Mild Steel Double T Equivalent to I Beam Small and Middle Sizes

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Product Description:

1. Structure of Mild Steel Double T Equivalent to I Beam Description:

Mild steel double T equivalent to I beam is a beam with an I-shaped cross-section. The horizontal elements of the "I" are known as flanges, while the vertical element is termed the "web". Mild steel double T equivalent to I beam is usually made of structural steel and is used in construction and civil engineering. The mild steel double T equivalent to I beam resists shear forces, while the flanges resist most of the bending moment experienced by the beam. Mild steel double T equivalent to I beam theory shows that the I-shaped section is a very efficient form for carrying both bending and shears loads in the plane of the web.


2. Main Features of Steel I Beam Bar IPE Form:

• Grade: Q235

• Type: Mild carbon steel

• Deflection: The stiffness of the I-beam will be chosen to minimize deformation

• Vibration: The stiffness and mass are chosen to prevent unacceptable vibrations, particularly in settings sensitive to vibrations, such as offices and libraries.

• Local yield: Caused by concentrated loads, such as at the beam's point of support.


3. Steel I Beam Bar IPE Images:


Mild Steel Double T Equivalent to I Beam Small and Middle Sizes

Mild Steel Double T Equivalent to I Beam Small and Middle Sizes

Mild Steel Double T Equivalent to I Beam Small and Middle Sizes



4. Steel I Beam Bar IPE Specification:

Mild Steel Double T Equivalent to I Beam Small and Middle Sizes


5. FAQ

We have organized several common questions for our clients,may help you sincerely:

①Is this product same as W beam?

In the United States, the most commonly mentioned I-beam is the wide-flange (W) shape. These beams have flanges in which the planes are nearly parallel. Other I-beams include American Standard (designated S) shapes, in which flange surfaces are not parallel, and H-piles (designated HP), which are typically used as pile foundations. Wide-flange shapes are available in grade ASTM A992,[4] which has generally replaced the older ASTM grades A572 and A36.

②How to inspect the quality?

We have a professional inspection group which belongs to our company. We resolutely put an end to unqualified products flowing into the market. At the same time, we will provide necessary follow-up service assurance.

③Is there any advantage about this kind of product?

Steel I beam bar IPE has a reduced capacity in the transverse direction, and is also inefficient in carrying torsion, for which hollow structural sections are often preferred.


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Q:Will the raw material of I-beam and channel steel be re examined?
Because the factory has material test reports and documents, and belongs to the product section steel I-beam can be used directly or as the processing of semi-finished products, factory test reports and related proof materials, has been able to meet, do not need to re test again.
Q:What is the allowable stress for 40B I-beam?
Ordinary I-beam, light I-beam flange is variable cross-section, by web plate thickness, external thin; H steel: HW, HM, HN, HEA, HEB, HEM and so onOrdinary I-beam, lightweight I-beam has formed the national standard, the common 10# I-beam is equivalent to the Internet I100 (such as 10# also channel equivalent channel (U100) for the implementation of the standards of different countries, which have subtle differences in their specifications)
Q:How much is the 22 I-beam wing width
22A 110mm is a high wing I-beam wide ventral 220mm ventral thickness is 7.5mm, weight is 33.070 kilograms per meter.
Q:What does plain cold pressing hot steel mean?
Hot rolled steel coil as raw material by pickling descaling after cold rolling, the finished rolling hard volumes, due to continuous deformation caused by cold hardening the volume rolling hard strength, hardness, toughness index rise decline, so the stamping performance will deteriorate, only for a simple deformation of parts. Rolled hard rolls can be used as raw material for hot galvanizing plants, because the hot galvanizing units are equipped with annealing lines. The roll weight is usually 6~13.5 tons, and the inside diameter of the steel coil is 610mm.Generally cold continuous rolling plate and roll should be annealed by continuous annealing (CAPL unit) or bell type furnace to eliminate cold work hardening and rolling stress, and meet the corresponding standard mechanical performance indexes.Cold-rolled steel sheet surface quality, appearance and size accuracy are superior to hot-rolled plate, and its product thickness of rolling thin to about 0.18mm, and therefore favored by the majority of users. The cold-rolled steel coil is used as the base plate to make the deep processing of the product become a high added value product. Such as galvanized, hot galvanized, fingerprint resistant zinc plating, color coated steel coil and vibration damping composite steel plate, PVC coated steel plate, etc., so that these products have beautiful, high corrosion resistance and other good quality, has been widely used. Cold rolled steel coils must be refined after annealing, including cutting head, tail, trimming, leveling, flattening, rewinding, or slitting. Cold rolled products are widely used in automobile manufacturing, household electrical appliances, instrument switches, building, office furniture and other industries. The weight of each package after the 3~5 tons steel strapping. Leveling weight is generally 3~10 tons / volume. Inside diameter of steel coil 610mm.
Q:No. 20 I-beam span 3 meters, fixed on both sides, what is the maximum weight to bear? No. 10 channel steel, span 2.5 meters, the other ibid
No. 20 I-beam span 3 meters, fixed on both sides, five tons is no problem; 10 channel steel, span 2.5 meters, two tons is no problem.
Q:What's the difference between 16# I-beam and 16A I-beam?
No. 16, said waist high waist thickness 16cm, if have different sizes, need to add a, B, C difference, but the standard table didn't see this type of 16a, more than 20 have a, B or C type difference.
Q:The tunnel arch sprayed concrete I-beam to dismantle after?
I-steel and arch initial support is not removed.But if the temporary arch by CD method or CRD method need to be removed.
Q:How do I calculate the difference between rail steel and angle steel, channel steel and I-beam?
Rail steel is of high strength low alloy steel, it also has a special performance requirements, is a small thermal expansion coefficient, which is now the high-speed driving conditions, in order to reduce the collision between the wheel and rail wear and rail length ratio
Q:Do you use brackets made of I-beam and angle steel to make the following?
The general I-beam is the main structure, and the angle steel is the supporting structure. This is a general general consideration in the design of steel structures.
Q:Span seven meters of suspended beam, can I put a beam inside the beam with pouring, increase the intensity?
Stiff concrete structureCertainly.Generally used in high-rise, super high-rise structureThe ordinary reinforced concrete structure on the 5 floor will be competentIt's a bit wasted

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