Middle sized Bagged canister vacuum cleaner #B622

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10000 unit/month

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Product Description:

Model: B622


Best features:

1, High power;

2, Dust full indicator;

3, Automatic cord rewinder;

4, Speed control on body

5, Airflow control on handle;




Product Specifications:

1600W-2000W nominal power

Cord length 5m

Dust bag capacity 2.5L



Packing and shipping information:

Product size: 457*288*208mm

GB size: 490*320*285mm

Load qty (20'/40'/40H'): 650/1300/1500pcs



Additional Info.

Trademark:OEM, ODM

Packing:Gift Box / Export Cartons

Standard:CE, GS, EMF, EMC


Quick Details

  • Type: Ultra Fine Air Filter

  • Installation: Canister

  • Bag Or Bagless: With Bag

  • Function: Dry

  • Certification: CE, EMC, EMF, GS, RoHS

  • Power (W): 2000

  • Model Number: B622

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


Selling Units:Single item
Single package size:46X29X21 CM
Single gross weight:4.5 KG

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Q:Can you use the spray and vacuum type rug cleaners with a bagless vacuum?
I would Not use the bagless vacuum, I'm thinking the particles from the spray my get lodged in the intricate parts of your vacuum and do something to it. If the particles are trapped in a bag no damage is done. I'm just guessing.Good luck.
Q:I have a question about bagless vacuum cleaners....?
I'm not sure on what you mean by carpet cleaner, but I have a bagless and use powder carpet freshner and it doesn't really cause a problem, but I empty it out as soon as I am done. If you are talking about liquid carpet spray you should wait until it's dry and that's with any vacuum.
Q:Vacuum Cleaner Assistance?
I've had a kirby G4 (generation 4) and it's been great. The only downside is you can only buy the bags from a dealer (or rep like at a sewing center or repair shop) or online and they tend to be expensive. It comes with alot of attachments, but to use the hose requires getting down, removing the front metal part and attaching the hose. They usually come with a dvd (or you can probably watch it on their website) that goes over how to take that on and off, and do other things with it like using it for a blower (like to clean your deck of leaves), rug shampoer and upholstery cleaner, and how to remove the bag. They tend to be heavy but last forever. Any of the generation (G) models would probably be fine.
Q:What Industrial techniques and Materials are used to make the Dyson Cyclone and Ball Vacuum cleaners?
Various polymers and injection molding. THe motor will use copper wire, which was drawn. Look on their website for more info.
Q:Do vacuum cleaners cause dirt particles to go through the air? Please answer:(?
HEPA okorder.com
Q:Why is my dog afraid of the vacuum and how do I stop it?
Vacuum cleaners make horrific noises, some of which we cannot hear - but it is actually painful and mystifying at the same time to your dog. The best thing you can do is to put your dog somewhere away from the noise- perhaps crated, or even in the car if it is well mannered and the weather makes it safe to do so. Just anything to shield your dog's ears from the screaming machine. I have had to explain rips in the bag to the vac repairman myself...
Q:Quiet vacuum that will not scare my toddler.?
I HATE the sound of vacuum cleaners and have never found one that doesn't hit the pitch that drives me bonkers, but Dyson makes one that fairly quiet for several hundred dollars. Just keep in mind that it still whines so if you son has an issue with pitch or the whole combo of big, loud machine sucking up everything is part of the freak out, it might not help and it will set you back a small fortune. That said, my hubby does the vacuuming for me and despite our daughter freaking out at every loud noise, he's managed to be so silly while he's doing it that she tries to find bits it misses or in corners for daddy to suck up. Basically at first he'd hold her while he vacuumed and then he'd get out the hose attachment and have her hold out her hand to feel the air. Then he'd show her what it was doing and say stuff like Isn't it cool! how it just ate up all the dirt? She'll still get upset when something gets stuck in the hose and motor's noise changes, but it's not a trauma, she'll just cover her ears. p.s. avoid bathrooms with hand dryers, these are the same type of noise, but even louder because they echo so bad.
Q:What would you do if your child has phobias of water, darkness, cars, vacuum cleaners and dust?
Desensitize her to her fears. Vacuum: Have her sit on the couch and show her the vacuum but do not turn it on. Point out what every visible part of the vacuum is and explain what the vacuum does. Then, have her touch the different parts of the vacuum. After this, show her how to turn the vacuum on and have her turn it on. Convince her to push the vacuum. Go slowly and, eventually, she will lose her fear of the vacuum. Cars: Show her pictures of cars in her favorite color. Show her different kinds of cars, trucks, vans, buses etc. Tell her how important cars are and that they can take her places like the store, school, the park, etc. Have her sit in the car with you and have a picnic. Allow her to honk the horn, turn the wipers on and play with the radio. Then, plug her in and turn the car on. Tell her that cars are not toys, she should never get in one alone and she should never crawl under one or stand behind one. Later, turn the car on and have her stand outside the car with you so she can experience the noise while you explain car safety to her. Water: Play some fun games in the bathtub. Show her the shower and have her use it to make bubbles in the bath. Put colored bubbles in the water and use toys and such. You can even put on a swimsuit and get in with her so she isn't so afraid. Take her to places where she can play in a shallow pool and where you guys can look at waterfalls. Show her video's of water falls on youtube. Darkness: This is a common fear. Try playing games in the dark, leaving only a night light on. Try eating dinner by candle light and going outside at night to look at the stars. This will help her feel more comfortable with it being dark but she may still need a nightlight at night. Dust: Show her how to draw pictures in the dust. Explain to her that it wont hurt her. Then, show her how to get rid of the dust.
Q:If you came to my house selling vacuum cleaners, and I answered the door wearing nothing but a smile...?
it,s would,s faze me too much i had it, happen. i work for the phone co went to the job knock on the door announce who i was the lady open the door point to a table and said put it there..so i did when she came back ,like nothing happen.got the phone working and left
Q:What vacuum cleaners would you recommend besides hoover. The price is not important ?
I would also go with a Dyson!! I received one for Christmas and was so excited. Since I have a cat and a dog, I have to vacuum about everyday and the Dyson is always ready to clean! My dog and husband made a horrible dirt path through the living room traveling from the garage to the kitchen and back.... well, I used the cleaning solution that came with my Dyson and that path vanished. Make sure there is some good ventilation in the room though... it doesn't seem like that are a lot of fumes but when I got up to let it do it's work for 30 minutes, my throat hurt and had a headache. So, have ventilation!!

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