles can be filled.

· Very slight amounts of toxic fumes develop in the event of a fire.




◊ Aligned and stretched filaments make MILIFE tough

◊ Very thin profile and low basis weight

◊ Extremely uniform appearance

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